Creative Female Domination Role-Playing Scenarios

The following scenarios are the result of my Female domination procedure number eight (available in Predominant 2005). Women were asked to create their own unique role-playing scenarios. Some of the women had so much fun that they shared these scenarios with me. With their  permission, I am sharing the best ones with you by posting them on my web site. Why not order Predominant 2005 and create your own?


1. Abductor/prisoner scenario
   (By Julie R.  Louisville, KY)


I had my husband clean out a small storage room in our basement. I had him move out all of the junk that was in it, as I told him that I needed it to store something special. A few days later I had him meet me in a dark parking garage. I told him that it was a surprise.

The Abduction.

His car pulled into the mostly abandoned garage next to my car. I was wearing a leather mask, my
Gestapo hat, dark glasses, and a trench coat. I addressed him as if he was a stranger and I asked
him if he could help me lift a box out of the back seat of my car. As he reached in to pick up the
small box, I pushed him face down onto the seat. I sat on him, holding him down as I stuffed a pair of
my panties into his mouth. I took out a pair of handcuffs from my coat pocket and I handcuffed his
hands behind his back. I than placed a blindfold on him and I informed him that I was kidnapping

I drove him back to my house and I parked in the back. I told him not to try to run, or he would be
hurt. I placed a collar around his neck and I lead him by a leash into the basement door.

I lead him into the small storage room that he had previously cleared out for me. I stripped him
naked, cutting his shirt off of him with a pair of scissors, and I pushed him onto a chair sitting in the
middle of the damp floor of the basement storage room. I tied him to the chair securely and
removed his blindfold. His hands were still cuffed.

I than removed my trench coat to reveal that I was only wearing a leather bra, a leather thong, a
leather garter, and fishnet stockings. I kept my mask and hat on.

I informed him that he was my prisoner and that I was going to blackmail his wife to withdraw all of
his money from the bank and drop it off in a black bag in a garbage can in the city park, or she would
never get her husband back. I made the imaginary telephone call to his wife right in front of him so he
could hear all of the details. I told her to make the drop at midnight.

I then informed my prisoner that I thought he was attractive and that I was going to force him to
sexually please me. First, however, I was going to torture him because I didn't like men as a gender
and I love to punish them.

I took my high heel shoes and I placed them on a wooden crate that I sat right in front of him. I
forced him to stretch his bound body forward and to lick my shoes and feet. I than took my heel and
I lightly crushed his penis against the seat of the chair. I even jabbed his penis and balls with my
heel, causing him some pain.

I then began to verbally humiliate him and slapped his face. I told him that if his wife didn't make the
drop, I was going to keep him as my permanent sex slave. I then turned out all of the lights and went
upstairs, leaving him seated all alone in the dark. I left him there for about a half an hour, than I

I was carrying my riding crop and my cat'o nine whip. I untied him from the chair and I forced him
against the cold concrete wall. I uncuffed his hands and I tied them to the ceiling. I than gave him a
very hard whipping to his back, ass, and legs. I rotated between my crop and my whip. After the
whipping, I untied his hands and I forced him onto his back, on the cold floor. I straddled his body
and I forced him to worship my body. I placed my different body parts against his face and I
commanded him to lick. I stuck my breasts in his face, my leather thong covered pussy, and finally
I sat on his face and smothered him with my ass. I removed the thong and I made him tongue my ass
and my asshole. I straddled his face and gave him a golden shower. Afterward, I made him tongue my
pussy clean.

Next, I gave him a bucket of warm, soapy water and a sponge and I told him to clean himself up. I
than re-cuffed him. I took the leash and I pulled him out of the storage room and over to a large table
I have in my basement. I laid onto the table and as I kept a firm grip on the leash as I pulled his face to
my pussy. I commanded him to eat me. I made him to do this for a very long time. I had several

I than re-tied him to the chair in the storage room. It was now around 11:30pm, and I told him that I
had to go collect his money. I went upstairs and changed, before I left the house for around a half an
hour. I returned with a black bag (an old bowling bag) and I told him that his wife had obeyed my
demands. I gave him a long, very passionate kiss before I untied him again. I lead him by the leash
back to my car, and I drove him back to his car in the parking garage. There I gave him one final kiss good-bye,
before I uncuffed him, pushed him out of my car, and drove away. I had my mask and hat on the entire time.

When he got home, I was his wife again and I scolded him for being so stupid to get himself abducted. I told him that he owed me for saving his life. To pay me back, he was going to have to be my personal slave and he could start right away by orally pleasing me. The poor dear, being dominated by two bitches in the same night.
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I went to an auction that our local school system was having and I picked up an old student desk and a blackboard for a couple of dollars. I built a mini classroom in my basement with the desk, blackboard, and a larger desk that was already down there.

I dressed in a white blouse, a leather mini skirt, and high heel shoes. I already wear glasses, so I really looked the part. I have both a heavy wooden ruler and a metal ruler, which I placed in the top desk drawer of the teacher's desk.

Disciplined student.

I had my husband, Don, sit in the small student chair as I stood next to the blackboard and lectured "the class" about the subject of female supremacy. I explained to the class why women are the superior sex. I called on my male pupil, Don, and I asked him to recite to the class his homework assignment, which was to be an essay on Female Supremacy.

When Don said that he didn't do his homework, I became angry with him. I verbally humiliated him about how he is nothing but a lazy boy. I told him that he needed to be punished for not doing his homework. I made him go before the class and write on the blackboard, 100 times "Females are Superior to males". As he did this, I verbally humiliated him in front of the class and explained to the class how Don was a typical boy, lazy and in need of strong female discipline.

Don's writing was becoming very sloppy and I could hardly read it, so I asked him to stay after class to help clean the blackboard. I dismissed the class and I turned my attention to Don.

I scolded him about not measuring up to my expectations. I told him that he needed to be spanked for his male attitude and effort. I ordered him to drop his pants and under shorts, and I went and got my rulers out of my desk. I had him lean over my desk, and I gave him a very hard spanking. First, I used the wooden ruler. Once I had his little behind warmed up and nice and pink, I went to my metal ruler and I put a serious hurting on him. I continued to scold him as I spanked his behind.

After the spanking, I made him stand in the corner for a while. Then I ordered him to kneel before me and to kiss and worship my shoes. I explained to him that this is a man's proper place, so he might as well start to get use to it. I than had him work his way up my legs, and to worship my legs and thighs. I had him lick my leather skirt so I could feel his tongue through it.

I then ordered him to undress. I commanded him to get hard for me so I could examine and belittle his penis. I took my wooden ruler and I began to slap his penis with it. He was really squirming and jumping from the pain. I then undressed, and I told him to worship my body and to eat my pussy. I said that there would be some extra credit in it for him if he did a good job. I laid on my desk and I had him orally please me.

He did a real nice job, so I decided to give him a "C" for my class. I explained to him that a "C" is the best grade that a male could receive from me. I only give superior females A's and B's.
2. Teacher/student
   (By Anna P.  Massachusetts)

3. Catwoman/batman.
  (By Michelle K.  Long Island, NY)


My husband's boss invited us to a Halloween Costume Party at his country club. We went to a costume store to pick out our outfits. I was drawn to the Catwoman all leather cat suit costume, complete with black cat mask with ears and a black bullwhip. I tried it on and I looked very sexy. Michelle Pfieffer eat your heart out. I forced my husband to get the Batman costume that was hanging next to it (he wanted to be Zorro).

The battle for Gotham City.

I was a knockout at the costume party. I added my own black leather spike heel boots to the costume, which really made me look wickedly sexy. I rented "Batman Returns" and watched it the night before the party so I could really know my character. I had a great time at the party, but the next night was even more fun. The party was Saturday night and the costumes were not due back until Monday morning.

On Sunday night, I decided that it was a good time for some role playing. When my husband got home from playing golf that day, I had his Batman costume laying out with a note for him to put it on and to come into the bedroom. I have him trained good enough now, that he obeys me even when I make these crazy suggestions.

When he came into the bedroom, I leaped out of the closet wearing my Catwoman costume. I told him that I was taking over Gotham City and that my first order of business was to make Batman my submissive slave. I kicked him in the chest with by leather boot and I knocked him onto the bed. I than took my bullwhip and I began to whip him with it. What he didn't know was that I had practiced with the bullwhip that afternoon and I was pretty good with it.

Even though he had his part rubber, part cloth material costume on, he still felt the sting of my whip. He begged me to stop using the bullwhip. I scolded him about being such a wimp and I challenged him to fight back. He tried to stand up, but every time he tried, I kicked him back onto the bed and I gave him another crack with the bullwhip.

He finally got real mad (which is what I wanted) and he grabbed the end of my whip and he pulled me toward him. He grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed. He started to get up, but I rolled off of the bed and I leaped to my feet and I kicked him a good shot to his balls. He feel back onto the bed in real pain. I jumped on top of him and I told him that I was now going to find out the real Identity of Batman. I pulled off his mask and I said "Oh, your that rich wimp Bruce Wayne. Well Bruce, you are nothing but my slave from here on out." I got my handcuffs and I bound him to the bed. I pulled off the rest of his costume and I put his cock and balls in bondage with a cock cage, complete with straps that tied around his balls.

I made Bruce Wayne tongue my boots and suck my spike heels. I tortured his penis by tightening the cock cage and flicking his swollen and purple cock and balls with my gloved fingers. Mr. Wayne was screaming for mercy. I placed my nipple clamps on his nipples and I attached the chain that connected the clamps with the chain that was attached to the cock cage. This pulled both bondage devices and the pressure made Mr. Wayne very uncomfortable.

I went and strapped on my biggest dildo. I told Batman that Catwoman was going to dominate him once and for all. I made him raise his legs over his head. I got one of my paddles and I blistered his ass first. Then, I lubricated up my dildo and I, Catwoman, fucked Bruce Wayne up his ass. As I was doing this, I made him confess that Catwoman ran Gotham City and that Batman was now her slave forever. I then released Mr. Wayne and I made him undress Catwoman and worship her body. I kept my mask on, of course, as I didn't want him to know my true identity. He orally pleased me and I might have had the best orgasm of my life.

By the way, this role-playing scenario became expensive. When we took the costumes back, we discovered that the Batman costume had a few rip marks in it (from the bullwhip). We had to buy the costume and it wasn't cheap. We went ahead and bought the Catwoman one as well. Now Batman can be Catwoman's slave whenever I decide.
4. Boss/employee
   (By Amanda W.  Dallas, TX)


My husband is in Administration of a large company and he has quite a number of employees under his supervision. He has shared with me some of the disciplinary actions he has taken with some of his employees. I have always felt that he was too hard on his employees and that he should be more lenient and less strict with them.

Therefore, I decided that I was going to allow him to see what it felt like to work for a tyrant. Only, it was going to be a female tyrant. He has a nice study in our house complete with a large oak desk and a couple of leather chairs. This made for an excellent setting for my role-playing scenario.

I dressed in a sharp looking red woman's business suit. I wore a white blouse and I wore pantyhose and red high heel pumps. Under my business suit, I was wearing a leather bra and a leather thong. I had my husband wear a shirt, tie, and dress slacks. I told my husband about my little scenario ahead of time and I assigned him the task of preparing for me a financial report of our personal finances.

She's the Boss.

My employee, Robert, came into my office to share with me his financial report. I sat behind my large oak desk and read it over. I have a very large office, as I am the first female president of a large multi-national corporation. Robert was new at my company and he came highly recommended.

I read over his report and I started to critique it. I asked Robert where were his colored charts giving me a graphical picture of his report. He looked surprised and he explained to me that he didn't know that I wanted color charts. I immediately scolded him by pointing out to him that I shouldn't have to ask and that he should have anticipated what I wanted. He apologized and he said that he would do a better job next time.

"Next time?" I scolded him again "You will re-do this sorry excuse for a report immediately."

"Amanda, I don't have the time to re-do this report tonight." He snapped back at me.

"How dare you call me by first name, you worm. It's Ms Williams to you. No, actually I think you should address me as Boss Williams. That way you will never forget who is in charge around here. Do you understand, worm?

Robert was amazed at my dominant demeanor. He wasn't used to being under such female authority. He signed onto the computer and he started to re-do the financial report, adding color charts. I just sat there and watched him work. I was so intimidating, that he kept making mistakes. He finally built the charts and he printed out the new report. He then handed them to me. I looked them over and than I tore them in half and I threw them in the garbage can.

"Crap, crap, crap. Your work, Robert, is nothing but crap." I scolded him again.

"Now what's wrong?" He said defensively.

"What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong. You're wrong, Robert. You are all wrong. I knew that we should have hired a female for this position. Women do so much better work then men. That's what's wrong, you are not a woman. Women are mentally superior to men; thus they do better work. Don't you agree?"

"No, I don't Ms Williams. Sorry, I mean Boss Williams. They are equally qualified."

"Don't patronize me with that politically correct mumbo jumbo, Robert. Women are not equal with men. They are superior. Far superior. Women are more beautiful, smarter, and more powerful."

I reached down and I grabbed Robert by his balls. "What's the matter, worm? Is the Boss sexually harassing you?"

"No, Boss Williams." Robert groaned.

"I should fire your sorry ass right now, you worm."

"No please don't. I need this job." Robert begged.

"Well, alright. I'll give you another chance but you better do everything I order you to do and you had better give it 110 percent effort. Understand?"

He nodded eagerly. I released his balls from my grip.

"You can start to prove to me that you are worthy of a second chance right now. On your knees and kiss my shoes, Robert."

"Pardon me, Boss Williams. I don't understand." Robert said.

"What don't you understand, you dunce? I gave you an order. Now on your knees." I hollered.

Robert fell to his knees and he began to kiss my shoes. I never felt more powerful. Here was this man who was use to being in charge and giving orders, now he was humbling himself at my feet. I ordered him to remove my shoes and to kiss my hose covered feet. I than ordered him to suck my toes. He looked so submissive at my feet and I loved the sensation of having my feet kissed and my toes sucked.

I stood up and I removed the jacket and the skirt of my business suit and I sat on the edge of the desk. He was stunned to see the outline of the leather thong trough the pantyhose. I ordered Robert to continue kissing my feet and to work his way up my leg. He continued and I could feel his passion and his submission growing. When he got to my crotch, I ordered him to tear my hose and to lick my thong. He was trying to be real careful as he tore my hose.

"The hell with it, Robert." I yelled as I took my hands and I aggressively tore a big hole in my hose.

"Now, lick my leather thong. Lick me right where my pussy is."

Robert obeyed without question.

"Do you like the taste and smell of leather, Robert?" I teased.

He mumbled out a yes.

"Leather is a symbol of power. Female power. I have the power, Robert. Don't I?"

Again he mumbled out a yes as he continued to lick my leather-clad pussy.

"I might make you into my leather cleaner, Robert. That would be a good job for you. You could lick my leather chairs clean each day, along with all of my leather clothing that I like to wear. Do you think that you could handle that job, Robert?"

I was getting very wet from the strokes of his tongue. It felt wonderful. I grabbed the telephone and I pretended to call my secretary and I said, "Phillip, hold all calls and I don't want anyone to disturb me for a while."

I took off my blouse to reveal my leather bra. I ordered Robert to move up and to lick my bra. I had him lick my nipples through the leather. After licking my leather clad tits for a while, Robert moved up and started to kiss me on my neck.  I slapped his face and I grabbed his balls again and drove him back to his knees in pain.

"What are you doing, worm? I am a married woman. How dare you kiss me! Did I say that you could kiss my neck?"

"Well no, but I thought" He stuttered.

"Don't think, worm. Just obey. I pay you to obey, not to think. If I wanted someone to think, I would have hired a woman. Take off you pants and under shorts. I want to see what I hired. You heard me, let me see that asset between your legs."

Robert nervously obeyed and stripped off his pants and shorts. He was rock hard.

"That's not much of an asset." I teased. "It looks like more of a liability to me."

I grabbed his penis and I squeezed it hard.

"I expect my male employees to be clean shaven, didn't you read my policy manual."

"Well yes, but I thought that meant no beards or mustaches." He explained.

"No. There you go again, trying to think. I want your genitals shaved by tomorrow, understand?"

He nodded affirmative.

I took out of the top desk drawer a pink magic marker and I wrote "Pathetic" on his still hard penis. I than wrote "Mine" on his balls. I than took out a large rubber band and I wrapped it tightly around his balls and the base of his penis, making them real snug and tight. I took another rubber band, and I stretched it out and I snapped it against his penis. He jumped from the pain.

"Hold still, Robert. I need to discipline you for presenting me with such a lousy report."

I snapped the rubber band again against his penis. I snapped it against his balls and he really yelped. I continued to torture his genitals with the rubber band until he was begging for mercy.

"OK, you wimp. I'll stop, but you had better never disobey me or I'll do much worse to you."

I reached over and took one of his bulletin board pins and I held it in front of him. He looked very scared as I unbuttoned his shirt and took off his tie. I than very lightly pricked his right nipple with the pin. He jerked slightly. I than stuck his left nipple.

"What's wrong, Robert. Did you pick the wrong job? Is your new boss a real bitch, or what?" I teased.

"Please don't hurt me, Boss Williams." He begged.

I took the pin and I very lightly stuck his penis with it. I was lightly pricking his prick. I moved it around his penis and balls, lightly pricking him with the pin.

"Does it hurt, Robert?"

"Not too bad, Boss. Just a little, but please stop. Please, don't hurt me." He whined.

"Oh I'll hurt you if I want to. Turn around and face away from me." I commanded.

I took the stapler off the desk and I unloaded it. I tested it on a piece of paper lying on the desk to make sure that it was empty. I than took my hand and I spanked his ass with a few quick blows.

"Turn around, Robert, and face me. So you don't want me to hurt you, huh? Well that will be up to you. Do you want to continue to work for me?"

He nodded affirmative.

"Well than I am going to give you a choice. Do you see this stapler? You can either quit your job right now, or you can receive two staples in your cock and continue to work for me. What will it be?"

He just looked at me as if I was crazy. He got real nervous, but his answer amazed me.

"I've been a boss for along time, and I am tired of being such an SOB. I would much rather be your leather-licking employee. You are superior to me. I know it will hurt, but I choose the staples, Boss Williams."

"That's what I wanted to hear. You might be a good employee after all, Robert. One thing though, I bet that you thought that I wouldn't use the stapler on you if you chose it. Well, wrong again. I always follow through with what I say. Prepare to have your cock stapled."

I put the stapler against his cock and he grew stiff as a board as he closed his eyes and prepared for the pain. I pressed the stapler top and he jerked from fear, but than he realized that no staples came out.

"Oh my. Guess what? I seem to be out of staples. Boy are you ever the lucky one. I'll have to order some more. I guess I owe you a staple job. Maybe tomorrow, Robert. Now get dressed and get back to work. I have a meeting in a few minutes. Oh, and Robert, please re-do that financial report and have it ready for me tomorrow. You had better do a good job. I will make sure that my stapler is loaded tomorrow. You're dismissed."
5. Female Warden;
Female Prison Guard/male convict
  (By Sandy R. - Syracuse, NY)


I chose this particular role-playing scenario for two reasons. One, it sounded like a lot of fun. Second, I needed a lot of work done around my house and I decided that this would be a great way to force my submissive husband to do it all. Therefore, I made this role-playing scenario last for an entire weekend.

I decided to play two roles. First, I was the Warden of a strict, hard labor prison. My second role was that of a tough, female prison guard.

Sentenced to Two Days of Hard Labor.

I started the scenario on Friday night. I dressed in one of my female business suits and I sat behind my desk in our study. I was Warden Sandra. I had my husband stand before me (handcuffed) and I went over his sentence and our rules and regulations at our maximum-security prison.

"Prisoner Dale R. (our last name). You have been found guilty of being a lazy male. Your wife brought these charges against you and an all-female jury convicted you. You have been sentenced to our maximum-security prison for two days of female discipline and hard labor. While you are here, you will address the female guards as 'Superior Females'. You will not speak unless given permission. You will eat when we say. You will bathe when we say. You will use the bathroom when we say. You will sleep when we say. You will do whatever we say, when we say so, or you will be severely punished and your sentence will be extended. Any questions?"

He nodded No.

"Good. I want you to stay in my office here until your personal guard and Superior Female comes to get you. You are to obey her. Let me warn you. She is our toughest and most sadistic guard. If you cross her at all, she will be brutal to you."

I left the room and I changed into my female prison guard outfit. I wore all black leather. A leather bra, a leather mini shirt, knee high leather boots, and long leather gloves. I was carrying my riding crop. When I came back into the room, I made my prisoner kneel and lick my boots.

"I am Superior Female Alexandra. They call me the 'Bitch'. You will simply address me as 'Superior'. Do you understand, worm?"

I took my crop and I struck him across his ass.

"No." He cried out.

"Good. First we must prepare you."

I led him into our basement. We have a laundry/utility room with a drain in the middle of the floor. I uncuffed him and I ordered him to strip. I took a hose and I hosed him down. I gave him a bar of soap and I ordered him to lather up. I then hosed him off. He was shocked that I did this to him. I then examined his body all over. I even put on a rubber glove and I examined his ass hole, finger fucking him a little. I slapped his penis and I gave his balls a hard squeeze bringing him to his knees. I took my crop and I gave him two quick blows as I ordered him back to his feet.

Next, I issued him his prison clothes. I made him put on one of my bras and a pair of my panties. I then had him put on a gray tee shirt and gray sweat pants and socks. I also put a dog collar around his neck and attached a leash. I lead him back upstairs to a spare bedroom that was now his cell. I ordered him to lick my boots and my skirt before I locked him in his cell for the evening.

"Get plenty of sleep, worm. You are going to need it."

The next morning, I got up and dressed again in my guard outfit. I ate breakfast and I took his up to him and placed it just inside the door and he ate it in his cell. I then lead him by his collar to the bathroom. I stood there and I watched him the whole time as he relieved himself and washed his face.

"OK, worm. Now it's time to get to work. I have a lot of chores for you, both inside and outside. We will start inside. Take off your shirt and pants. I want to see you in bra and panties only. You will start out with the dishes. I have a sink filled with them. After the dishes, I want you to mop the kitchen floor. Then I want you to clean the bathroom and scrub the toilet. Then you will dust the entire house and run the vaccum cleaner. As you are doing these chores, I want you to also be doing laundry. There are three hampers full of dirty clothes. Sort them and do a load of laundry between each chore. If you do a good job with these chores, then I will permit you a short break for lunch."

"I will be watching television and working on the computer. I will be checking on you periodically. If I ever see you resting or slacking, I will whip the hell out of you. Understand?"

I gave his ass a couple of hard blows with my crop.

"Now get to work!"

It was great. I relaxed and watched some television. I read the newspaper. I surfed the web. Every twenty minutes or so, I would sneak up on him to make sure that he was working hard. Most of the time he was. A couple of times I found him resting or moving very slowly. Each time that I did, I grabbed him by the balls and I forced him to the ground and I whipped his ass.

It took him a lot longer to do the chores than I thought, so I ate lunch by myself as I watched more television. I know he was starving, but I didn't allow him to eat until he had finished all of the chores. Finally he did. I gave him a thirty-minute break to eat his lunch, then I assigned him more chores.

"OK worm. Put your shirt and pants back on. I want you to mow the grass and trim the hedges. Then, I want you to scrape the old paint off the garage and sand it down. Tomorrow, you are going to paint it. Any question?"

This time he objected. He had gone along willingly up to this point, but he was tired from the housework and he didn't want to tackle the outside chores.

I grabbed him by the dog collar and I pulled him down the basement steps. I fastened the leash to our hot water heater in the utility room, and I cuffed his hands to some water pipes that ran above. I then took my crop and I proceeded to whip his back and ass severely. I love to whip my husband anyway, but I really enjoyed being a powerful prison guard administering a whipping to a disobedient convict.

"You will do the chores that I assign and you will not talk back. Do you understand, worm?" I yelled at him as I whipped him.

"You are a lazy, pathetic male. You are on this earth to serve women. Part of that service is to do chores for us. Do you hear me? Do you comprehend?"

After I marked him up pretty good, I released him. He was sobbing from the beating. I was so into my character, that I scarred the hell out of him.

He then put on his clothes and he went and did the yard work. I rented a few movies the night before, so I watched them while he slaved away. I kept looking out the window at him and I would occasionally tap on the glass to show him my outfit and my whip. That was enough to motivate him.

During the chores, I allowed him a couple of short breaks to use the bathroom.

After he finished the chores, I gave him dinner. He was totally exhausted. He was stiff and sore and he just wanted to sleep. I led him back to his cell and he collapsed onto his bed. I wasn't about to allow him to sleep yet, however. I was very aroused by dominating him like this.

I took off my boots and my skirt and I ordered him to worship my body. I told him that was one of the fringe benefits of being a female guard to male convicts. I could force them to sexually please me. I made him start at my feet and he had to tongue my body all over. I made him kiss and lick every square inch of me. The poor dear was so tired that he didn't even have much of an erection as he was doing it. This only added to my arousal and enjoyment.

I took off my bra and I had him suck my breasts. I made him tongue my ass and finally, I ordered him to eat my pussy. It didn't take long for me to have an orgasm.

After I was satisfied, I closed the door to his cell and I locked him in.

The next day I repeated our morning ritual of breakfast, bathroom, and then chores. His only chore for the day was to paint the garage. I knew this would take most of his day. Besides, he was really sore and tired from the previous day, especially since he wasn't use to working this hard.

He did a great job in painting the garage. I allowed him a couple bathroom breaks and one for lunch. After he finished, I ordered him to clean up and to eat his dinner. I went back into our study and I put back on my business suit. When he was done eating, I called him into my office. I was Warden Sandra again.

"Prisoner Dale R. Your sentence is almost complete. Before we release you though, you have to receive our traditional prisoner send off. Do you know what that is?"

He nodded No.

"Before I release you. I like to do two things to you to insure that you stay on the straight and narrow. First, I am going to administer a paddling to your behind. After that I have one final going away present for you."

I made him take off his shirt and pants so he was only wearing the bra and panties. I got my wooden paddle out and I made him lean across my desk. I administer ten hard blows to his ass and I made him count them out as I was doing. He also had to say after each blow "Thank you Warden, may I have another?"

Now it was time for my final going away present. I opened the desk drawer and I pulled out my strap-on harness and my large, black dildo. I strapped it around my waist and I walked behind him and I pulled off his panties.

"I like to fuck all of my inmates up their ass as a going away present. This gives me great pleasure and I want this to be their final memory of me and my prison."

He begged me not to, but I just ignored his pleads. I lubricated his ass and I inserted the dildo into his asshole. I then began to bang him unmercifully. I felt so powerful. Here I was totally dressed with my rubber cock strapped around my waist and I was fucking my helpless little inmate. After I banged him to the point that he surrendered all resistance and he admitted that he was a sissy slut, I then withdrew the dildo.

"Ok Prisoner. You may collect your clothes over there on the chair and you are free to rejoin society. You had better be a good and an obedient husband, or you may be sentenced again for more prison time. If you ever return here, I can assure you that we will work you harder the next time."