Creative Female Domination Role-Playing Scenarios - Page 2


6) Female slave appraiser/
   male slave
    (By Theresa H. Tucson, AZ)

This scene may seem a little out there but I had a great time doing it. This scene enabled me to "objectify" my husband and really expand the horizons of my treatment of him - I really got into it. I did some things that I would never have thought to do otherwise. I played an appraiser from a "firm" that deals in the sale of male slaves.

On Friday night I sat at the kitchen table to pay the bills. As is my custom, I had my husband Dave stand next to me as I did so. I keep him naked as I do this. I total up all of his expenses, and if I deem them to high, he receives "correction". After his whipping, I informed him that I was tired of his excessive spending and inadequate income, and that I had made a few calls about getting some real money out of him. I told him that he would have a visitor tomorrow and that she would be evaluating his performance as a slave while I enjoyed a Saturday out. I then placed a collar on him and locked him in a closet in our basement, without letting him eat dinner and still stark naked.

The next morning I put on my favorite "power" business suit and went downstairs. I opened the closet door and introduced myself. "My name is Ms. Dorsett and I represent the firm of Landon and Daughters. You will address me as Maam. Your wife has contacted my firm because she is dissatisfied with your spending habits. My company sells males to female owners and your wife is hoping to get top dollar for you. My job is to determine how much you might bring at auction. I will be evaluating you in several categories: physical appearance and condition, obedience, attitude and demeanor, dildo training, and pain threshold, among others. I take my job very seriously, and I expect you to adhere to the highest and strictest standards of performance. Do you understand so far? "My husband answered with a meek "yes". SLAP! "I told you to address me as Maam!" I screamed, after slapping him across the face. Dave looked surprised but feebly answered "yes Maam". "That's better", I said. "Now, let's get a few things straight. You are nothing but an item for evaluation to me. You have no name but your assigned number, which is 22b. Since you were born male, you were born inferior, and your place is as a slave to women. You have one purpose, and one purpose alone, to serve your owner, whomever she may be. You will receive no sympathy for your plight from me. "

After letting him relieve himself, I took him to the shower stall in our basement. I didn't let him use the shower, rather I poured a bucket of icy water on him and told him to soap up. When he was done, I took two more buckets of ice water and poured it over him. I attached a leash to his collar and marched him into a room in the basement that has some exposed pipes in the ceiling. I handcuffed him, wet, shivering and naked, to the pipes and proceeded with the initial physical examination. I handled him quite roughly, and Dave was surprised at first. I grabbed and yanked his hair really hard and made him cry out. "Quiet", I barked, and slapped his cheek. I proceeded to probe and poke every inch of him, and wrote comments on a clipboard that I had prepared. When I got to his penis I lifted it with my pencil and moved on, after giving it a dismissive snort. Of course, it was very small after being doused with ice water. Next, I gave him some housework assignments to complete. Every now and again I would check in on him to see how he was doing. When he was done, I inspected his work thoroughly and wrote on the clipboard. I then had him prepare a meal for me so that I could assess his cooking skills. I had him cook his favorite foods - I hadn't allowed the poor dear to eat a thing all day, he'd only had water - and I knew that cooking and serving me would be torture for him. I made my poor starving and naked slave stand behind me as I ate and wrote my assessments of his cooking and service on my chart.

When I was finished, I told him he could eat and that he should get a plate. He reached for the food he had prepared when I barked at him to stop. "What are you doing", I demanded. "But Ma'am, you said I could eat". "Yes", I said, "but you aren't going to eat that. For you I have a meal more befitting a male." To his horror, I produced a can of dog food, a generic brand. (This was a last second idea, I can't say for sure why I thought of it, other than to say I was really into the "dehumanizing" aspect of the scene.) I poured it onto the plate, making sure to scrape out the entire contents of the can. "Feeding and maintaining a male is expensive enough. This can of "male food" was the cheapest I could find and still it cost $1.29. I don't believe in wasting good money by letting a male eat female food, and chances are your next owner won't either." I placed the plate on the floor and ordered him onto his knees to eat. When he hesitated, I squeezed his balls hard until he fell to the floor. "Eat", I shouted as I whacked his ass with my crop. Dave was starving and began to eat the dog food. I continued to "encourage" him, and I made him lick the plate spotlessly clean because I didn't want to waste perfectly good male food. It was nearly impossible not to laugh but I maintained my professional demeanor and casually wrote some notes on my clipboard. I was amazed by how much I loved reducing my husband to a level of a lower animal.

Next were his oral evaluations. I made him service me until his jaw nearly fell off. I then very clinically wrote down my assessment on my clipboard. Then I commenced the pain threshold assessment. I began by paddling him with various paddles that I had purchased for this occasion. I've never been one to hold back when punishing my husband, but I was so into the role that I beat him harder than ever. I then went to work with my whips and cane. I hadn't known that I could be so sadistic or merciless - I beat the hell out of his ass and had an incredible time doing it! When I was done, I very calmly wrote on my clipboard, while Dave was bawling his brains out. Finally came the dildo test. I had bought a new, larger strapon, and while Dave was sobbing, I put a very small amount of Tabasco sauce on it. He was crying so hard from his beating that he never knew what hit him. It was the best fucking I've ever given him - I banged him mercilessly as he bucked crazily and frantically in reaction to the Tabasco. After writing my assessment, I then locked him up in the basement closet without a word, leaving him there to sob.

After a few hours, I reappeared in my role as wife, pretending to be furious. I marched him upstairs to the living room and had him stand naked before me. I sat on the sofa and screamed at him "what is the meaning of this report? Ms. Dorsett appraises you at only $75,000." I then read "Ms. Dorsett's" summary aloud. "Item 22b is of average appearance, some potential buyers may find it appealing while most will not. Pattern baldness typical of the male animal has not yet commenced. Physique is substandard - item needs a more strenuous exercise regime. (Dave is actually quite athletic and very proud of his body - consequently, I put him down about it all the time). Penis is not worth commenting upon, as it is hopelessly inadequate. Item is rather slow-witted and stupid, incapable of thinking for itself, and even basic tasks require instruction in the simplest terms so as not to exceed its limited comprehension. In other words, the item has the intellect of a typical male.

Unfortunately this affects its value greatly, as you can readily imagine, there is a glut of stupid males on the market, and the demand for intelligent males is high, due their extreme scarcity." "Item performed household tasks adequately, but as with most males tried to cut corners. The item needs stricter, more severe discipline to compensate for it's male laziness. Item's demeanor needs to be more cheerful while performing its assignments. It does not seem to adequately appreciate the honor of serving a woman. It needs "encouragement" to show it the error of it's ways. On the whole, however, it is a well trained male and you are to be commended for your efforts." "Item is an excellent cook, which enhances its value. However, the item was reluctant to eat it's food and exhibited the belief that it was entitled to eat female food. This is a dangerous thought pattern that must be eradicated. This male must be trained to accept its inferior status and not be permitted to equate itself with the superior female species. If its owner wishes to feed it female food so be it, but only as a privilege, not as an entitlement; as a lower animal the item needs to be trained to accept with gratitude any food or treatment that is offered it." "Item performed oral servitude in an outstanding manner, and almost recovers the value lost to its pathetically small penis. Item's pain threshold is low - even after a mild beating it was sobbing and crying quite obnoxiously. This is the item's weakest area. Our clientele tends not to want to hear the blubberings of a weak male. I strongly urge increasing the frequency and severity of the item's beatings (I looked at Dave to see his expression, and he looked quite worried.) Dildo training was the item's strongest area, it is obviously a natural sissy slut that enjoys ass-fucking. It is strongly urged that the owner maintain the item's regimen in this area."

"In conclusion, in its current condition, I estimate the item's value at auction to be $75,000. The low value of this male is due to its low pain threshold, slightly rebellious attitude, woefully inadequate penis size and low intelligence. Unfortunately, Landon and Daughters does not place items of such low value for sale. We deal only with premium livestock, valued at least $125,000 a head. With proper and enthusiastic training, however, I believe that this item's value could be increased to a maximum of $150,000 short of your goal of $200,000 but of a respectable sales amount nonetheless. However, the regime must be severe and strictly adhered to in order to achieve the top dollar sale for this merchandise."

I tossed the report aside and berated Dave for his poor performance and low market value. I adopted my bitchiest tone and said that from now on I wasn't going to go so easy on him, and I intended to get as much as I could for his male hide. Then I took "compassion" on him. There he was, naked, trembling with fear and hunger. He'd eaten only one can of dog food in 24 hours. I ordered him to his knees and handcuffed his hands behind his back. From behind a chair where he couldn't see it I pulled out a plate. "As an extra treat", I said mockingly, "I've prepared a special meal - two cans of male food!" As I shoved his face into the dog food I taunted him to "eat up - you need strength for the whipping I'm about to give you!"


7. Police Woman/suspect
   (By Chase L.  East Lansing, MI)



My outfit consisted of a pair of leather pants, ankle high boots, a leather bra, and a leather jacket. I
also wore a leather biker hat and sunglasses. I chose this role because a few months back, I caught my husband in a lie, and I was never able to get an honest answer from him. He went to Detroit supposedly on business, but I later found out from one of his co-workers that there was no business meeting in Detroit. I confronted him about it and he admitted deceiving me, but he said that he couldn't tell me the real reason that he went, because it would ruin a surprise that he had planned for me. Later he gave me a very expensive piece of jewelry and he said that he had to go to Detroit to get this special present.

I never fully believed him, as I knew he could have bought me the jewelry closer to where we live, than Detroit. However, I let it go since it was a very nice present.

The Interrogation.

My husband entered his den after work to find me seated in his leather chair, wearing my
Policewoman outfit. He always gets weak when he sees me in leather, so he immediately fell to his
knees. I walked over to him and I allowed him to kiss and lick my boots, but than I told him what I
wanted. I had him sit in his chair and I produced a pair of thumb cuffs and I cuffed his hands behind
his back. I shined his desk lamp into his face, and I began the interrogation.

I asked him about the day in question and I asked him to please recall for me exactly what he did
that day. I drilled him to name the jewelry store that he bought my present at, where it was located,
and to describe the salesperson who sold him my present. As he tried to recall, he said that he
couldn't remember the exact name of the store, but that it was downtown near the lake. I asked him if he still had the receipt. He said he was sure that he did, but that he would have to search for it.

I drilled him about being awfully vague with his answers. I than slapped him hard across his face and I told him that I didn't believe his story. He was a very well organized man with a good memory. I told him that I was going to get to the bottom of his story.

I told him that I was going to resort to police brutality if I had to. I gave him one more chance to
come clean. Again, he claimed that he was telling me the truth.

I pulled off his pants and underwear and I unbuttoned his shirt. I played with his nipples and I kissed
him until he had an erection. I than produced a bag of clothespins. I placed one on each nipple to
start out. I told him that I was going to add one addition clothespin to his body every minute, until
he started to tell me the truth.

Again, he refused. I started adding them to his balls sac. Still, he swore that he had told me the
truth. I added them to his penis. He started to squirm and he begged me to remove them. I told
him only if he started to level with me, and I slapped his face again.

I was really yelling at him and verbally abusing him the whole time. I screamed at him to tell me the
truth or I was going to really hurt him.

Finally, he agreed to talk if I would just remove the clothespins. I removed them very slowly. He told
me that he really bought my gift at a local mall. He apologized for lying to me, but that he had a
good reason. Unfortunately he couldn't tell me the real reason that he went to Detroit.

That wasn't good enough for me. I wasn't going to stop until he confessed the entire truth. I got out
a tube of Ben-gay and I asked him if he knew what I was going to do with it. He said no, so I told him that I was going to apply some to his penis and I wasn't going to wash it off, until he told me the real reason that he went to Detroit. Again, he said that he couldn't tell me. The poor man, he had no idea what Ben-gay applied to a male penis would feel like.

I squirted some directly onto his genitals, and I stroked his penis. As I was applying the Ben-gay, it
was feeling pleasurable to him having me stroke his cock. It grew very stiff and hard. I stepped back
and waited for it to penetrate deep into his genitals.

It didn't take long for him to start to scream for me to remove it. He actually tipped the chair over
and fell to the floor. I held the damp wash cloth in front of his face and I asked him again, "Why did
you go to Detroit?"

He pleaded for me to wash off his penis. I refused until he answered my question. I slapped his face
and I kicked him in his balls, causing him more pain. "Tell me you worm, or I am going to apply more Ben-gay to your pitiful cock", I yelled.

He finally screamed out "OK I'll tell. I went to see a professional Dominatrix."

I was stunned at his revelation, but I was also a little relieved. I feared that he might have had an
affair with another woman. However, I still wasn't happy about the professional Dominatrix. So I took
more Ben-gay and applied it to his genitals and I left the room to re-gain my composure. He was
screaming for me to wipe off his genitals. He was really suffering. I returned in a minute or two and I
wiped off his burning cock and balls. I even brought soap with me to wash it off good.

I loosened him from the thumb cuffs and I ordered him to sit back in the chair and to explain to me
why he visited this woman behind my back. He explained that back then, I wasn't serious enough
about being a Dominant, so he was exploring his submissive desires and he contacted this woman
who advertised in national Female Domination publications. He confessed that he had visited her on
a half dozen occasions over a two year period. He begged for my forgiveness and he guaranteed me that there was no sex. He only was allowed to worship her feet and her boots.

I made him explain to me everything that she did to him on his visits, and not to miss anything or I
would torture him some more. He explained his sessions and I actually got aroused hearing how this other woman disciplined him and humiliated him. However, that still didn't change the fact that I
was mad at him for doing this behind my back. Therefore, he was going to have to be severely

I had a surprise for him that I was going to use if the Ben-gay didn't work. Well now I was going to
use it as a proper punishment for his crimes. I had him stand up, and I tied his ankles very securely
to the desk legs. I than had him put his hands into the air and I tied them together and I than tied
them securely to the plant holder that hung down from the ceiling. I than went and got my surprise
for my criminal.

It was a rubber hose. Just like in the old days when the police would abuse suspects to make them
talk, I was going to whip him with a rubber hose. I took off the metal nozzle so that it was only the
rubber on the end. I had no idea how this was going to feel or what kind of marks it would leave, but I was determined to punish him anyway.

I took off my leather jacket and I began to whip his back, ass, and the back of his legs with the
rubber hose. It was no picnic, I can tell you that. He was screaming for mercy, but I showed him
none. The hose left very deep welts on him. I didn't break the skin, but it was as close as you can
come. I made him promise to never lie to me again and to never visit another Dominatrix behind my
back. I had him confess that I was his Dominatrix. He gladly confessed these things to me, as he just wanted me to stop using the hose on him.

I finally stopped and that is when I noticed how bad his welts were. I got some balm and I applied it
onto his wounds. I was very excited about seeing my handiwork. I loosened him and he fell at my feet, crying and kissing my boots. I stroked his hair as I told him that I wasn't done with him yet. I
removed my boots and my leather pants and I sat I the leather chair. I ordered him to kiss my body
all over and to orally service me. He started at my feet and worked his way up to my pussy. I made
him service me until I climaxed. It didn't take me very long as I looked at his marked back as he was pleasing me. This added to my excitement.

The interrogation was over. I now knew the whole story and I had my confession and retribution. A
week later, I told my husband that I wanted to meet this Dominatrix. I had him arrange a session
with her and we took a weekend trip to Detroit. I really enjoyed this woman and she collaborated my husband's story. I watched her dominate my husband and I even joined in. I learned a lot from her those few hours. My husband still had a few faint marks from the rubber hose and she got a real kick out of what I had done to him. When we were done visiting her, I told her that we might be back for some more training. One can't learn enough good skills when it comes to dominating, humiliating, and breaking a pitiful and lowly male.

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