Experience is the knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone. An experience is the process of personally participating in an activity, event or lifestyle. Fantasy does not always translate over to reality because reality must contend with the bodily limitations of the physical world, whereas fantasy enjoys the unlimited boundaries of the imagination. Therefore, an actual experience may not match the expectations of the fantasy. Nevertheless, fantasy is often the product of reality. For one person’s fantasy is another person’s reality.

In her book, “Female Domination: An exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority”, notable FemDom author Elise Sutton examined the prevalent male desire to be sexually dominated by a woman. Now in “The FemDom Experience”, Elise further examines the Female Domination lifestyle by once again taking the reader into the personal relationships and sexual practices of everyday people who live astonishing secret lives.

Fantasy can whet the appetite for a FemDom experience but the creative expressions of one’s desires must at some point intersect with reality. Consequently, the male desire for loving female authority must be reconciled with the needs of the female nature. Some men merely fantasize about Female Domination but other men come to the realization that submission to a woman is not a fantasy but rather a willing condition of the heart.

“The FemDom Experience” is a collection of personal stories of people (past and present) who have observed, participated and encountered the Female Domination lifestyle, not as fantasy but as reality. "The FemDom Experience" looks at the Pro Dom Experience, the Relationship Experience and the Group Experience. Elise adds insight and commentary as she examines what constitutes a successful FemDom relationship.

"The FemDom Experience" is available in two formats:

Soft cover book - $29.98

PDF download - $18.99

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Here are a few reviews:

Elise has done it again! Female Domination” was the best book ever written about the female domination lifestyle. That was until “The FemDom Experience” came along." --- Mistress Carolyn

“The FemDom Experience” covers the entire gambit of the female domination lifestyle; from it past heritage to its present day reality. Elise Sutton once again takes the reader behind closed doors and into the private lives of men, women and couples who are passionate about a way of life where women are in charge and men happily submit. --- Linda B.

I just completed “The FemDom Experience”. The book is tremendous. As much as I enjoyed her first book, “Female Domination”, it is my opinion that Ms Sutton exceeded herself with “The FemDom Experience”. --- John H.

In Elise's world, female domination is for women first and men second, and she goes a lot deeper into the emotional and psychological aspects of femdom, particulary from a womans perspective, than most of the 'how to' books out there which focus more on physical femdom (yawn).

Her second book is no disappointment. As a man searching for an ever more intense experience of femdom to share with my dominant wife, Elise provides with her classic style. The result is a more true to life, practically applicable and thrilling version of the femdom experience than could be attained anywhere else. Thank you Elise Sutton. --- Derrek (from LuLu site).

First and formost I would like to thank you for the wonderful content in your book. My wife gave me the book as a Christmas gift, and I finished it in three days. I found the information in the book validation for my thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

My wife and I have been living a Female led lifestyle for two years now, and our love for each other has never been greater. Over the last two years my submission to her has grown deeper than I ever thought possible. This is a lifestyle that I asked for, my wife has embraced it, and we have never been happier. --- Mark H.

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"Engrossing and Convincing"

Elise Sutton takes us back into the world of Female Domination, a world where man’s passion makes contact with female sexual power; a world where love and punishment amalgamate to form a unified bond.

A good book to me is one which gets you so engrossed that you just forget about the outside world for a couple of hours and that is what this book did to me. The value of Sutton’s newest book resides in its ability to probe and explore an often misunderstood expression of human sexuality. Men who believe in female domination find liberation in submission. Sutton reveals the difference between the male fantasy of female domination and a realistic lifestyle of submitting to the female gender.

“The FemDom Experience” is separated into three sections; the professional experience where a man submits to a Dominatrix; the relationship experience where a man submits to his wife or significant other; and the group experience where a man submits to an assemblage of women in a club or organization. The summation of the three sections is an absorbing journey into the real world of female domination as it is practiced in the United States and Europe.

I am impressed with the depth of insight Sutton offers to her research and her involvement in the subject matter. She makes a very clear and convincing argument (even if I was biased to believe it in the first place) that a female-led relationship that includes D&S sexual practices is healthy and advantageous. (J.B. - Amazon.com)