Real Life Stories - January 2011 (best of series)

From Denise and Gary:

Elise, we have incorporated cuckolding successfully within our marriage and we wanted to share with you and your readers how cuckolding became apart of our relationship.

Denise: My husband and I discussed cuckolding probably twenty years ago. We fantasized together about my bringing home a total stranger to have sex with. This was as foreign to me as skydiving and something I knew I would never really do. But I played along with the fantasy. I had only had sex with two men in my life and I was married to both of them. I'm not a flirt nor the least bit impulsive in my actions. I am very down to earth and practical minded - a realist through and through. However, cuckolding became a reality for us on a memorable New Years Eve.

My husband introduced me to the FemDom lifestyle over our many years of marriage. He was wise to begin by stressing the male servitude aspects of the FemDom lifestyle and not the D&S activities. Over time, I learned all about FemDom and D&S and came to love this lifestyle. I especially enjoyed the power I felt over men.

We have a great marriage but I resented the fact that there were activities that I enjoyed but my husband didn't want to participate in with me. I especially like to dance and go out to listen to music. I saw single women enjoying themselves with single men and going out to do things they enjoyed. When friends invited my husband and I to go to a nightclub with them on New Years' Eve to dance, I really wanted to go. But I didn't want to have to beg and plead with Gary to go with me. And even if he agreed to go, he would not have fun and it would affect my enjoyment also. So, I casually said "maybe I will get another man to take me". Just testing the water.

To my surprise, my husband actually seemed excited about that possibility. We have a dungeon in our home where I dominate him. In the dungeon, we have a cage that I lock my husband in when I want to discipline him. I teased my husband about how I might ask out this handsome, eligible bachelor that we knew to accompany me on New Years Eve, while I locked my hubby in his cage all night. Again, I could tell that this thought excited him.

So, I called up this single submissive man who knew we were in the FemDom lifestyle (he was a member of the same D&S group that we are) and I asked him if he would escort me on New Year's Eve. He accepted. This was my first date in almost 19 years so I went to the beauty shop and had my hair and my nails done to perfection. I bought a lovely and sexy dress and wore heels, and stockings with garters.

My date showed up at my door all dressed up and looking really nice, handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and told me how lovely I looked! I made my husband greet him at the door, wearing only a pair of feminine frilly panties. I could tell that my husband was as excited about this date as I was. He went happily into the cage and we left. Before we left, I laid the cordless phone in the cage with him so I could call him throughout the night to let him know how my date was going. I love my husband and I wanted to include him in on what I was experiencing, as I knew this had been a fantasy of his for a long time. I guess I wanted to both include him and humiliate him about what he was missing.

I had no romantic feelings toward my date, as we were just friends as far as I was concerned. But, when we got on the dance floor, he was nothing but smooth and attentive to me. After a couple of slow dances, I was feeling very attracted to him. Suffice it to say, he made me feel very special and beautiful. I had a wonderful night with my date and it developed into more than I had originally planned. I want my husband to describe what happened, as this was a night either of us will ever forget.

Gary: Our dungeon has a cage in it and that is where I spent the evening. My Mistress/Wife Denise gave me our cordless phone and she took her cell phone with her. She planned to call me now and then throughout the evening to let me know how things were progressing. When she had me in the cage, she put the padlock on the door and locked me securely in for the night. (We do have an emergency escape system in case of fire or other problem, by the way.) She also took the trouble to throw her panties she had worn that day in the cage with me and also some of her golden nectar in a sport drink bottle with the flip up drinking straw. Ms Denise said goodbye to me and then she turned out the light and closed the door. I was plunged into darkness as I heard them open the back door and leave for their date.

After about two hours the cordless phone rang and I fumbled for it in the darkness and finally answered it. My wife was telling me they had met the other couples in the motel suite and had a few drinks and some snacks and were now at the club where the party was held. She said her and her date had a few slow dances and they were both feeling quite comfortable. She asked how I was doing and I said fine and then she said goodbye and hung up.

After about another hour the phone rang again and Mistress Denise was sounding quite mellow. She told me she was in the lounge of the Women's rest room so it would be a bit more quiet to talk. She teased me how there had been several slow dances and her date's hands were roaming around her body rather freely and she was really enjoying it. My heart and respiratory rate went up by several points and my excitement began to grow.

Midnight came and went and it was now a new year. About 12:30 AM My wife called to tell me they were headed for the motel suite to meet the other couples who had left already. Then there was silence until about 3 AM when I heard the back door to the house open and my wife and her date had arrived back home.

After some conversation in the living room they moved to the dungeon, opened the door, turned the red light on, and entered. Ms Denise didn't even bother taking the cover off the cage. Since her date is a sub male, she had him take most of his clothes off and then she attached him to the St. Andrew's cross, facing out. I could not see what was going on with my cage still covered but I could hear some very erotic sounds coming from both of them.

Eventually my beautiful wife pulled up the cover on my cage, unlocked the door, and crawled in a short distance. She was looking so very turned on as she told me the plans had changed. I was going to remain locked in the cage for the rest of the night and her date was going to bed with her. She then studied me very closely and asked if I was okay. The alternate state of consciousness I was experiencing (variously known as being in sub space) must have been obvious. All I had to say was "yes, I am okay" and she kissed me and backed out of the cage. She then locked the cage door, pulled down the cover, and turned off the room light. In a second they were out of the dungeon and the door was being closed.

I heard them head for our bedroom and soon there was silence. During the night I heard the sounds of them having sex with lots of moans and groans of pleasure coming from my wife of almost twenty years. It was official . . . I was a cuckolded husband/slave.

Denise: Our marriage would never be the same from that night. Actually, it is better than ever. Since that night, I have had a number of boyfriends and lovers. I include my husband, as I like us to act out other scenarios together. Sometimes my husband chauffeurs my lover and I to a restaurant, etc. We sit in the back of the car and make out while my husband drives us around. Sometimes, my hubby is my coffee table in front of the couch to hold drinks for my lover and I while we make out. Other times, my lover and I will go out for dinner and I will lock slave Gary in the cage while we are gone. I always give him the cordless phone so I can call him while we're out and let him know what we are doing or just to check on him and say hello. Sometimes Gary makes dinner for my lover and I and serves it to us. There are other scenarios but I just wanted to let you know that it's more than just sex in our cuckold lifestyle.

When I have sex with my lover, my husband is probably in the bedroom with us about 1/3 of the time. At first, I prefer for my lover and I to spend time alone so we can get comfortable with each other. During these times, slave Gary might be in his cage in the room next to us (the dungeon) or he might just go on to bed. In the cage, he can hear most of the sounds of our lovemaking and/or talk. Other times I have him sit by the side of the bed or in the corner and watch us. I let him lick me clean afterwards sometimes. When he is in the room with us, I can make comments to humiliate him. Sometimes I allow him to jack off after we are through having sex and then he goes right back to the cage. There's no one way to do this and it's more fun changing the scenario around so that he never knows where he will be.

My husband loves being cuckolded. He goes deep into sub space and he experiences a kind of euphoric high. He loves it when I place him in a chastity device and deny him sexual pleasure for long periods of time (I've denied him for months at a time), while I am being sexually pleased by my lover. Yes, I am still intimate with husband and I let him kiss me, hold me, give me pleasure orally and even have intercourse if the mood strikes me. Sometimes I use his cock as my dildo but with the chastity device still on him. It causes pain for him but gives me pleasure at the same time.

We go out together and hold hands just like other married couples. I consider Gary to be my closest friend in the whole world and know that he is always there for me. I think we have deep, companionship feelings about each other. I am not always in a relationship with a lover as I have time in between boyfriends but I can honestly say that we are both happiest when I have a lover. I know it is hard for others to understand and I definitely do not recommend cuckolding for all couples. It works for us but it takes a lot of work on my part to make sure that the cuckolding experience is fulfilling for all parties. Finally, I would like my husband to describe to you how he feels when he is being cuckolded and what it does for him.

Gary: I am put into immediate sub space when my Wife is with her lover and locks me in my cage and denies me sex and release. I don't think I even have any conscious thoughts about it. When my Mistress/Wife has me crawl into the cage, throws in Her worn panties and a bottle of golden nectar (I hope I am not getting too graphic here) and proceeds to click the padlock closed, I look at Her with total love and awe and I am consumed with Her. When She pulls the cage cover down, shuts off the room lights, and closes the door, I am left in the dark with my thoughts. But I am not really aware of what those thoughts are. It's all feelings. Feelings of floating in space with nothing but total pleasurable sensations around me. When I hear Her moans of ecstasy and pleasure, I am transported even deeper into that place where endorphins rule.

Perhaps you have some additional insight, Ms Sutton. All we know is that cuckolding has been great for our female domination marriage. We just wanted to share that so others can see how to go about cuckolding the correct way.

Elise's response:

It does sound as if you do approach this controversial subject wisely. I do not endorse cuckolding but I certainly do not discourage couples from exploring all aspects of their sexual natures. If the wife can keep her heart toward her husband and include him in on her sexual liberation, then she is not cheating and she can effectively use cuckolding to drive her husband into deeper submission to her. I like the way Denise included her husband in that initial cuckolding experience. I have never heard of it being done any better.

Denise does a wonderful job in making sure that all parties are fulfilled in her cuckolding marriage. That is no simple task. A man does not realize how emotionally difficult it can be on his wife when he suggests that she cuckold him. Being intimate with another man besides her husband can be exciting for a woman but it also can be emotionally painful as she can become attached to her lover. Sex builds intimacy and sex with a boyfriend will build some intimacy between the wife and her lover. However, because the lover knows that the wife's heart belongs to her husband, after awhile he will probably end the relationship because he does not feel comfortable being a woman's number two or he feels guilty about having sex with another man's wife. Therefore, women who cuckold their husbands usually end up going from boyfriend to boyfriend because it is hard to maintain a relationship with the same lover.

There is a major sociological event happening in our society.To be physically dominated is no longer enough. Men are also desiring to be psychologically dominated. That is where the cuckolding comes in to play. Some men are desiring ultimate and complete submission to the ultimate female authority figure in their lives, namely their wife. What is the worse thing that a husband can fathom (other than the death of his spouse) in the most important relationship in this life (the marriage)? It is the fear that his wife will be unfaithful and become an adulteress. What shame and humiliation a man suffers when this happens. His entire world is shattered. His self image is sunken to as low as it can go. To a man, that is the ultimate form of rejection. A wife who has sex with another man is saying to her husband that he is not man enough to satisfy her and that she prefers another man to him.

Now take this shameful and hurtful event over into the world of female domination and we can gain an insight into the mind of a submissive man. How much more dominant and liberated can a wife be, than a wife that openly and brazenly has sex with other men, with her husband's full knowledge. How weak and how far into submission is a husband who's wife gets in his face and proclaims that he is not worthy enough or man enough to have sex with her. How inferior is a husband who is enslaved by his wife, made to be her total servant, is physically dominated by her for her entertainment, and is humiliated by her by her having sex with whom ever she desires, while he is denied relief. That mental image is so powerful that it unlocks the door to a deeper world of submission for the male.

Orgasm denial almost always accompanies cuckolding in these men's fantasies. That is the ultimate form of humiliation and slavery. What a sociological statement that makes in his mind. The wife forbids her husband any sexual pleasure, while she is ravished in erotic pleasures with her many lovers. Not only must he bear the physical and emotional pain of being constantly sexually frustrated while being married to a beautiful woman, but he must also bear the shame and humiliation of his wife taking other lovers. Now he must also bear the emotional pain of being cuckolded.

To the submissive male, this mental image can be so powerful that it shakes him to his core and unlocks more of his desire to submit to the superior female. The wife that society says is to be the weak and submissive spouse, rules the submissive husband, controls the submissive husband, enslaves the submissive husband, and humiliates the submissive husband. She ascends in power and authority while the husband sinks to new depths of submission. This signals to society that the new woman is not only superior to the man but she is far superior. She will not only rule but she will crush the male so that he can never rule again.

That is why this fantasy is so powerful to some men. Especially to the man who has already experienced physical domination. Now he wants more. His body belongs to his Mistress, but now he wants her to possess his mind as well. He wants the female to own all of him. Cuckolding and such intense mental domination takes him to a new submissive zone. It is a place that is even more tranquil and more exciting than his previous submissive zones. He desires his wife to be the most bitchy and dominant wife that ever lived because he desires to be the most submissive and controlled husband that ever lived.

Subspace is a special place for a submissive male. Different activities will transfer a man into that submissive zone, based on his own unique submissive nature and desires. To Gary, it is cuckolding. Being transported to subspace is being transported to a world where the Female rules supreme. It is a place in the submissive male's mind that is tranquil and peaceful. It is sexual and pleasurable. He can surrender to his submissive desires in totality and he is at peace with his submission. Most men struggle with their submissive nature their entire life. They feel guilty and ashamed about it because society frowns upon it. In Subspace, a man surrenders to those submissive desires and that surrender brings peace.

I applaud Denise for celebrating her sexual liberation and for using that liberation to fulfill her husband's submissive nature. Denise loves her husband and she made sure that he was being fulfilled by her cuckolding him, before she totally embraced it. I loved how she kept feeling him out as she took each step toward the actual cuckolding. Like a good Dom, she knows how to read her husband and she made sure he was emotionally "Ok" with her taking her lover to bed before she proceeded. Gary is always on her mind and in her heart, even as she takes a lover. That is how cuckolding must be done. A woman who uses cuckolding to be promiscuous and doesn't give a damn about her husband's feelings is destroying her marriage. Cuckolding is not to be taken lightly. It takes a special woman to make it work. It sounds like Denise is that special kind of woman.

I have a friend who says that in the future, cuckolding will be the norm in marriage. As women gain in power and authority, no one man will be able to satisfy the dominant woman sexually. The dominant wife will have both a husband and a lover, as she celebrates her sexual liberation while she enslaves her husband. I do not agree with that totally as I feel that marriage is sacred and that the special bond between a husband and wife will always be there. The wife and her husband must always be best friends and life partners. However, I do feel that the ever increasing desire among men to be cuckolded signals how society is evolving toward female supremacy and female domination. Women are discovering their sexual power and are using that power to take control of their marriages. As the female gains in power, men will become more submissive and will desire to submit to her both physically and mentally.

From Jerry H:

Dear Ms Elise: I am writing this as a tribute to the Dominatrix Mistress of my dreams, Mistress Mary Anne McCormick.  I had the honor and privilege of serving her several times in 1986 and have had no contact with her since then.  I am writing because I hope that my story will interest you and also in the hope that somehow, I can re-connect and truly serve her again.  If anyone knows her or where she is, I would dedicate myself to serving Her.

First, about me- I am a life-long male masochist committed to serving the Dominant Female.  I remember that as early as sixth grade, I would try to create situations where the Girls in my school and neighborhood would dominate me or beat me up (or both).  I did not succeed in this.

I went on to live what appeared to be a normal life- school, college, relationships, "conventional" marriage and family.  After a few years' of marriage, at the age of 32, I took an ad in a local "alternative" newspaper in Washington, D.C., stating, "submissive man seeks to serve Dominant Woman."  Mistress Mary Anne McCormick, a 20 year old stunning beauty renting a townhouse in Georgetown responded to the voice mail, and I arranged immediately to meet her.

She ordered me to meet her at a local bistro.  I obeyed.  She was sitting there when I arrived- tall with long flowing wavy bright red-orange hair and many freckles, and dressed in black leather- my Dream Dominatrix.  I asked tentatively, "Mistress Anne?"  She nodded.  I said, "I am slave jerry."  She motioned and said, "Sit down, jerry."  I obeyed.

She took out a cigarette and tossed matches on our small table (one could smoke at restauarnts then).  I fumbled and lit her cigarette and leaned towards her, hoping that she would blow smoke in my face.  She smiled and did.  I closed my eyes for a moment to savor the experience.  "Tell me about yourself, jerry," She said.  I immediately proceeded to describe in detail my complete sexual history- my fantasies, desires, preferences and all my experiences, from those initial attempts in sixth grade through the most intimate details of my sexual relationship with my wife.  At the conclusion, I said, "and now, I request to serve you as your slave."  She smiled slightly and nodded her consent.  I continued, saying, "I hope that you will always see me totally and completely obedient."  "Oh I will," She responded.  I continued, saying, "Although I expect you to see me naked, I hope that I never ever see you naked." 

"Oh you won't," she responded, blowing more smoke in my face.  "Thank You, thank You, thank You," I panted to her.

There was a little commotion on the side of our table, and we broke eye contact.  Her eyes darted to both sides.  The couple at the next table looked away from us, blushing and trying to suppress their laughter at me- they had overheard me.  On the other side of our small table was a waitress, certainly no more than twenty years old also.  She was looking down and biting her lip to try to avoid laughing at me.  Mistress Anne took charge and told the waitress that I would pay for her bill, and that I would not be having anything to eat or drink.  She ordered me to leave a large tip and then slipped me a note with her address and whispered, "Meet me there in 20 minutes."  She rose as a Queen and left the restaurant.  With head bowed and blushing, I left a ten dollar bill for her $3.50 drink and slithered out of the restaurant.  I could feel their eyes following me and laughing at me as I left with my head hung low, making no eye contact with anyone.

I arrived within the required time.  She opened the door slightly, standing behind it.  "Go upstairs, get undressed and wait for me," She ordered.  I jumped up the steps in 3 seconds, entered a loft-type room, and tore my clothes off in less than 20 seconds.  I stood there completely naked for at least 15 minutes.  I heard her downstairs.  Those many minutes gave me plenty of time to contemplate the step that I was taking with my life- I was afraid "out of my mind" but wanted to be her slave. 

Finally, I heard her climbing the stairs.  I quickly went to the top of the stairs in order to present myself to her.  She appeared wearing a tight black leather mini-skirt one-piece dress, with black leather gloves and black spike-heeled boots!  I stood there passively, totally naked.  She looked at me and gazed at my penis and balls- I was embarrassed that my penis was so flaccid, but I was so nervous and a little afraid of her and what I was doing.  She walked around me, and ran a black-leather gloved finger across my naked ass and returned to look me in the eye.  I couldn't stand being in front of Her, so I fell to my knees and bowed down to her.  She chuckled and put her booted foot under my chin and raised my head with it.  "Move over here," She calmly ordered.

I was naked and on all my hands and knees in front of Her.  Before I knew anything, She had taken two pairs of handcuffs and cuffed together both my wrists and my ankles.  "Hey!" I exclaimed.  She very gently lightly touched the underside of my balls, which were hanging down and exposed to her mercy.  "Be quiet, or I'll spank your balls!" She said.  "Yes Ma’am," I crocked as an answer.  "Good," She laughed.  My terror was complete- less than an hour ago, I had never met this Woman before, and She had barely spoken a complete sentence to me.  Yet here I was, exposed naked and vulnerable in the most explicit way, knowing nothing about her except that she was going to whip me.

She presented me with two whips and asked me to kiss the one that I wanted her to use.  Not knowing anything, I kissed one.  "Good," She said.  She put a booted foot on my head and lowered my face to the ground. "Watch this," She said, as she stood behind me and I looked between my legs to see my flaccid penis and drooping balls hanging between my legs and the image of her booted legs and the whip standing behind me.  I endured my first whipping. 

She sat down, obviously satisfied.  My ass hurt, but I tolerated it with pleasure.  She told me to go downstairs and bring her a drink, and laughed as she watched me struggle downstairs and then again upstairs, naked with a red ass and cuffed at the wrists and ankles.

While she was enjoying the beverage, she ordered me to lick Her boots.  I didn't do a good job, so she took off the boots and ordered me to worship Her feet.  This was something that had not been a fantasy for me.  I of course obeyed her completely and immediately, and started to kiss and lick the bottom of her feet. She apparently enjoyed it- She moaned and laughed ever so slightly and re-adjusted her sitting position.  Not knowing if I was pleasuring her or discomforting Her, I stopped and looked up at her.  As I lifted my head from the floor, I saw that She had hiked up her miniskirt ever so slightly and had spread her legs.

I found myself with my face at her knees, staring straight ahead at the most beautiful pussy in the world.  Her crotch was full of abundant curly bright orange hair, cropped in a perfect inverted triangle.  She looked down at me and told me to keep my eyes below her knees, and focused on my job.

I obeyed immediately and took to my assignment with a passion.  I was totally obsessed with making love to her feet- kissing and licking the bottoms of her feet.  I sucked each individual toe of hers and then inserted all five into my mouth- I took as much of her foot into my mouth until I was almost gagging- my jaw was sore and I was breathing through my nostrils. All the while she was pleasuring herself with her fingers. I dared not look but I could hear her sighs of pleasure and I could sense her sexual excitement.

Suddenly, a tremendous spasm shook my body with an intensity unlike anything that I had experienced before or after.  I gently withdrew her foot from my mouth and looked to see that I had apparently developed a throbbing erection- I had been so obsessed with worshipping and making love to her foot that I didn't even realize it.  She had used her other foot to press at the base of my penis and she had led me to sexual orgasm- the most powerful and intense of my life- in the 20 prior years and in the 20 subsequent years.  While I was worshipping and making love to her foot, she had taken from me my slave virginity- I knew that this had been a sexual experience with my Mistress.  I gazed up at her and whispered, "I love you."

There is more to share but I will stop here. I had the honor of serving her a few more times. I still think about her often and I replay that first experience in my mind. If anyone knows whatever happened to her, I would love to let her know how much I appreciated my Femdom experiences with her. Thank you!

Elise’s Response:

Rarely will a man ever forget his first FemDom experience. It never ceases to amaze me how men will tell me about their sessions with Pro Doms or lifestyle Doms that took place ten, twenty and even thirty years ago. Some of these men will admit that at the time, they left the session not completely satisfied, unsure of how they felt, unable to relate to what had just transpired.

However, the event took root within their psyches and they cannot forget it, and over time, they reflect back on those early FemDom experiences with fondness. And some, such as yourself, develop a desire to revisit that experience. Some even look back on their first Mistress with romantic feelings because of the intensity and the bonding that occurred due to the powerful D&S dynamics. That is not uncommon but you must keep it in proper perspective.

If anyone contacts me about this woman, I will gladly forward the information on to you. However, my advice to you is ‘don’t live in the past’. You had some special experiences with this woman but that was long ago. Cherish the memories but embrace the present. Is there a woman in your life whom you can serve? If not, make yourself available and seek someone whom you can serve. Mary Anne may not be available but there are many women who are. I do wish you the very best.

From Jean C:

Elise, I have been an avid reader of your column for some time and have subscribed to Predominant since you started it.  You and your readers have given me wonderful ideas and have been responsible for a total change in my life.

With your help, I have transformed my husband from a male chauvinist to a respectful human being who is attentive and obedient.  In order to change his behavior, I used a combination of strict discipline, forced feminization and strap-on sessions, culminated by chastity.  The more I used these tools, the more docile he became and the better it made our relationship.

We used to have problems every time that I let him out of chastity so that we could have sex.  He was not pleasing me sexually, which was frustrating for both of us and would put me in a bad mood.  Even worse, he would revert back to some of his old behaviors and it would take time to get him back in line.  I therefore decided to put him in permanent chastity, only allowing him to please me orally, and his only relief became a milking every week or two.

I realized that he was most sweet and gentle when in feminine attire, especially garter belt, stockings, skirt and high heels, so I insist on it when he is at home and, when we go out, he wears lingerie underneath.  Frequent strap-on sessions are also important to enforce our sexual roles.  I am very strict with him and if he displeases me in the least, I discipline him.  Every Sunday evening is punishment night and he gets paddled, strapped and/or caned for the transgressions of the previous week. He actually looks forward to these sessions as a catharsis. He has become perfectly happy with this arrangement and is now much more gentle and loving.  He admitted to me that the old macho role was tedious for him and he feels as if I have freed him from demons within himself.  We spend a great deal of intimate time together talking, watching TV and going for long walks.

The only problem was that I am a very sexual being and I missed real penile penetration but did not want to risk having him go back to his old ways after all my hard work in training him.  We discussed the issue and decided that I should start dating again.  This was about two years ago and I started going on dates once or twice a week and have become sexually involved with several men.  This freedom has made me a much happier person and my husband is actually relieved because it removes the pressure from him of being totally responsible for my sexual satisfaction; he actually encourages me to date.  Another benefit is that it is a big head trip for him and takes him even further into submission.  We have long and detailed discussions about my dates as if we were two girlfriends; it helps that he is always in feminine dress.  He helps me prepare for my dates and afterwards I tell him everything that went on.  He has become totally devoted to me and realizes that that our relationship has much improved since I got happier with my life.

The cuckolding has enhanced our marriage and has become such an integral part of our lives that I can now bring men back to our house.  My husband is very respectful and attentive and serves drinks and snacks.  He likes to be invited into the bedroom to see me being pleasured and admitted that he loves to see me having an orgasm.

After my lover leaves, I always spend time with my husband.  I usually take down his panties and give him a good spanking before I take him with my strap-on, all the time telling him how great it feels great to have a real man inside me pleasuring me in ways that he is incapable of doing.  Then, because he also wants to be part of making me feel good, he cleans me orally, which he considers a privilege.  He calls this worshiping at the throne!  This is a huge turn-on for me and it puts him in total sub-space.  At this point he tells me how much he adores me.

Thank you for your wonderful site and what it has done for my life.

Elise’s Response:

Jean, I am glad to hear that you and your husband have found the lifestyle that works for you. What I think is most important is how you maintain your close relationship and special friendship. The FemDom has enhanced your marriage because you both love each other. You do not allow your sexual liberation to take away from your marriage, but rather you allow it to enhance your marriage by permitting your husband to be a vital part of it.

Keep taking those walks together and never lose that special intimacy. You and your husband have bonded on a higher level than most couples even know exists. That is hard for some people to understand but unless you have experienced it, you may not be able to comprehend. Sex and intimacy is about so much more than just the physical. When a woman dominates a man as completely as you dominate your husband, it frees you both to experience new depths of intimacy, an intimacy of mind and spirit. Take care and thanks again for sharing.

From John A:

Dear Elise, I can’t believe I am finally writing to you. I have been a big fan for years. Although I’ve had submissive desires most my life, I did not have any experiences worthy to post on your site. That has changed, thanks to my beautiful wife.

I introduced her to female domination a number of years ago. She is a religious woman, raised southern Baptist, and she didn’t seem too interested in female domination. Nevertheless, we played some D&S games in the bedroom, nothing severe, in fact it was sensual D&S. And she has allowed me to be her sissy maid for weekends on a few occasions where I did the housework dressed in a French maid outfit she bought me. But it was all games and not lifestyle.

Two Sundays ago, we were getting ready for church and she was dressed in her pantyhose and black slip, which I find very sexy. I spent too much time in the bathroom and she was getting impatient. When I came out, she mentioned that if we had more time, perhaps she would give me a spanking to teach me that a Lady must never be kept waiting. This floored me because my wife has never expressed an interest in spanking me. I told her about my spanking fantasy a couple years ago and she said she could never do that.

When she said those words to me “Perhaps I should spank you…” I immediately fell to my knees and kissed her hose covered legs. She told me to get up because we were going to be late for church.

During the end of the church service, my wife handed me the church bulletin on which she had written a note. It said … “when we get home, I am going to spank you.”

I can’t describe what I felt other than to say I felt frozen in submission. I know I entered into what has to be subspace. I was so excited and I didn’t care that we were in church. I couldn’t help myself and I couldn’t concentrate on the rest of the Preacher’s sermon. All I could think about was my wife and what she had written.

Time seemed to stand still and she purposely increased my waiting time by socializing with as many women as possible after the service. At one point, she sent me to the car and told me to wait on her. I must have sat there for twenty minutes. The anticipation was killing me.

We finally made it home and she took off her dress, once again only wearing her panty-hose, slip, and bra. She sat on the edge of the bed and she told me to undress and to lay across her lap. I did and she proceeded to spank me with her hands and later her hairbrush. She was gentle but firm and she had me squirming by the time she was finished.

I took the initiative and planted kisses all over her feet, legs and thighs. She removed her slip and tore a hold in her panty hose and guided my head to her womanhood. She relaxed on the bed and I orally pleasured her until she had an orgasm. It was a special afternoon, to say the least.

She is now open to having a weekly discipline session. She liked my attitude after the spanking and how attentive I was to her needs. We repeated this last Sunday and she says that it will become a regular event as long as I keep up with my improved behavior.

Elise’s Response:

John, that is wonderful! You shared your desires with your wife but you never pressured her. Your FemDom experience happened naturally, spontaneously and she initiated it. That is why it was so special. She was finally ready and it was her idea and she has now seen the benefits.

Make sure that you always treat her with like a Queen and I am sure there will be even more growth and more spontaneous FemDom events in your future. Take care!

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