Female Domination: Questions about Elise's Book

Q. Dear Ms Sutton, congratulations on your book! I have been hoping that you were going to write a book about female domination and I can't wait to read it. However, I live in Europe and the shipping fees from LuLu are more than the price of the book. I really want the physical book and not the electronic version. Is there any other way to order your book besides going through LuLu?

A. Yes, my book can also be ordered through sites like Amazon.com and the Barnes and Noble website. You may find they have better shipping options for where you reside. LuLu only uses the US Postal Service and Federal Express. Amazon and Barnes and Noble also uses UPS. Actually, you should be able to order my book through any bookstore by giving them the ISBN number (ISBN 1-4116-0325-7). A reputable bookstore should be able to order you a copy of my book.

One important note, the soft cover of my book is about $5 less if you order it directly through LuLu, so keep that in mind when figuring your total cost including shipping and handling charges.

Q. Dear Ms Sutton, like so many others I want to congratulate you and thank you for your new book. It is a remarkable piece of literature and it contains something for everyone, no matter what the level of interest they may have in FemDom. I could tell you put a lot of thought into this book and it is very well structured. Even the cover on the book is well done, from the title with the female symbol (very clever) to the erotic yet tastefully done picture of the man humbling himself to the beautiful woman.

I know from the credits that the well known FemDom artist, Sardax, created the picture on your book but I was wondering if you could enlighten us with the idea for this cover and what input, if any, you had in its design? In short, what is this picture suppose to convey to the reader and specifically, what does the cover of your book convey to you, the author?

A. The cover conveys Romance and Loving Female Authority. The design on the front cover of my book was Sardax taking my idea and bringing my idea to life through his creativity and talent. My vision was for the cover to communicate romance between a FemDom couple. I wanted a romantic setting and it was my idea to have the man on his knees, presenting his Queen with a rose. My vision was to portray a couple that was about to engage in a FemDom session that was based on Loving Female Authority. I wanted the woman to be dressed for the session in a leather outfit and I wanted the man to humble himself before her and to present to her a rose, as a symbol of his love and devotion to her.

Sardax took the idea that I verbalized to him and created the wonderful cover for my book. Sardax built upon the romantic theme and created the scene where you could see a lake and the moon outside their window. The lake and the moon representing a romantic setting. Thus, the FemDom session they were about to engage in was on a romantic vacation, perhaps their honeymoon or a special anniversary.

The woman had prepared for this FemDom session and romantic evening by dressing in one of her leather outfits and she summons her husband into the bedroom of their suite. The husband humbles himself before his Queen and presents her a rose as a token of his affection and submission. My idea was to just have the man present the woman the rose but Sardax took this a step further and had the woman clasp her hands around his hands as she accepts his gift of devotion.

In the background is her bed and on her bed is a riding crop, a paddle and some ropes. These signifying what is about to occur, as she is about to engage in a discipline session with this man that she adores as much as he adores her.

The title and the subtitle were both my ideas and it was my idea to take the first "O" in the word "Domination" and make it the female symbol. I always knew that I would do that if I ever authored a book about Female Domination. Overall, I was very pleased with this cover and Sardax did a wonderful job taking my idea and bringing it to life.

Q. Dear Ms. Sutton: I bought and read your book and it prompted me to ask your opinions on a few issues related to chapter two - The Superior Sex. I agree with your assertion that women are the superior sex. 

On page forty-seven of your book you site an interesting question posed by Dr. Cappon, namely,
"What does it mean when women are the main breadwinners and the main nurturers?"
This doesn't apply to my wife and I, but I'm fascinated by the concept and the implications. I agree that women are slowly but surely taking over outside of the home. It amazes me to watch the transformation taking place. I see it in our firm. We hire college graduates every year. Most over the last several years are women. They interview better. They have better credentials. In recent years some of our entire recruiting classes were female. By the way, I don't do the hiring. You might think that our selections would be biased based on my nature. Many of these women are making more money than their husbands. Many are encouraging their husbands to stay at home after they have children. I'm convinced that if women banded together (a big if by the way!), in fifty years or so they could basically take control of the business and political worlds. My broad question though is will women be better off and thus will society be better off?

More importantly, if more women are going to work and more men are going to stay home or need to function as the wife of yesteryear, what impact do you think this is going to have on having children? Are couples going to avoid having multiple children because the househusband doesn't have the ability or the desire to be a "mommy"? It seems as if the same skills and traits that are pushing women ahead in the working environment (communication, multi-tasking, management) are the ones that make the home function smoothly and happily. I'm not sure that men are up to the challenge. So is our population going to dwindle to accommodate successful wives with underachieving husbands?

I really think that women (and men) in the years ahead are going to have some difficult issues to deal with. I agree that women may be better served to "govern" inside and outside the home, but where does that leave men, the family and our future society? I suspect that the power that women are achieving outside the home will come at a price. Are women not already running society through their authority inside the home? I realize that with money comes power, but I'm not sure that women need the money and the sacrifice. They're (you're) already in power. There is a saying, be careful what you wish for. Women may wish to have future husbands that cater to their needs while they work and do so with joy. I for one would love to do that for my wife. If women of the future are going to be happy with their complete power, I hope that other husbands feel the same way I do. If not, the battle of the sexes is going to be interesting.

As I side note, I enjoyed the book. Loving female authority is a great description for what I seek. Being submissive to me is not just fantasy. The loving part makes it a way of life rather than just a game. I bought the book hoping to learn more about why I have such an intense desire to be submissive and I did learn more about myself. Thanks for that. My wife and I don't participate in most activities noted in the book. I'm mesmerized by my wife and her femininity. It's a subtle domination but we both know who is in control at all times. 

A. Society is headed toward female rule and thus society will have to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the societal evolution that is occurring. The question asked by Dr. Cappon and the questions that you are asking are the products of having only lived in a patriarchal world. It is hard for men (and some women) to envision any other societal model than what they have been taught to be the norm. You make the mistake of assuming that when women dominate the business and political world that they will function in the same manner and govern in the same manner that men are currently.

Because women are also the nurturers, they will place a greater emphasis on family and children. A typical workweek might not resemble what you currently are accustomed to. Women will do things much differently than men. Women will approach goals and problems distinctly and their priorities will be novel from that of men. Profit and success will always be important but the ends will not justify the means. How many men have sacrificed their marriages and families in order to be successful in their career? That number is too numerous to count. Women are making similar sacrifices today but that is because their male superiors in the workplace demands that sacrifice. It will be different when more women become the superiors in the business world and the political world.

I know what I am saying causes unease amongst some men because they only view the world through the lens of a male point of view. Success, profit, conquering worlds, vanquishing the competition, being number one at all costs is the male way. Women will rule differently. Cooperation, the common good, team work, domination combined with nurturing is the female way.

Where does that leave men and the family? In a very positive position as men will be under the control of loving female authority and the children will have both a nurturing mother and a responsible and dedicated father. The father may do the majority of the housework and mom may be the primary (but not sole) breadwinner but that does not mean that mom is going to sacrifice her family for her career. Women will find a way to bring balance to lives, much the same way they are balancing their careers and their families today. The reason so many women are under great stress is because the men are not pulling their weight. Too many males are either missing in action (there has never been so many single mothers as there is today) or they are placing added stress on their wives by not serving their Queens with genuine submission.

The reason society is changing is because it must. Women are liberated and they are blessing society with their talents and creativity, which was previously oppressed. Unlike men, when women rule they will not oppress men and make them second class citizens. Most women will dominate men in a way that makes men more productive and happier. Thus society will be the better for it. We are not there yet but I think you will agree that we are headed there and the journey is exciting.

Q. Hello.  I read in your Female Domination book which I just downloaded (great book!) that you had found the fetish for the Boot to be most prevalent.  I have found in numerous places that the Foot Fetish is far and away the most prevalent male fetish (including statistics in my Human Sexuality class at the University of Northern Iowa).  I've read figures like 6 - 7 million 'admitted' foot fetishists and who knows how many 'closet' or 'just don't know yet' cases? 

Of course I'm biased because of my own raging fetish for feet and stockings.  It was no where near as overwhelming, however, until a couple of women 'reinforced' that for me! I downloaded your book and have shared personal experiences with a budding Female Dominant and Foot Fetish lady in Poland who has asked me if I know of any other sites, besides yours, that has real life stories for her to read.  She knows that most sites are junk. I love to help her out and encourage her. Any ideas?

A. My comments about the Boot fetish was in the chapter on Leather Sex. My emphasis was on how the boot and leather relates to the BDSM scene. I guess I should have added the foot when I talked about encasing the female leg in leather boots.

"Most men find the female leg to be quite sexual. Encase the female leg in leather boots with high heels which enhance the female buttocks, and most submissive men are overcome by the woman's sexuality."

When I mentioned the female leg, I was including the female foot as obviously boots encase the female foot as well as the female leg. A boot fetish is a form of a foot or leg fetish, possibly combined with a leather fetish. This chapter was about Fetishism only as it also relates to Leather Sex. It was not meant to be an examination of all forms of fetishes. I also mentioned that I had not seen any official statistics on the most common fetish but was relating what I have heard from men over the years.

"based on my research, the number one so-called fetish among submissive men is the fetish for boots."

I am full aware of the foot fetish but I would imagine that the study you cited combined many fetishes as a foot fetish. For example, some men find the female foot to be sexual and have a fetish for a woman's bare feet. These men do not necessarily view the female foot as an extension of her dominance, although the act of licking a woman's foot and sucking her toes is definitely a submissive act and places the woman in the dominant position.

Other men desire the female foot but do not find the bare foot to be attractive but instead desire the female foot encased in nylons. Other men find the female foot to be sexual when it is wearing shoes. Men find the female shoe (especially high heel shoes) to be sexual as the shoe highlights the female foot and represents dominance to them. Still other men have a boot fetish and this usually takes the foot and leg fetish over into the world of Female Domination and Leather Sex. I am sure this foot fetish study would include all of these fetishes as a form of a foot fetish but they are all unique.

I further pointed out that "It has been said that a fetish is when one has erotic feelings for a non-sexual object. If that is the definition of a fetish, then it might be hard to classify boots as a fetish because the boot was designed to highlight the sexuality of the female foot and leg. Thigh-high, spiked heel boots were designed for one reason and one reason only, to arouse the sexual appetite and the submissive nature of man. Men created boots for the female to wear for his own sexual pleasure. As was the case with the corset, I find it ironic that so many men have been enslaved by their own creation. Boots make women look so sexual and dominant that a lot of men become frozen and helpless in their desire to submit. With boots, women have once again used a man's fetish against him as a woman uses her assets and her sexual power to render a man helpless."

This sets the boot fetish apart from the plain foot fetish, as the boot was a man-made invention to highlight the sexuality of a woman's foot and leg. The leather boot combines a man's foot or leg fetish with a possible leather fetish. And as I also pointed out, the boot (and the high heel shoe) can also be a weapon on a woman.

"To the submissive and masochist male, the female boot is also a weapon. It is sexy in appearance but the spiked heels are dangerous weapons as "these boots are gonna walk all over you." The appearance of a woman in boots enslaves a man and then the heels of the boots can torture the captive man."

So the desire to be trampled can also accompany a foot fetish, a shoe fetish or a boot fetish and all of these desires are a further expression of the male submissive nature and his desire to be dominated by a woman.

As far as your female friend is concerned, I do not personally know of a site that has stories about a man's foot fetish but seeing that so many people have this fetish, it should not be hard to find one. Although as your friend has discovered, most sites that deal with any form of human sexuality go for the pornographic and exist to make money off of the horny male population. Quality FemDom sites are hard to find and I would imagine that is also true for foot fetish sites. It may take her time to sort through the junk to find a few gems but I am not aware of any.

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