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Disclaimer:  The advice given in this forum is from Elise's wisdom based on her own participation and experience when it comes to the subjects of Female Domination, male submission and human sexuality. The advice given is not intended to be professional advice based on her career field.

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Past Questions Archived By Category:

  1) How To Get Started: The Novice Dominant Woman
  2) Becoming A Successful Dominant Woman
  3) FemDom and Romance
  4) Introducing the FemDom Lifestyle To Wife or Girlfriend
  5) Becoming A Successful submissive male
  6) Finding A Partner

  7) Elise's Book
  8) Elise's Procedures

  9) The Psychology of Female Domination
10) D&S/B&D/S&M
11) Female Sadism and male masochism

12) Discipline, Spanking and Corporal Punishment
13) FemDom Activites (Safe Words, Queening, Teasing and Denial,               Piercing, Tattooing, C/B Torture, Electricity Play, Shaving, Water             Sports, Toilet Play, Breath Play, Age Play, Infantilism)
14) Cuckolding
15) Feminization, Sissification, Cross Dressing
16) Fetish Clothing and Fetish Desires
17) Orgasm Denial
18) Strap-on Play
19) Humiliation Play

20) Female Supremacy
21) Societal Evolution toward FemDom
22) FemDom and Pop Culture

23) Sexuality
24) Spirituality and Religion
25) Politics

26) Professional Domination
27) How to Practice the FemDom Lifestyle with Children at Home
28) Health and Safety Issues

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