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Men are much easier to control and dominate when they are denied orgasms. Plus, it makes the entire FemDom lifestyle more pleasurable for the man if he is denied and sexually frustrated. Once a man climaxes, he experiences a letdown and his enthusiasm to serve the female is greatly diminished. Many submissive men love the power exchange of being denied while being forced to pleasure the superior female as often as she demands.

Each couple must find what works best for them. However, if a woman wants to train her man to be more obedient and a more willing servant, than she would be wise to limit his orgasms. What that limit consists of will be up to the woman to decide based on the behavioral patterns of her man.

Orgasm denial means different things to different couples. If a man would have his way, he would be allowed sexual release multiple times a day. That is not a good idea if a woman wants him to be attentive to her needs. So if a man wants to have an orgasm every night but his wife denies him what he wants and limits him to one a week, then that is considered orgasm denial.

Then there are women who deny their men longer and limit them to one orgasm every ten days to two weeks. And there are women who think one or two orgasms a month is sufficient for a man in order to keep his plumbing cleaned and his desire to serve at a maximum level.

Some couples work on the honor system as the wife has her man trained to the point that he dare not disobey her by masturbating. Some men cannot be trusted in this area or they are prone to have accidents, thus a chastity device might be an option. Some dominant women like to use a chastity device as a tool of punishment and training. In these cases, the wearing of such a device may only be for a season or only on occasion. Then some women might require long-term and even permanent wear of a chastity device for their husbands. Permanent male chastity exists in some FemDom relationships and the husband is only permitted prostate milkings. In these arrangements, a chastity device is almost a must.

There is an evolution that takes place within most women as they experiment with this lifestyle. Most women start out timid and unsure about this lifestyle. Then once they begin to overcome their inhibitions and embrace the dominant side of their personality, they begin to love being dominant and controlling. Over time, the Doms appetite grows and she hungers for more control and more power. Denying a man orgasms is a real power rush. Women who practice this lifestyle will eventually learn that a sexually satisfied man is a selfish man but a denied man is an obedient man.

Through trial and error, women have discovered that the denied man is eager to serve but the sexually fulfilled man is often selfish and lazy. Not all men fall into this categorizing and that is why each couple must explore each other's sexuality and natures in order to discover that which works best for them. But overall, a woman will find that she wields more power and control over her submissive by keeping him denied. And when you think about it, that dynamic also provides for great mental stimulation for the woman as her knowledge that she is being pleasured as much as she desires but her man is being denied, will usually cause the female to feel more dominant and more powerful.

There are physical and psychological effects with male chastity and orgasm denial. A man must be led to prolonged denial gradually.

Men get cranky if they don't get sexual relief after awhile and there are biological reasons for this. The body produces semen in accordance with the male's age and the frequency of his sexual orgasms. The more often a man orgasms, the more his body will expect orgasms and thus the more semen his body will produce. The less frequent his body has sexual release, the less semen his body will produce over time. So a man needs to be weaned off of frequent orgasms much like a body needs weaned off of caffeine, nicotine, medications, sugar, etc. The good news to the wife that hungers to deny her husband for prolonged period of times is that this process accelerates.

One program that some dominant women have used in the area of male orgasm denial (while not effective on all men) is the weaning process. It works as follows: Let's say that you want to begin the denial process on Feb 1 of this year. For the next year, your husband would only receive 13 days of sexual release. I say days because using this particular technique he should receive multiple orgasms on these days. One orgasm is usually not sufficient. It is best to give him multiple orgasms on his orgasm days in the beginning of this training.

Of these 13 days, most of them are front-loaded and the time in between grows longer. Here would be an example of the schedule using the weaning program for the next year if you started on Feb 1.

Feb 1, Feb 8, Feb 18, March 1, March 18, April 9, May 1, June 1, July 8, August 18, October 1, November 28, January 8 2008 (these are approximate dates and you should be flexible and move these days a few days here and there to fit your schedule).

The power exchange exists in the realm of the minds so to the submissive male, being denied can provide him with more mental pleasure and more mental fulfillment than a physical orgasm. The aroused and denied male will spend more time in subspace and thus his mind will be on a mental sphere where the female rules supreme in his life and he is much more eager to serve the female. The mental stimulation should touch a man's psychological triggers, which will stimulate him sexually. It is that mental stimulation that causes an intense power exchange and that can make sex more pleasurable for the woman both physically and mentally while at the same time fulfilling the male need to be dominated.

Men have a tendency to be habitual masturbaters and this causes them to become lazy and of little use to the female, sexually, domestically and socially.

The male orgasm is a biological function that causes a sexual release, which relaxes both the body and the mind. The body wants to relax or even sleep after orgasm and the last thing it wants to do is to be forced to do a physical activity. This is why men lose the desire to pleasure a woman after they have climaxed and that is why so many women are unfulfilled sexually.

If a woman decides that she is indeed going to allow her man sexual release she would be wise to forbid it until after she has been sexually fulfilled. It takes women more time to orgasm but the payoff is well worth the wait. Keeping a man aroused and denied is the greatest thing a woman can do for her own sexual fulfillment. As a man is full of passion, his energy level goes beyond his normal physical endurance. This sexual energy under the control of a woman can be channeled into her being pleasured. Then once she has been satisfied, she may permit her man sexual release or if she were really smart, she will keep him denied and he will be much more attentive to her needs both that night and in the days to come.

As you can see, by May 1, you will have him up to once a month. It is about this time that a chastity device needs to be used. When you place him in a chastity device, make sure that it is one that he can wear comfortably.

Ease him into the chastity device by having him wear it initially for 12 hours. Then give him a few days off. Then have him wear it for 24 hours, then give him a few days off. Then have him wear it for a weekend, then give him a few days off. If he can go a weekend without any problems, then have him wear it for an entire week.

This program has worked for a number of women but each husband is different so experiment and settle on that which works best for you and your husband. Remember, not all males will respond biologically and psychologically the same, so any training program must be flexible and adapted to fit your relationship.
Finally, when it comes time to allow the denied male an orgasm in order to clean out his plumbing, why not do it in a way that is fun and entertaining?

Here is a list of some ways to allow a man an orgasm that is for his release but is also for the woman's entertainment:

Force him to play with himself and to masturbate in front of you.

Force him to play with himself and to masturbate in front of another dominant woman.

Have him hump the bed while you whip him.

Have him have an orgasm across your lap while you spank him.

Give him an enema and make him hold it in while you play with his nipples and stroke his penis, then command him to climax with the warm enema water still inside of him.

Do a procedure that is known as milking the penis (this is different from milking the prostate). This is where you grip his balls with one hand and the head of his penis between your forefinger, index finger, and thumb with your other hand. Then pump his balls and the head of his penis like you would milk a cow. This causes a slow, burning orgasm that is not pleasurable for the man.

Press the sole of your boot or shoe against his penis, press lightly and command him to climax.

Tie him up and get him very aroused. Keep bringing him to the edge of climax, then back away. Finally, get an eye-dropper and fill it with very warm water and drip it on his penis until he climaxes.

Have him masturbate with one of your vibrators or dildos as you watch.

Make him climax against the bed at the exact same time that he brings you to orgasm through orally servicing you.

Tie his genitals up real tight with rope or one of your stockings, tease him by lightly touching his genitals and playing with his nipples, then commanding him to climax for you.

Whip his penis with a whip or slap it with a ruler and order him to climax as you do this real fast.

Order him to masturbate while you give him a golden shower.

Lay your breasts on top of his penis and tightly trap it there. Then order him to climax while he screams out how superior women are to men.

Order him to climax while you are fucking him with your strap-on dildo.

Place a large butt plug in his ass and make him bounce up and down on the bed while you play with his nipples and press your knee against his penis, then order him to climax.

Make him hump your boots then make him lick them clean.

Call him on the telephone and have him fuck himself with a dildo, or paddle himself, or both and then order him to climax on your command.

Sit your leather-clad ass on his penis and order him to climax, then make him lick your pants or shorts clean.

Sit your bare ass on his penis and order him to climax, then make him lick your ass clean.

Are these enough ideas for you? Of course, you can always invent your own.

Male Chastity and Male Orgasm Denial can be a powerful tool as a woman trains her submissive male. Not only can it be productive and constructive, but it can also be fun. And that's the bottom line. Play safe, have fun and remember; "Sex is for the woman's pleasure!"