In order to better utilize my time, I will only read e-mail from men that follow these specific directions.

1) Men may write me to request a subscription to our e-zine. Put "Predominant" in the subject line of the e-mail to guarantee my attention.

2) Men may send me their questions but I will only answer them publicly on my Q&A forum and only if I feel the question would be beneficial to others as well. To guarantee my attention, place "Q&A" in the subject line. I will not post your name in the Q&A forum if I decide to use your question.

3) Men may submit a Story for my Real Stories section but the story must meet the following criteria:
a) It must be a FemDom experience that actually took place in your life (current or past) and not a made up fantasy.
b) The story must be written in complete sentences (that has been spell checked) and with proper grammar and punctuation (to the best of your ability).
c) Put "Real Story" in the e-mail subject line to guarantee my attention.
d) Give your first name and last initial that you want to be posted with your story.

4) Men may submit to me interesting material that relates to Female Domination or Female Supremacy. Such things would include articles or web sites. To guarantee my attention, put "resource material" in the subject line of the e-mail.

All e-mails from men that do not have one of the just mentioned four subjects in the e-mail subject area will be deleted without being read.

DO NOT send me e-mail trying to debate me about the Female Domination lifestyle or my Female Supremacy beliefs. Honest and sincere questions about any topic that falls under the large FemDom umbrella is welcomed. Just make sure you follow the proper directions if you want those questions to gain my attention. Thank You.

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E-Mail Instructions for Men only:

(Women may write me in a more informal manner but must make sure that their e-mail is gender identifiable, either by their female name or by what they write in the subject line).