She's Come A Long Ways, Baby: Questions about Female Domination and Societal Evolution

Q. Dear Elise, I wish to share with your readers the changes I have seen in my 50 years as a male. When I was as boy, my father was the boss in the house and I grew up in a very "traditional" household and so viewed females and males in this now very old fashioned way. I went to an all male school and generally males did better than females in education, so this reinforced the elevation of the male over the female in my eyes.

During the 1970s however, I became aware of the "Women's Lib" movement. My sister and her friends especially became very vocal in the area of women's rights. I remember they were becoming more and more anti-male and it was quite scary for me to see these young women at home, putting males down and elevating the female.

I remember one of her friends saying to me that women would rule in the future and men would be reduced to sperm donors and assigned the heavy, nasty jobs. I was frightened at the sudden change in women's viewpoints and was wary of dating girls that had the same opinions.

When I was dating my future wife, I was unhappy that she had the same attitude as my sister. My girlfriend was very pro female and said that women would be much more intelligent than men in the future and that she hoped for the day when women would rule. I recall when she was talking to my sister about our forthcoming marriage and telling her that I was going to obey her. My sister told me this and said that she agreed with my fiancée that I should obey her and this would result in a long and happy marriage.

My wife was one of four girls and they had had daughters themselves, so it was no surprise that our three children were all female. Of course, my wife was delighted, as were her family. Over the years I was gradually trained by my wife to accept the supremacy of females over males and our three daughters have grown up with seeing their mother as a more dominant parent than my father ever was.

In society in general, girls outshine boys by a long way in all education now, nearly every couple I know wants a daughter over a son, girls get jobs more easily than boys, most husbands are under their wives thumb and a lot of men I know work for a female boss. Just seeing the confident young women about town pushing around young men shows just how much things have changed. This was all predicted by my sister and her friends years ago. As a female, Elise, where do you see the role of females and males in another 20 years from now?

A.Your observations are perceptive. Society is evolving into a Female Dominant society. I frequently receive e-mails from men who want to debate me on my beliefs and will argue that the majority of political and financial power in our society is still held by men. But what these men fail to realize is that you cannot merely take a snap shot of today's society and examine it to understand the trends of tomorrow. However, if you take a snap shot of our time in history and compare it to ten, twenty and a hundred years ago, you will see the obvious trend that women are gaining in power. Women use not to be able to vote but now 13 women are US Senators, 62 are US Congress Women, 2 are Supreme Court Justices, and women are top advisors to the President.

There may only be a handful of female CEO's today but that is a handful more than there were twenty years ago. Many women have climbed the corporate ladder against tremendous opposition and are now poised to become CEO's in the future. Twenty years from now, women will be entrenched in even more power. Society is evolving and women will one day in the not too distant future wield the majority of power.

Your personal experience with your wife and sisters reflect the societal evolution that is taking place within the relationships between women and men. I have maintained that society is changing one relationship at a time. Wives have dominated husbands behind closed doors since the beginning of human history but today's modern women are taking that domination a step further. Single males have teased married men for generations about being hen-pecked and pussy whipped by their wives. Men have always known that once they become married, the wife runs the show. What is different today is that women are not content with being the strong, hidden force behind their successful men. Women are starting to become dominant outside the home as they are flexing their superiority in college campuses all across our society. This dominance in the classroom is starting to translate in dominance in the workforce, in businesses and in politics.

As women start to excel and become dominant in the workplace and in the business world, that is causing women to exert even more dominance within their personal relationships with men. Whereas wives have always dominated their husbands behind closed doors in a subtle manner, now they are dominating their husbands more and more openly. They are taking charge of the bedroom, as they are becoming the initiators of sex, they are taking charge of the finances and they are taking charge of the decision-making within the marriage. As the women are exerting dominance in these areas, men's submissive natures are stirring and men desire to be dominated in all areas of their lives by the female gender. As a matter of fact, the ever-growing submissive desires within men are outpacing the ever-growing dominant desires of women. Women are still restrained by traditions and societal expectations. Women naturally dominate men within the marriage relationship but not many women like to acknowledge that fact for fear of being outcast by family and society. Some women still allow their husbands to appear as the in charge and dominant partner in order to conform to the model of what they witnessed from their parents.

The female dominant nature still lies dormant in many women and it takes a male's submissive nature to draw it out. But as women become more successful and more aggressive in the classroom and in the business world, women will more readily embrace their dominant persona and will gladly accept and even demand their male partner's submission. In my opinion, the couples that practice D&S and Female Domination today are in front of the societal curve. D&S will be the foremost sexuality of the future. I believe that a majority of women will embrace it in the not too distant future. What some women still consider kinky and unusual today, these same women will embrace it ten to twenty years from now. Furthermore, their daughters will be stretching the limits and boundaries of female domination in areas that we cannot imagine today.

Q. Hi Elise: Your website is incredibly informative and your advice is compassionate and practical. You seem to advocate dominating through love and that is enough to convince me of your sincerity regarding the lifestyle. This is a general letter mostly focusing on education and I'm hoping that you find it interesting enough to respond to through your Q&A.

According to one article on your site, 63% of first year students in a Quebec university or region are female and 3/4's of them will graduate while only 60% of their male counterparts will succeed. This imbalance doesn't surprise me but what I do find eye opening is how rapidly the paradigm is shifting.

You may be aware of the Millennium Symposium on Education held in Seattle a couple of years ago. I wish I retained some of the fascinating articles pertaining to it because they certainly would fit into your non-fetish articles regarding female superiority.

Nevertheless one proposal was to make it mandatory to postpone boy's education one year because our relative immaturity was interfering with both genders learning and disrupting the classrooms. Many educators expressed concern that such a practice would injure boys self esteem but others argued that girl's grades are surging so far ahead of boys that their self-esteem would be Healthier, if they were held back a year before even entering school.

Grade school aged girls are reportedly outperforming boys by an overall average of 15%! That means that 15% of 80 = 12, thus if girls on average are getting 75% then boys are only achieving slightly under 64%. By the time they reach the higher levels (when 60 is a pass) I imagine the girls will be thinking "Gee, if I just apply myself a little more I could be an honor student". Contrast this with the average boy realizing that he is almost failing and the inequity because rather stark.

Another proposal was to encourage girls to focus more on reading etc and steer boys to more physical and group activities. In some cases it makes sense. Boys want to touch the frog in the swamp but girls are less dependent on the hands on experience. Boys also have a lower attention span at that age which is ironic because reports suggest that many males have a focus' as adults.

When asked, most little girls felt that if boys just controlled themselves more, then their grades would improve but some expressed the belief that boys are stupid. In contrast, a majority of the boys declared, "Girls are smart."

Another point of interest I read recently, in a different study was that girls have eliminated the gap in math and science and that the gap was never actually as large as we have been led to believe.  There is a much higher incidence of male math geniuses than female, the ratio is something like 7:1 among the top 1%. So when the exceptional grades are taken out of the equation, girls perform just as well as boys throughout all school systems. I expect girls will eventually pass boys in those disciplines as well.

Anyway, I decided that the above recommendations along with several others less controversial ones, would eventually lead to about a 70:30 disparity between females and males gaining entrance into post secondary schools. Evidently I underestimated women. According to your Quebec article, some regions are already experiencing graduation rates that are 68% female.

I don't find anything wrong with any of this and I don't think young guys should be intimidated either. Males still tend to have better spatial reasoning and have an easier time visualizing 3D concepts and as such we'll likely always have more male architects and engineers and the like. Overall though, it seems reasonable to anticipate future generations encouraging guys to be firefighters, lumber jacks, carpenters, etc while women will gravitate to the professions and thus legislate our world.

Beyond education, we all know now that women make better managers. In fact, what is less celebrated are the successes of female portfolio managers. 25 years ago the macho males of the financial world ridiculed the women who were trickling in as being overly cautious. Now enough time has gone by and we see that female run portfolios have outperformed the men by something like 2.5% and more a year. That may not sound like much but over the course of a career, it yields over twice the money.

I know this letter doesn't fall under any of your existing Q&A categories it has more to do with society than individual lifestyles but I truly hope that you feel compelled to respond. I don't know what kind of response I'm expecting, if any. You've mentioned that the women you teach are more intelligent than the men and other professors have noticed the same thing. How big is the gender difference? Is it increasing? Young women are more assertive and confident today are the young men balancing this by being more submissive?

Once again, I do hope you post this with a response because you're obviously intelligent and I'd love to read your insights on my letter. Your site is remarkable, keep up the fantastic work and best of luck.

A. Thank you for that thought provoking and factual letter. It is obvious to anyone who will examine the evidence with an open-mind, that society is evolving toward a female dominated society. Once women were liberated and allowed to compete with men on an even playing field, it was only a matter of time before women began to excel. I think the most interesting aspect of what is taking place is the male reaction to the success of the female gender.

At first, men fought it. They tried to convince society that women in the workplace was morally wrong and that it signaled a decline in western civilization. Men said that women could not function outside the home and that society and business would greatly suffer. Now that enough time has passed, men see that not only can women function in the higher institutes of learning and the workplace but they are in fact out performing men.

This has caused a different reaction within the male gender. Men are finding that they are desiring to be in submission to women. Deep inside, a lot of men use to fantasize about being in submission to women in the bedroom but now those desires are evolving so men want to be dominated in every area of their lives by women. Men are desiring not only sexual domination but also social domination.

That is what I am witnessing on the college campus. Women are becoming more confident and assure of themselves in not only the classroom but also in social settings. Women are becoming the decision makers within relationships and men are more easily falling into the submissive role. Not all men, as there are still the macho males who hold to their father's traditions when it comes to the roles of the sexes. But more men with each generation are becoming more comfortable and at peace with being the submissive partner in a relationship with a woman.

As women continue to excel in colleges and universities, it is just a matter of time that they will gain the power in the business world and the political world. As this happens, the societal change will rapidly increase because of the natural submissive desire within men. When they see women as leaders and their bosses in the workplace, the desire to submit will become stronger. This will make it easier for the wife to run the marriage, as the man will be use to submitting to a woman in all areas of his life.

The ramifications of this will only re-enforce and increase the rise of women to power. Young girls will grow up seeing mommy as the main bread-winner and the dominant partner. This will tear down past stereotypes and instill in girls an expectation to succeed and excel in school. That will cause the cycle to continue and to grow with each passing generation.

Q. Dear Ms Sutton, A comment I'd like your opinion on. I feel it is important to always remember that the majority of readers are male and interested in feeding a favorite masturbation fantasy. The people who are most important to reach are the Females, as they develop a philosophy of self, which in corporation will include their sexual interactions with their lovers.

Women teach the social mores to society not always in words but by granting approval, showing disapproval, giving warmth and closeness. There was a classic episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer's mother returned and Homer spent the whole time trying to impress her. Fathers impart more specific skills, a sense of protection, a confidence in facing the world, the unknown.

Our Society, the strongest, richest in history, is most obsessed with being entertained, distracted from actual existence. The Male goal is achieved and he turns to alcohol, football, Nascar, Pro Wrestling. Showing alpha traits, he becomes more and more aggressive, demonstrative, and pack driven.

Women need to push societal mores back to where they belong. Spirituality, art, true protection of the weak, service to Our lady, in fact the tenants of chivalry must be taught and expected even from a generation which venerates Eminem, Jackass, HipHop.

Only 10% ever make changes in society but women must take it as a mission to educate themselves and raise themselves to a position worthy of veneration and support from childhood, the raising of knights for the physical part of this quest.

A. Thank you for that very profound and interesting comment. I agree with your comments about women. It is important for women to rise up and take control of the societal units of family, church and government. Men need for women to do this. Society needs for women to do this.

The good news is that women are ascending to power and becoming the heads of marriages. The bad news is that it is not happening fast enough for this current generation of young people. Young men do look to their Mothers and Female Authority Figures for approval and guidance. A Mother will always have a major influence over her son's life. It is up to women to use that power and that authority to train and shape these young men from the time they are boys.

As I wrote in an earlier post, boys left undisciplined, tend to gravitate to violence and aggressive behavior. Fortunately, nature also places within males the natural desire to be submissive to the female gender. This desire keeps the desire to be aggressive in check. I believe the natural sexuality and feminine power of women, touches boys at a young age and tames the beast within. That is why Mothers and Female authority figures can have such an impact on a young man's life. It is up to women to understand that power and to use it for the good of society.

Hopefully, my site is a tool in which women can be educated so they can take on that important mission. However, my site is also for submissive men. I do not agree that men read my site merely to fuel fantasies to masturbate by. My site is a place for thoughtful discussions (just like the one we are engaging in now) as well as a celebration of the FemDom lifestyle. I believe one can be educated and entertained at the same time. Hopefully, we can empower women and have fun along the way. Thanks again for your intelligent comment.

Q. Ms Sutton, have you ever heard of the book "War On Boys?" There is an effort on the part of feminists to erode the base from which boys are given adequate sense of self-esteem.

The disillusion of boys begins early, when energetic young boys have a hard time sitting still like their female classmates and quickly are branded "discipline problems." As they mature, those who don't have male role models at home (a scenario growing more commonplace because of rising divorces and single parenthood) are unlikely to get them at school. Only 23 percent of public schoolteachers are men.

By the time SAT and ACT registration deadlines roll around, few males have made it far enough to even consider taking the exams. When you see the aspirations of males and females at an earlier age, they're high, so something happens between the time they have those aspirations and the time they graduate.

Boys still do better on the SAT. It's the war on boys. They aren't being taught to understand the importance of college anymore.

A. Perhaps there are some feminists who have knowingly or unknowingly declared a war on boys. However, what we are seeing in society is not the result of a calculated and diabolical plan by feminists to dumb down the male population so women can succeed. In the early years of the feminist movement, there was the thought that girls needed to be given certain advantages and preferences so they could make up ground due to being denied equal access and equal educational opportunities for generations. It was more of an effort to level the playing field than it was the declaration of a war on boys.

If I remember correctly, "The War Against Boys" was written by former feminist Christina Hoff Sommers. She is an outspoken critic of the modern day feminist movement and she has written a number of books expressing her displeasure with feminism. I also have been known to be a critic of the modern feminist movement but I do not believe there is a so-called war on boys.

The things that Ms Sommers points out are not unique to our generation of young lads. Boys have always gotten in more trouble than girls in school as far as getting detentions and being disciplined for overly aggressive male behavior. She concludes that major issues about male misbehavior relates to the lack of moral leadership at home and at school in directing boys to employ proper behavior. Ms Sommers is offended by many government-supported programs that encourage teaching boys to be more like girls.

I agree with her that the more extreme voices in the feminist camp still seem to be the ones setting the feminist agenda. But I think when she wants boys to learn to act morally and respectfully, she wants essentially the same thing that many feminists do. Getting boys to behave properly in school has been a challenge for generations and that is why so much thought has gone into devising new strategies to make the educational system better for both boys and girls. 

The point that people are missing here is that now that girls have been given equal access to educational opportunities, the girls are out performing the boys. These types of books are failing to see the big picture. Students are rewarded for their accomplishments, not their gender. The boy who is a straight A student is still being moved to the gifted and talented programs and is challenged with the advanced course work. The male student who scores high on the SAT's and who takes rigorous courses, is still getting the scholarships to the Colleges and Universities.

What is different is that more women are getting these scholarships not because of quotas but because of their performance in the classroom. Girls are outperforming boys in school and it is that success that is giving women better self-images and more confidence. Women want to go to college because they want to learn and they are beginning to dream big dreams. Women are no longer putting their future in the hopes that they will meet a good man who will take care of them. Women are desiring to be successful and independent. This new breed of female still believes in marriage and desires marriage but she is beginning to see herself as the dominant partner.

As women exert themselves, men become more submissive. That is just a fact of nature. When women were denied opportunities, men only had to compete with other men. It was a male world and a macho world. But now that men are seeing women excelling and becoming more confident, this is causing the submissive nature within men to grow. It then becomes a cycle that builds upon itself. As men become more submissive, they seduce the dominant nature of women and women begin to desire to be dominant, which causes men to become even more submissive.

Nature dictates that men cannot resist a powerful and confident female due to the sexuality factor. Men are wired a certain way and men become docile and weak around powerful women. If indeed 77% of all schoolteachers are female, then that just means that more and more women are becoming female authority figures to boys. Between this and the number of single mother homes, the seeds of submission to the female gender are being watered with more intensity within young boys. It is not a planned war on boys but rather a product of the ever-changing society we live in.

The bottom line is that the Genie is out of her bottle. Women are liberated in the west and I believe that there is no stopping the inevitable of what that liberation means for both genders. It is a process and society is not what it was twenty years ago and some people are having trouble adapting to these changes. Likewise, society is not where it will be twenty years from now. Just think for a minute what the current trend suggests about the future. If women get the higher degrees, that will eventually translate into the positions of influence in our society.

The good news for boys is that women are their mothers and women will make sure that there is never a war on boys in our society. Women will ensure that both boys and girls are given an equal education and equal educational opportunities. But one thing that will never change is the submissive feelings and desires men will develop toward the female gender. The more empowered women become, the more submissive men will become. What is occurring is not an orchestrated plan devised by radical feminists but merely nature taking her course.

Q. By sharing your site, my wife and I have merged my sexual inclinations with her social inclinations and have developed a deeper relationship than we ever thought possible. Please keep up the good work and don't ever be discouraged when the non-enlightened members of my gender write to discourage you about your beliefs. If deep down they didn't know them to be true, they never would have logged on to your site in the first place.

I have three questions I thought others might enjoy reading your response to:

1. Who are the five women past or present that have inspired you or that you admire the most and why?

2. Same question but modified so instead of women list movies and or literature and why?

3. Any opinion on Title IX (federal law that requires roughly the same number of male and female athletic scholarships for publicly funded universities)?

A. Thank you for those kind words. It pleases me that my site has been a blessing to you and your wonderful wife. I plan to keep on keeping on despite the occasional negative feedback I receive from your gender. Positive feedback, such as what you just shared about your marriage, makes it all worth it.

To answer your questions, it would be difficult to just name five women so I should not even start because I know I will miss someone. To be honest, most of the women I would name, you have never heard of. There were pioneers in this lifestyle that had to remain anonymous to protect their identity and their family. I have met some wonderful women who played a very pivotal role in helping me grow into the woman I am today.

If you are asking about well known women in history, I would say all the feminist pioneers who fought for the liberation of women. I immediately think of a Mary Wollstonecraft, a Susan B. Anthony, and an Alice Paul. A more contemporary feminist would be Psychologist Sandra L. Bern. And a modern day feminist would be Professor Camille Paglia. There, I just named five. But again, the women who would be at the very top of my list are women you have never heard of. I will forever be grateful to my sisters in dominance.

Literature? I would recommend the writings of the afore mentioned women. "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" by Mary Wollstonecraft. "An Unconditional Family" by Sandra L. Bern. The written lectures and speeches of Anthony and Paul. The many columns and lectures of Paglia.

As far as Female Domination and D&S literature goes, I recommend: "Venus in Furs", "Erotic Power", "A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentleman", "The Mistress Manual", "Some Women", "The Ethical Slut", "The Art of Sensual Female Dominance", "Miss Abernathy's Concise Slave Training Manual", "Charm School for Sissy Maids", and "Different Loving". (not in any particular order).

Title IX was a great thing for women's athletics. I am all for it but the only thing I dislike about it is that many colleges have had to eliminate some male sports in order to balance out the playing field. That is too bad. Since Football, Basketball, and Baseball bring in the money, male sports like fencing, swimming, and other so called lesser sports are eliminated so to balance out the scholarships and financial aid for the woman's sports. I wish a solution to this problem could be found. But without Title IX, female sports would not be flourishing like they are today.

Thanks for the thought provoking questions.

Q. Ms Sutton, With woman becoming taller and stronger, do you envision that female dominance will be accomplished by the female being physically superior to the male? Are you familiar with many cases with the female being physically superior to the male?

A. I wrote the following recently in a response to a story in the Real Stories section, and I think it is applicable to your question.

Studies have shown that pound for pound, women are stronger than men. It just happens that men are usually physically stronger than women due to their size and weight advantage.

I believe that society is evolving into a female dominant society. Women are starting to take charge. Hollywood and Madison Avenue are capitalizing on the ever-growing male submissive nature. Movies, television and advertising are celebrating the powerful woman. Although the real strength of women is in their intellectual, social and sexual power, it is easier to show female power via the physical realm. Thus, shows such as "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Dark Angel" and "Alias" are emerging. Men are yielding to the intellectual, social and sexual power in women and this is causing them to desire to be defeated in the physical by the female as well.

That is where a lot of the female wresting fantasies within men are originating. That is also why Hollywood and television are celebrating the strong female. It is hard for men to express and explain the inner power of women so they express it by showing them with physical power. When a woman kicks a man around on television, chances are the male viewers are sexually turned on. This is because this act represents the power of the female and men want to submit to it. Men know that the real power of women is sexual and intellectual but movies and television simplify it into the physical.

To sum it up, women are becoming dominant due to their sexual and intellectual power. Some men want women to also be physically dominant but this will be the exception and not the rule. Yes, women are becoming taller and stronger and they portray a more powerful and healthier image than women did in the past. Yes, women are stronger then men when you compare it pound for pound. However, in the majority of relationships, the man will still weigh more than the female and be overall stronger in the physical arena. But as the female comes to understand how to use her sexual power, no male will be a match for her.

It is much more satisfying for a woman to dominate a man using her sexuality and her intellect than using physical strength. Brute force is the way of man, not the way of Woman. Even if women were physically stronger, we would still dominate the weaker male gender with our intellects and our sexuality. For women are sexual and intelligent creations. 

Q. I have read your views of my gender and I find them fascinating. And just to be honest, down right arousing. I would like to know why you think so lowly of us though, and why you think a matriarchy would be better than our current patriarchy.

A. You better go back and re-read my views if you think that I think of males as lowly. Inferior to women? Yes. Lowly or second class citizens? Absolutely not! I love men and believe that men are also created in the image of God and thus are precious and of great worth. I am married to a man, I'm a daughter to a man and I spend more time with men than with women. If I did not like men, I would not want to be around them. If I didn't like men, I would not dominate them or have sex with a man.

Men want to be dominated by women and they need to be dominated by women. You even admitted that you get aroused when you read about Female Domination and Female Supremacy. Why? Because deep down you want it and you need it. So if I give men what they need, is that not an act of love? If I believe that women were created to be in charge, is it not an act of love to fulfill that role?

Men need to be disciplined. Go back and read what I have said about this. Men desire to be dominated sexually, mentally and emotionally by the female gender. Women are naturally dominant and can fulfill this need within men if they can overcome societal programming and expectations. You view my philosophy as being mean because of your societal programming and expectations. You were taught that men are superior so you are having trouble digesting my philosophy. You think it is radical that women would enjoy dominating men. Well, I am here to tell you that it is not radical but natural.

Women should be in charge. Look at the world around us. Look at all the violence, all the chaos, all the pain that men have heaped on society due to their macho ways and aggressive nature. How can anyone not see that the world would be better if women were in charge? Any person with a brain who knows the characteristics of the two genders and who is intellectual honest will come to the conclusion that women are better equipped to be in charge. Women are not only better equipped to be in charge of the marriage relationship but in charge in business, in politics and in charge of society.

That is my philosophy and you can agree with it or disagree with it but don't think that I do not like men. Like I said, when a woman dominates a man she is giving him what he wants and thus that is the greatest commentary on how much women love men and want to be with men. We just want men to be obedient and productive for we believe the submissive male is the most fulfilled male.

Q. Dear Ms. Sutton, I have been visiting your wonderful website on Female Superiority for
the past 8 months or so.  I always look forward to your updates.  As a male with submissive tendencies, I find the concept of "Matriarchy" most alluring.  As a matter of fact, I always wanted to ask you what do you envision personally as a Female Dominated society or Matriarchy? 

I am of the humble opinion that such a paradigm shift in the balance of power between the sexes is
somewhat unrealistic.  I do believe women will continue to make huge gains in all channels of life though.  Who knows, we might see a female US President within the next 3 to 5 elections but this in itself will not bring about the total dominance of power for women.  What I see is more of a
future were people are measured according to the quality of their contribution to the betterment of the human race REGARDLESS of gender, race, nationality, etc.

Your website is in my opinion, the most realistic on the subject of FemDom/Malesub relationships however I feel that the majority of what's "floating" out there on the internet serves little more than to fuel masturbation fantasies for horny men.  I'm sorry for being so blunt but that's the way I feel.  As you have pointed out on several occasions, most of this material is originated by men and designed for men.

Most of these "essays" on Matriarchy, paint a picture of a society in which women occupy most if not all positions of great responsibility.  Only females would be allowed to own property and in fact their spouse would be property as well.  Men in general would have diminished rights and expected to defer completely to women and live a life of servitude towards them.  Children would be trained from very young on their expected roles and we would see little boys acting very submissively around the little girls. Anyway, it goes on and on.  It seems so "extremist" to the point of over compensating to the Patriarchal way of living it is trying to replace.

Ms. Sutton, do you align with some or most of these components for a Matriarchal existence?  Inquiring minds need to know for I have great respect for Your opinion.  No matter what our society evolves into, people will continue to play and live Domination/submission lifestyles. What
do you think?

A. One never knows what the future holds or what the future may bring. Could the men and women who lived as recently as seventy years ago, have envisioned our future? Women did not gain the right to vote until 1920 but now they are dominating the classroom from elementary school clear through the institutes of higher learning. Women are making great gains politically with each election from the state houses to the US Senate. The President's number one advisor on foreign policy in an unsettled world is an African American woman. Women now hold 16% of all upper management positions in this country and with each passing year, more women are being hired for upper and middle management. With women dominating in college classrooms and women receiving higher leadership evaluations than men within the corporate world, it is only a matter of time before women become the dominant gender in business.

The submissive desire within men is coming forth at an accelerated rate and the need for the Professional Dominatrix has never been more in demand. Women are moving from the desire for equality within the marriage to a desire for dominance. More husbands are being expected to do the household chores and more women are taking charge of the household finances. All of these facts I just stated can be verified in my "Mainstream Articles section". There is an undeniable societal evolution that is transpiring which is leading to a female dominated society. When will that be realized and what will that detail? Stay tuned. Only time will tell.

The male fantasy of a world where women hold all the positions of power and men are all collared slaves is just that, a male fantasy. But notice that it is a male fantasy and not a female fantasy. What does that tell us? Men want to be dominated by women. It is this growing desire within men that will further empower women and accelerate the current trend toward female rule.

Fortunately for men, women are of a different character and nature and they will not use their power to abuse the male gender or children or animals, as the patriarchy society has done. Society is evolving because it must. Change comes for a reason. Men want women to take over and women are coming into their natural dominance. It is a slow process and it will take time but I think we all can agree that it is an exciting time for those of us who practice Female Domination in our private lives. I have been practicing this lifestyle since the 1980's and it is amazing to see how society is beginning to catch up to where we have been for decades.

The future will be what we make it but this you can be assured, women will govern and rule with mercy and kindness. In my opinion, we are headed toward Loving Female Authority, no matter how that translates into the reality of our future society.

Q. Dear Elise, Did you see on CNN news about a week and a half ago the bit about 'Powerful Women'?  They talked about famous women of the past and present who either exerted their will over their powerful husbands or who wielded more direct power in their own names. It was a lengthy list, up to and including Hillary Clinton.

The other night, on the O'Reiley Factor on Fox News, there was a segment on a growing trend of older women taking very young males as 'companions' and husbands. That gave me a 'twinge' of my favorite topics!  They mentioned wealthy, powerful women but noted the tendency across economic lines.

Last night, 8/1, on the O'Reiley Factor (again), the popular Fox News Program, Jane Juska, a 62 year old semiretired English Teacher was a guest.  She has written a book about her experiences seeking sexual relationships with younger men: "A Round-Heeled Woman: My Late-Life Adventures in Sex & Romance".  The Host, O'Reiley was trying to make light of the whole thing and asked sarcastically about a 32 year old lover that Juska had, "What did you talk about?  Be home by eight?".  After a brief pause, Juska said "Yes". That was quite funny.  O'Reiley then asked if she couldn't have just had a "friendship" with the young man, without sex being involved.  Juska said immediately, "No!".  Loved it.

A. I did not see these shows but I have been reading about such trends in many mainstream publications (see my latest updates in my Mainstream Articles section). The societal evolution can no longer be ignored by the mainstream media. I personally know lots of women who are dating and marrying younger men. My how the tables are beginning to turn within our culture. Like I said in my response above, this is an exciting time to be living for those of us who believe in Female Supremacy and who are practicing Female Domination.

I have a feeling we Ain't seen Nothing Yet! Just wait until the women who are in college today begin to stake their position in society. Maybe the whip and the strap-on will become as common of wedding gifts as the toaster and the blender.

Q. Ms. Sutton, As a properly enlightened male who believes in the principal of Female Supremacy, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on what we, the males of this generation, could do to help aid and advance our society's slow but inevitable evolution toward Matriarchy? If you have any advice, or perhaps marching orders for this generation of males (both those who are in committed relationships and those currently unattached) in regards to life decisions and changes we should make to help assure that future generations of males will be living under the greater control and authority of the superior Female gender, I know it would be highly appreciated.

A. The best advice I can give a man is for him to serve the women who are currently in his life. Society is changing, one female/male relationship at a time. Sometimes we have a tendency to be so focused on the big picture that we lose the simple pleasures in life. What good will it do a man if society evolves into Female Rule but he is not experiencing the joys of submitting to his own wife?

The big picture will take care of itself, for society must be built from the ground up and not from the top down. The next generation of males will learn from watching this current generation of males. So treat your wife, your mother, sisters, female in-laws, female co-workers and female friends with the proper respect. Show manners and humility toward all women and you will be doing your part to advance the cause. Treat your wife like a Queen every single day and submit to her and you will be making Female Rule a reality in the here and now.

Q. First off, I want to say that I love your site Elise and I love reading all your stories! BUT, it's naive to think that once more of us women get power that the majority of us will still want to stay in a committed relationship or that we'd put up with having just one partner. Even now, more and more professional women are choosing not to get married and those that are, statistics show that at least half of them are having affairs. There are even sites dedicated to helping married professional women meet men to have affairs with.

Scientific research has shown that women feel the most sexual towards the aggressive rogue as opposed to the male who offers stability. It's the "Cads versus Dads" scenario. The "Dad" is the one we'll marry, the gentle, compassionate, moral, faithful and responsible man that will help around the house and take care of the kids. But the "Cad" is the one we'll lust over, the aggressive, arrogant, borderline misogynist, womanizer that can just throw you on the bed and fuck your brains out!

Once our society embraces the principles of Female Supremacy, I think that more women will feel liberated enough (as you so eloquently put it) to be able to have our cake and eat it too without the patriarchal societal guilt. I think most women feel the same way I do. A good caring husband just isn't as sexually exciting as "the bad boy".

Femdoms and submissive husbands understand that the submissive is not worthy to enter her. Why? We're naturally programmed to reject the submissive male's sperm in favor of the more aggressive male's sperm. I don't think I'm wrong about this, I've read too much on the subject to believe that women are truly sexually attracted to the "dad" type personality. If this were really true we would be throwing ourselves to the nice guy math whiz and not the aggressive football player.

I just think in general a woman needs more than just one man in her life to be satisfied, it's only natural. Thanks for hearing me out.

A. The premise of your question is another example of how society is changing. It use to be that men would say that there were two types of girls, the ones they dated and the ones they married. The meaning being that some men would date the girls who would "put out" but would look for a "nice girl" to marry. Now it is the liberated female who might be inclined to draw the distinction between the "bad boy" and the "nice guy".  The "bad boy" might be good for a purely physical relationship but the female wants a dependable "nice guy" for a husband. You are not the first woman to ask this question and I find this further example of a societal role reversal to be fascinating. Once again, women are turning the tables with their societal outlook and new attitude.

This dominant and sexually liberated attitude of women is encouraging and it provides further evidence that society is evolving toward female rule. However, I think that a lot of women would still argue with the premise of your question. The Cad represents a macho male who is in need of a female to tame his beast nature. The Dad may have been a Cad at one time who has since yielded control over to the feminine. As women mature, they find that the submissive male is more desirable than the macho male, both inside and outside the bedroom. The aggressive male in the sack might be great for variety but it is only variety if the standard is the soft, tender ways of the loving, worshipful submissive male. The person who eats poultry and vegetables on Monday and Tuesday, might want some variety on Wednesday and thus request beef and potatoes. But does that mean that beef is better than poultry? Beef would not provide for variety if poultry were not the norm. And why is poultry the norm? Because the person desires poultry more often than beef. Poultry and vegetables are a lifestyle whereas beef provides the variety. But if a person could only have one, they would choose the lifestyle.

The woman who decides to cuckold her husband may indeed seek for a man who is the variety to what she can get from her husband but that could mean an assortment of things. Since the purpose is purely physical, it could mean a man who is better hung, a man of a different skin color, a man with a different build, a man who is more aggressive, etc. All of these could represent variety but only when in contrast to the norm. That does not make the norm undesirable physically but rather the opposite is true. The variety is only variety because the norm is the preferred choice.

Having said that, the majority of married women have little interest in variety as far as it relates to a different man. The Female Domination lifestyle is designed to provide variety to the monogamous relationship. A lot of couples initially become involved with D&S in order to add variety to their sex lives. It very well may grow from there and take them to newer and greater heights but the initial purpose for many couples is to add spice to the bedroom. There are so many activities that fall under the FemDom lifestyle that the FemDom couple never need worry about sex being mundane or boring. Variety is the spice of life and FemDom is the spice of variety.

Cuckolding itself is really nothing more than another D&S activity in which to add additional variety for the dominant wife and her submissive husband. Done correctly and with the right intent, cuckolding is the variety, not the man who is the lover. Whatever the variety he may provide in contrast to the cuckolded husband, the wife will simply use that variety to mentally dominate her husband. Therefore the cuckolding is really mental sex between the wife and her cuckolded husband, and thus an exercise in adding variety to their D&S.

Even the liberated woman is usually of a make-up where she prefers her mate. That is one of the superior characteristics of the female nature. A woman's heart belongs to the man who worships her and treats her like a Queen. The superior female should only involve herself with a man who treats women with respect, be it a husband or a lover. The Cad who remains a Cad has no place in the life of an intelligent and beautiful female. For such a man is not worthy of her time or attention, be he her life partner, her submissive, her lover or all of the above.

The attitude of the new woman is sexual and liberated. But the new woman is also wise and intelligent. The new woman expects respect and submission from her male partner. If he can be aggressive in bed now and again for variety, and if allowing that aggression will not undermine her authority, then that is one thing. But to open herself up to a man who may bring her nothing but trouble and stress in life, well that is something else. There are too many Cads in this world and they are in need of loving female dominance. The Cad who is not willing to change is not worthy of a woman's time and definitely not worthy of access to her temple, which is her body. The man who does not respect women cannot ultimately please a woman. The woman who has experienced the tender ways of a man who knows how to worship a woman and who knows how to sexually please a woman, will find that the macho and egotistical male is not worthy of her.

But that is my opinion. There are obviously women who share your view, thus the popularity of those websites you mentioned. I maintain that a woman who openly cheats on her husband will ultimately kill her marriage. Maybe not this year or next year, but eventually the chickens will come home to roost. That is why I respect the woman who openly cuckolds her husband more than the woman who cheats behind his back. Cuckolding will allow the married woman some variety while keeping her primary focus on her husband. Isn't that better than cheating?

Regardless, I think your question does point to the way women's attitudes are changing. Women are becoming more dominant and aggressive in life. The good news for men is that their submissive nature loves the new woman and seeing a woman expressing her liberation arouses many males and causes many males to desire to submit to the aggressive and liberated female. Society is definitely changing toward female rule and that I think we would agree is exciting.

Q. The woman who wrote the "Cads vs. Dads" question in which she says how she loves the cuckolding lifestyle is terribly exciting. But sometimes I wonder if the "women" who write you are for real.  Some of the stories that you get from women are so over-the-top that I wonder if it's just some guy jacking off to his own letter.

Guys like to believe there are really women this hardcore and if there isn't they just write in to excite themselves and others.  I say this because I've done it myself on cuckold forums.  I would never do it on yours because I think it would tarnish your very serious site. Point is, I'm sure you probably get fake letters from "women".  I think you should ask to speak on the phone to the women who write the most brazen letters about cuckolding.  It would be tremendously exciting if I knew these women were for real.

A. Obviously it would be impossible to guarantee the authenticity of every story that is submitted to my site. Nevertheless, I can say with complete confidence that the vast majority of the stories posted on my site are indeed factual. I personally know some of the couples who have posted stories, I have met some of the couples, I have talked to some over the phone and I have communicated with many via e-mail. As a matter of fact, some of the wilder stories that are posted by women are the stories that you can rest assure are true.

I often have to probe the story submitter to give me additional details. Sometimes these stories are the results of three and four e-mails that I must piece together to make it into a story. I often have to fill in words and details to make these e-mails flow into a readable story. I have been known to add a sentence here and a word there to make the e-mail correspondence into a story but the experience that the woman is sharing is real. Trust me, what you are reading on my site is occurring out there and the more people who share their experiences, the more courage that will provide to those couples that are nervous about sharing their story.

I am sitting on some fascinating stories that people have shared with me but they refuse at this time to permit me to post them. People often write me about their lifestyles because they have a particular question and they are seeking input. Questions that people ask often lead me to inquire for details and these details often lead to a story that gets posted on my site. So the majority of the stories are indeed real life experiences and not male fantasies.   

I have become rather good at spotting e-mail from men pretending to be women. Occasionally, I get fooled and as a result I am sure some of the stores that get posted on my site are fictional. On a number of occasions men have written me to confess that they have been communicating with me under false pretenses. I guess their guilty conscience gets to them after awhile.

If I required a verification process in order to post someone's story on my site, ninety percent of the couples would never submit their real life experience. These are very private and intimate details about people's lives. The beauty of the Internet is that it enables people to communicate with like-mined people yet remain anonymous at the same time. The vast majority of the entries on my site are posted under an alias in order to protect people's privacy. The ability to stay anonymous is what gives people the courage to share their lifestyles and sexual practices.

I should also point out that I do have a screening process that I use to judge a story. Believe me, lots of stories are submitted to me that never make it on my site. It is rather obvious when men are writing down their fantasies. You can see their excitement in their words, as the details get more outrageous as the story unfolds. Men are also more graphic than women as they go overboard in describing a sexual or D&S encounter. These stories never make it on my site, for while I like to include erotic details about what people are doing behind closed doors, I do not post XXX-rated pornography. I receive my share of stories that are very graphic and such entries are destined for a fast encounter with my delete button. So you can feel confident that the majority of the stories you read on my site are true. Not all of them, for it would be impossible to guarantee the validity of every e-mail I receive.

I would like to use this question to encourage FemDom couples out there to submit their experiences. Even if it may seem to be not that exciting or earth shattering, please do share how this lifestyle is being incorporated into your relationships. Other people need to hear your story as your story might enhance the relationships of others. So please share last night's D&S session, last month's FemDom social, and the chance encounter with another person that became an expression of FemDom. Ladies, please share your techniques in training your husband, even if such a technique has previously appeared on my site. Your style and your approach may be different and I am sure others would love to read how you go about it. I can guarantee you will remain anonymous so there is no excuse not to share. If my site has been a blessing, than the best way to pay me back is to make your own contribution by sharing your story. We all can learn from each other. 

Q. Dear Elise, I appreciate all the hard work you are doing on your site and I am glad that you do it in such an intelligent and informative way! I've read almost everything so far and, being interested in the Female Supremacy field, I feel tempted to share my thoughts with you and to ask for your honest opinion.

First, I was impressed by the good writing skills you possess and by the very informative and open way of explaining things. I totally agree that D/s relationships should be safe, sane and consensual. There are many truths in your words and you are damn good in persuading people! Anyway, I met some very big contradictions in your site and that's why I decided to write to you.

The first and biggest contradiction is that you put a very obvious line between fantasy and real life and in the same time you take yourself very seriously about all that Female Supremacy ideology (without being aggressive and outrageous like a sick feminist, which is good - congratulations!).

With all my respect, do you really think that REAL life can one day become a female dominated one? Well, being submissive myself, I think this is a very good fantasy, but it can never happen outside of the D/s Lifestyle. And here is why:

1) Religion: No one of the nowadays spread religions gives credit to female supremacy.  Religion is not what it used to be before, of course. There are computers, internet, globalization and liberation of women, yes, but religion still forms a great deal of the ground rules that run our societes.

Let's take Christianity for example. You and I, we are Christians. Which is the most powerful figure in the Christian world?  The Pope in Rome, of course. Can you imagine a Woman-Pope? Sounds ridiculous.

2) Money: As you say - money is power.  Yes, of course, money makes the world go round. But money is concentrated in the hands of men! You cannot argue with that simple truth! Yes, there are many rich women and yes - there are many women in the high levels of corporate management, but still they are only employees, not owners of the capital. Capital is possessed by men! Why don't you take a look at the Forbes Magazine, listing the richest people in the world every year. Show me how many women do you see among the first 400 positions! From one to ten, not more. But this is just because they have inherited their billionaire fathers (Athina Onasis) or their dead billionaire husbands (Darina Pavlova).

Here you may suggest that by using the "pussy power" women may take the capital from the hands of submissive males. You may give me the thousands of professional doms sa an example.

Elise, the truth is that if a woman gets 300$/h for just dominating a male, that is because the male wants to give her these 300$, because he can afford it! She is an employee again. She works for him - for her male client. And why don't you compare the number of Pro Doms with the number of prositutes in the world?

3) Political Power: Let's forget about numbers here. Why do you think women have the right
to vote? Because men gave it to them. Because that's how the male-dominated society, with all the decision taking male-politicians in it, try to build a better world where genders will be equal. Do you mind that? I don't. I don't mind women in Parliament too. I think this is the way civilized people should do it. Fifty-fifty. Sharing rights and obligations.

4) Family: I spend 30$ a month for Internet, my wife spends 30 $ for pedicure only. I have mortgage and monthly installments for a car, while she spends the same amount of money each month on clothing and cosmetics. I visit my qualification courses, she visits her gym. So, we both invest in ourselves. But in long term perspective what do we get? I get a high salary and good professional career + car, house and vast practical knowledge about life, while she simply gets old!

Well educated, healthy children are the result of a mutual work - you should agree! She gives birth, raises family, in the same time I work hard to support her and my family. Yet my wife is sometimes
dominating me in bed. And I like it. I love her and I like the way things are in my family. That's the way they should be! History has proved this family model to be the most successful one.

Elise, as you say Female Supremacy exists since the birth of marriage as an institution. But it will always stay hidden behind the locked bedroom doors, because that's where it belongs. The future does not belong to women only. It belongs to everybody in this planet. The future is a better world where genders are absolutely equal and the words containig ...-ist are forbidden.  You say, you are a Female Supremacist. If we promote female supremacISTs in real life, then why not racISTs, fashISTs, communISTs, terrorISTs e.t.c How do you like that?

I think every form of injustice has no place in real life. As an American you should share the same values. This is why I think you are in a very big mistake, Elise! Please, tell me where I am wrong. With best regards.

A. Interesting that you group feminists and female supremacists with racists and terrorists but not with humorists, realists, idealists, optimists, artists, and the many positive words that are "ists". You see, it all boils down to your point of view which is primarily formed by your societal programming, much of which is a patriarchal point of view.

As far as my use of the term "female supremacist" I would suggest that you read my article "What is Female Domination and Female Superiority". I explain why I use these terms and how it is men who coined these terms. I am simply appealing to the submissive nature of man when I utilize the words that send off the verbal image of female dominance. I also explain that what I am really advocating is loving female authority. You make the wrong assumption that a woman's use of the word "supremacy" means the same as a man's use of the word supremacy. History does prove that men will dominate and rule with wrong motives and with destructive consequences. Loving female authority is the proper balance of power and nurturing for the common good of both genders.

A patriarchal outlook colors your view of religion, money, politics and the family. You can't even fathom anything other than a patriarchal society because that is all you have known and that is what you have been taught. It is natural for you to view these institutions within the framework of today's society. However, to get a true glimpse into the future, you need to look at the trends. If you would go back one hundred years, the men of that day could no more fathom a female United States Senator, a female CEO, or a female Pastor then you can fathom a female Billionaire or a female Pope. Nevertheless, society is evolving and this societal evolution will impact all institutions.

Just look at what is occurring in the world of academia? What do you think the consequences are going to be now that women are getting the majority of the college degrees? I have written in detail about this so I will not go over this again. You said that you have read my site in detail so I would suggest that you read "The Mainstream Articles" section and read the "Societal Evolution", "Spirituality" and "Politics" sections of my Q&A forum to gain my perspective.

In addition, I have just completed a book that will be available very soon. Although the book examines the Female Domination lifestyle (with an emphasis on the D&S and the sexual), it also touches on the societal evolution that is occurring and I address your topics in more detail including the natural superiority of the female gender, religion, and the profession of the Pro Dom. So you might want to check out my book once it is available.

Thank you for your thought provoking question and keep on visiting my site. I may not change your opinion but I hope I will at least challenge your patriarchal view of society. Take care.

Q. Ms Sutton, Thank you for your amazing website.  I have had feelings and "urges" towards
Female supremacy for as far back as I can remember - since I was a young boy.  For me, as it seems to be for a growing number of enlightened people worldwide, it is the natural order.  Your fantastic, insightful website on the subject is not only the most intelligent and socially significant but also the

In almost all facets of modern life women are becoming more powerful and it seems to me to be an accelerating phenomenon.  I believe the 21st century will be THE century for Female empowerment, continuing the work of your forebearers in times gone by.  I can see the process going on all around me and there is lots of tangible evidence for it:  More and more Females are in important political positions or even as national leaders (noticeable especially in the governments of developing countries),  in the UK more Females than males are millionaires, Women are prospering in finance and business and, most promising for this natural order, in education at all ages and in all subjects (at least in the UK) Women outstrip men, Girls outstrip boys.  The modern world very much suits the Female.

The scariest, sexiest thing is that Women, more and more, are beginning to realize these facts and are exploiting them, whilst men, in realization, find themselves frustrated and essentially helpless (and usually aroused!).  A good example of this came when I was talking to a Female colleague of mine. 

My colleague is a single mother aged about 30 and a student.  The conversation between us got on to the differences between Female and male, especially from young ages.  In particular she was talking about a program she had seen where social experiments had been performed to see how Girls and boys (grouped by age from 3 to 10) reacted given different situations.  She told me about the various idiotic things the boys had done and how intelligently the Girls had behaved, laughing as she did so.  She did say the boys had been good at some of the technical tasks but we both agreed that the males' skills seemed somewhat limited in comparison!  She also described how she felt (and I agreed) that the world has seen in only the last 20 or so years a very swift and significant shift towards Female liberation and power and that we are still experiencing that transition.  We both agreed (myself with some degree of trepidation) that the world of the not too distant future will be VERY much Female dominated.  (I like to think that men will at least be able to perform menial jobs for the most part, in servitude, while Women do all the intelligent communicating and decision making jobs - what do you think Ms Sutton?)

She then went on to tell me how she had realized since becoming a mother how much power she had to influence the world, especially her son.  She has not deliberately set out to do this but she told me how respectful he is of the Females around him and how he sees the world (aged 14) from a Female authoritative perspective.  The fact that I had nothing to argue the case against these facts surprised me in a way but I couldn't think of a thing!  She was right in everything she had said.  It was like she had read the articles from your website! 

Soon after that she suggested we move on but I had to convince her to stay a while.  I was suffering from intense sexual arousal (even though she's not really my type) and I knew the bulge in my trousers would be clearly visible to her and the people close by should I have to stand up!

Anyway, I'll get to my main question eventually!  Perhaps one of the reasons for my particular special affinity for Female supremacy is something I heard my mother say when I was a young boy, on the cusp of puberty.  I overheard an adult conversation at the dinner table between my parents and friends.  The conversation could not have been light-hearted because I heard my mother suggesting with conviction that rapists should be castrated.  She is an intelligent Woman and her argument was well founded.  That part of the conversation is really all I remember because I was so young, but it has stuck with me.  So this is my question - what do you think about this suggestion Ms Sutton?

A. I would rather focus on your conversation with your colleague rather than your question for that is the more stimulating and important subject. Women are beginning to realize that the society is evolving toward female rule and women are becoming both comfortable and excited about the possibilities. Your colleague has had a revelation of the power she possesses as both a woman and mother and you found the fact that she was verbalizing her ever-growing philosophy to you to be arousing.

This is the power that women have and why society is headed toward female rule. As women become more independent and more confident in the dominant role, men will find that to be erotic and men will submit to that authority in women. That is how men are wired. As women become dominant, men will naturally become submissive. Your colleague's dominant energy stirred your submissive nature and you were powerless in her presence. 

The thought of female authority appeals to both sexes and all that was holding society back from moving toward female dominance was the reluctance of the female due to the programming of the patriarchal societal system. But now that women are becoming more liberated and dominant with each generation, those barriers are coming down and society is moving toward female authority. Men cannot resist dominant and confident women and deep down, most men want women to rule them with loving female authority. I would imagine this woman's son is a well adjusted and happy fourteen year old as he has been raised in loving female authority. The male nature needs that in both childhood and in adulthood. The need for loving female authority is a part of the nature of man and now that women are beginning to realize this, society is changing accordingly.

Your Mother's comments about castrating men stirred your submissive nature and probably even aroused you slightly because this was another example of female authority. Your mother was your authority but you were unaccustomed to hearing her express such a dominant and radical opinion. The fact that her comments reflected female domination, touched your submissive nature and you have never forgotten that experience. Your mother was no doubt a loving and caring woman and you were somewhat shocked to hear her express a sadistic and cruel solution to a societal problem caused by the overly aggressive nature of men. This was a perfect example of female authority as your mother showed that she can be both nurturing and dominant, but her dominant idea was for the common good of society and it made sense to you. Even in her sadistic way, she was ultimately being loving as she was concerned for the good of other women, to protect them from overly aggressive males. Even the most loving female can be tough, as that is the totality of the female nature. Men are attracted to women who can be both nurturing and disciplinarians. Your submissive nature was stirred by your mother's comments just like it was stirred by your colleague's comments.

Q. I think the growing phenomenon of CFNM (Clothed Females, Naked Males) and wild Hen parties is another example of the increasing liberation, independence and empowerment of Women and the submission of men. It also makes me horny. What are your thoughts on CFNM?

A. Women going to clubs where men strip and parties where women remain clothed while a naked male erotic dancer entertains the ladies are definite signs of a societal role reversal and further evidence of the growing dominance and sexual independence of women. It once was only men that would frequent a strip club and it use to be the Bachelor party that had a female stripper. But now it is becoming common for the Bachelorette party to feature a male stripper (or strippers).

Women are becoming more liberated sexually and are expressing a dominance with that liberation. Women are breaking down traditional stereotypes and invading male traditions and institutions, thus creating a societal role reversal. However, I think you will find that the so-called growing phenomenon of CFNM is more of a reflection of the male desire to submit to women than it is the female desire to dominate men.

As is the case with most FemDom sites, the popularity of these CFNM sites are driven by men. You even admitted that it made you aroused. CFNM is a growing reality, especially among college girls who are sowing their wild oats and expressing their female and sexual liberation, but you will find that it is men who get the most turned on by the concept of CFNM.

I am sure lots of men have the fantasy of being a naked male in a room full of clothed women, who are teasing him, fondling him and making sexual remarks about his anatomy. CFNM is another expression of the male submissive nature. It is interesting that the naked male does not want to be naked in a room full of naked women, but rather in a room full of clothed women. By being clothed, the women are representing dominance and authority. The women are in charge and the male is there to arouse and entertain the women. That is the male fantasy of CFNM.

To prove that these sites are driven by male fantasies, sometimes this fantasy goes from being merely FemDom and steers over into the total sexual realm as some of these sites feature the naked male having his penis played with and even sucked by these so-called out of control females. To me, that is when CFNM moves from being FemDom over to being pure male adult entertainment and fantasy. While it is possible that women can dominate a man and express their sexual liberation by playing with a man's member in a room full of women, the fact is that this is more of a male fantasy.

From the CFNM sites that I have seen, I have noticed that it is obvious that the men who developed these sites were men with submissive desires and fantasies. While some CFNM sites and videos steer toward the sexual and the pornographic, other CFNM sites steer more toward FemDom, as the male is being humiliated by the room full of clothed women. The women tease and deny the naked male and play games with his member, all for their entertainment. The emphasis being that the naked male exists for the entertainment of the women, thus CFNM is FemDom. The other sites are more about the women being there for the sexual pleasure of the naked male. That is not FemDom.

Regardless, CFNM does seem to be another expression of the male submissive nature and the male desire to be dominated by women. That is why the male wants to be naked while the women are clothed. This places the ladies in the power position. While these sites and Adult videos/DVD's are primarily an extension of a male fantasy, the reality is that women do have parties where they will have a naked male dancer/dancers entertain them and this is a further example of how society continues to evolve and how women are growing more independent and dominant.

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