How To Meet A Dominant Woman

By Elise Sutton
Men, If you are single and are wondering how you can meet a dominant woman whom you can serve, perhaps I can give you some sound advice. You could try to find a woman who already believes in  and practices the Female Domination Lifestyle. This may be difficult as there are more men who are openly submissive, then there are women who practice Female Domination. However, these women out there. You just have to know where to find them. The best place to look would be at a D&S, B&D, or S&M support group. Most major cities have such support groups in them today. For example, if lived near New York City, you could join  The Eulenspiegel Society. Or, if you lived near Washington DC, you could join The Black Rose. If you lived in Central New Jersey, you could join  Knot For Everyone.

Groups such as these are pan sexual organizations that caters to different lifestlyes within the D&S community. Dominant women will be found at organizations such as this, however so will submissive women, dominant men, homosexual couples, and transvestites. The major challenge that you will encounter if you join such a group, is that the submissive men will far out number the dominant women. However, if you join such a group and carry yourself with confidence and demonstrate that you have something to offer a superior and dominant woman, then pehaps you will be able to meet the dominant woman of your dreams.

Perhaps you don't live near a D&S support group, or perhaps joining a pan sexual group like this would make you feel uncomfortable, or perhaps you are rather shy
and you don't know if you could compete with many submissive men for the attention of a dominant woman. Then what could you do?

You could take a more practical approach. Instead of seeking for a leather clad and experienced dominant woman, let me recommend that you seek out an                            aggressive and out-going woman right where you live. She doesn't have to know anything about D&S or B&D. Look around for a nice, fun loving, and out-going                female. Ask her out and first build a relationship with her. Let her make the decisions about where you will go and what you will do on your dates. If she has an                    aggressive personality, she shouldn't have a problem with taking charge of the relationship from the get go. The most important thing is for you to just be yourself and allow her to be herself.

Once you build a friendship and a relationship with her, then you can draw out
more of her dominant nature with your submissive nature. If she is out-going
and aggressive, this should be rather easy for you to do. Read the  How to Introduce Your Wife or Girlfriend to the Female Domination Lifestyle page. This will advise you on how to seduce your new girlfriend's dominant nature with your submissive nature. The key is patience. Choose to date an out-going woman, treat her like a Queen, and don't rush things. Slowly introduce her to the Female Domination Lifestyle and allow her to grow at her pace. If you'll do this, then you will be involved in the female domination relationship that you've always dreamed about.

NOTE - If you would like to talk to a dominant woman about your submissive desires and have her explore your desires with you in a safe environment, then contact my associate for a telephone consultation and psychoanalysis.

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