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PREDOMINANT: Hi Diane. We are thrilled to be able to interview you. Unlike the other women who have thus far been interviewed by Predominant, neither Elise nor any of her associates knew about you until about two months ago.

DIANE: That’s right. She printed an article about our group in her Female Supremacy Articles section and I was contacted by a couple of women who wanted more information about our CFNM events. I wrote Elise to thank her for posting the article, we communicated back and forth and she thought her readers might be interested in hearing first hand about our CFNM parties. So I agreed to be interviewed.

PREDOMINNAT: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

DIANE: I am 35 and single.  I grew up in the Midwest, and moved to Southern California ten years ago to pursue a position in healthcare.  I hold a bachelor’s degree from a major university, and grew up in a very conservative protestant family with my father employed in law-enforcement and my mother a school teacher.  My family and business associates are unaware of my enjoyment of female domination.  I am an avid feminist and believe female domination and CFNM events are complimentary to the philosophy of feminism.

I am presently in a relationship with a man that was introduced into CFNM by me, and he took to it eagerly.  Prior to him, I had another boyfriend with whom I attended the first CFNM parties.

PREDOMINANT: Who came up with the concept of CFNM?

DIANE: The “concept” of an erotic situation created by clothed female/naked male activities goes back to ancient Greece, maybe even before.  All males that competed in ancient Olympic Games had to be completely nude whereas the female athletes were not.  Young unmarried women were invited and encouraged to attend these games in anticipation that viewing the naked men competing would get them sexually aroused and thus prompting them to pursue marriage.  However, married women were denied entrance to the games due to the jealousy of the ruling males in that their wives could become sexually aroused as well.  This illustrates one of the problems feminists have with the traditional male role model. During the ancient Roman period, male gladiators would often fight naked in front of female nobility.

CFNM as a defined erotic genre began with the Internet with a site called “Visual Sensations for Women” where it was first described and defined.  The originator, a man by the name of Brad, hosted the first CFNM parties.  Since then, CFNM has become a world-wide phenomenon with mainstream commercial pursuits in most major countries.  If one does an Internet search for “CFNM”, the number of hits now rival that of any other sexual fetish.

One should also know that CFNM parties like the one we have discussed are also a national phenomenon as I am now seeing websites and advertisements for them all over the Internet.  One only needs a venue to host one.  They can be held at clubs, at a rural setting at say, a ranch, at someone’s house, a large boat, on a public beach where nudity is accepted, or at an adult swing club during off hours.

The nature of these parties and who attends also vary considerably. They can be larger or as small as just a hand full of friends that want to try something different. Technically, only one female is needed to start your first party.  

PREDOMINANT: What can you tell us about how you and others view CFNM?

DIANE: CFNM has grown so large that it has attracted many sub-sets of followers that enjoy it for different reasons.  And these individuals do not always agree as to what is erotic about CFNM.   One article recently written by female authors Em & Lo of Nerve.Com, explores CFNM with enthusiasm, although their observations did note that there is a large Internet following of it by males exchanging pornography. 

Many men fantasize about being a male stripper on stage while desirous young women scream and fight to grope their naked bodies.  To them, it is an ego thing, and not specifically tied to female supremacy or domination.  But I believe those fantasies are more about sexual desire and minimize the importance for the “clothed female” aspect of CFNM. 

For some, CFNM is about male exhibitionism, often similar to that of the park bench flasher.  But the preponderance of those that follow CFNM refute this and believe this latter form of perversion is not, and should not, be tied to CFNM as the woman is not in control, but rather is a victim of an unplanned and unwanted encounter with nude men.

For most others, including myself, the fact that CFNM involves an inequity and, if you will, an “unfairness” in that the men must be nude while the women are not.  And this setting is because of the women wanting it so.  This is the defining characteristic that makes CFNM different and unique.  The male’s nudity places him in a position of being objectified and exploited by women subject to their whims and desires.   It carries with it control and empowerment of women. It is a reversal of the traditional exploitation of nudity, and thus fits well with feminist views.

When outside the context of sex in the bedroom, mandated nudity often places one in a vulnerable and exposed state.  This is why prisoners are often stripped naked - to humiliate them and break their will. The original concept of “naked” as first described in Genesis of Adam and Eve occurred right after their transgression, and was used to show vulnerability.  In any confrontation, vulnerability defines a position of inferiority against superiority.   Hence, the mandated CFNM rules of our parties establish a priori, female power, control and superiority.

PREDOMINANT: How did your group get started?

DIANE: The genesis of this group began with a man by the name of Brad, who created the Visual Sensations for Women site, posting the concept in online advertisements.  No CFNM parties had ever been organized before, anywhere.  Upon reading the advertisement, I loved the concept and immediately contacted Brad. I had many discussions with him, first through emails, then over the phone and finally in person.  Brad indoctrinated me into the world of CFNM and parties, and he eventually asked me to work with him in setting up the rules and atmosphere for this and future events.  He appropriately bestowed authority and governance for these parties to the women involved.  A website was created where females that would be attending could voice their opinions and thoughts as to what they would like insofar as rules and circumstances surround these contemplated CFNM parties.  Women then voted on the rules and policies, but in proper fashion consistent with CFNM, men were excluded from the voting and had no say in the rules or structure of the parties.  Despite some men being disgruntled in not having a voice in how the parties run, we have always maintained the female governance of the events.  Females orchestrating CFNM events assure the events are first and foremost done in a manner that women enjoy, and, more women come when they know the parties are thrown by women.

Our first event was held at a large clothing optional beach near San Diego.  We chose a stretch of beach that was not too populated and took over.  About 50 people came, with the slight majority being women, mostly single.

PREDOMINANT: Women are becoming more liberated sexually and are expressing dominance with that liberation. Women are breaking down traditional stereotypes and invading male traditions and institutions, thus creating a societal role reversal. What’s interesting is how the male gender chooses to react to that societal role reversal. Do you think the growing phenomenon of CFNM is more of a reflection of the male desire to submit to women or is it driven by the female desire to dominate men?

DIANE: I believe that it is like a pair of scissors – without both blades it cannot cut.  CFNM is best when acceptance by men of their subordinated role to the female is met by the fulfillment of the female desire to take control and put men into these subordinated roles.  It redefines the equilibrium of relationship between the sexes.

PREDOMINANT: A number of submissive men have expressed to me (and other dominant women) about their fantasy of being a naked male in a room full of clothed women, who are teasing him, fondling him and making sexual remarks about his anatomy. I feel CFNM is another expression of the male submissive nature. It is interesting that the naked male does not want to be naked in a room full of naked women, but rather in a room full of clothed women. By being clothed, the women are representing dominance and authority. The women are in charge and the male is there to arouse and entertain the women. Do you think the men who attend your CFNM events are seeking some sort of submissive fulfillment? What are your thoughts on this?

DIANE: There is no question that the majority of men enjoy CFNM for the exact reasons articulated in your question.  Polls show that about 80% of both men and women that enjoy female domination also understand and enjoy the concept of CFNM in one flavor or another.

PREDOMINANT: Besides the obvious sexual overtones, do you think the women who attend CFNM events are attracted to being in a powerful position over men, who are obviously in a vulnerable position to the women?

DIANE: Definitely.  I would say that all women enjoy this aspect of CFNM.  Traditionally, male nudity is often presented to women in an imposing manner with the male expectation of sex. CFNM events redefines these encounters to where the woman is neither expected to reveal herself or have sex although she can enjoy in the delights of being in the presence of nude men.  Even outside of the context of female domination, women enjoy the protection and control created in their elevated standing over the men at these parties. I believe even though not stated, all women understand the female superiority component of CFNM parties, and like them for that reason.

However, women coming are also often driven by their libidos as well.  Some women enjoy the voyeuristic and playful opportunities of being surrounded by naked men while maintaining the comfort and security of staying clothed. Others view it like going to a Chippendales with the added ability of touching and groping. Some of these women come on a mission to leave with one of the good looking men that come to our events.

Of course, some of the women have almost an adolescent vendetta against the boys, as if to say “Na-na-ha-ha, we can see you but you can’t see us!”  Although all the women love this “unfairness”, it is one of the most aggravating aspects of CFNM for men opposed to it.  Our response to such men is not to defend nor deny this, but instead to confirm exactly what they don’t like, that it DOES put men at an extraordinarily unfair disadvantage, and we women embrace and celebrate it with enjoyment.  And the fact that it angers some men so adds to the enticing aspects of CFNM.  So to these men we say, “too bad, get used to it!” – they are on the losing side and cannot stop the growth of CFNM.

This old girl versus boy vendetta goes back to childhood, which is why we have gotten requests to attend by some fairly young girls.   We have girls fresh out of high school contact us and want to come for this very reason, and they typically want to come in a group of girls.  Brad contacted me once as to whether this was appropriate, and I responded that provided they prove they are 18, not only was it appropriate, we should encourage them to come! He agreed and I am pleased to say they did indeed come and participated in the games, teasing and had a wonderful time.  I believe it demonstrated to these young women the wonderful world of female supremacy, and I know they enjoyed the power and control afforded them over the many naked men attending, most of whom were many years older.

When done exclusively for the pleasure of women in a role reversal way, CFNM parties fit well with the feminist philosophy.  We have advertised CFNM parties amongst feminist groups and many feminists come, or at the very least, applaud the theme and style of our CFNM parties. 

PREDOMINANT: Describe in detail what goes on at one of your parties? If a woman were to attend one of your CFNM parties, what would she experience? 

DIANE: Although female superiority is inherent in how our parties are organized, they are not promoted as such.  Our parties are promoted in a way to cast a wide a net for as many people in mainstream as possible to come and enjoy CFNM with us.

I personally prefer these parties during the day or afternoons.  If the sun is out, a backyard barbeque or a day at the beach are options.  And this way, it preserves the evening for more private encounters that result from the parties.  Also, some venues typically used for evening events are more available during the day for hosting these parties.

Our parties require the men to adhere to a stringent set of rules and control, all established by the women for the protection and enjoyment of women.  This in turn opens up the universe of women that will come considerably over other types of parties with a “risqué” twist.  The men cannot approach the women in a sexual way, they cannot touch the women without an invitation to do so, and must be respectful, polite and offer naked servitude at all times – women are promised this prior to their making a decision to come, and we enforce these rules rigorously.  This is all done in the context of a party that is not too dissimilar to a “meet and greet” social cocktail party.   The men tell the ladies about themselves, and visa versa.  Conversations typically do not begin with sexual issues, nor are any domination activities taking place.  At first, most people are a bit nervous and have to acclimate to the event.

Normally, fetish and swinger parties begin first with gatherings for getting to know each other such as munches or dinners.  We have not done this, so the parties begin with all being clothed.  People spend the first hour or so getting to know each other.  They talk about work, hobbies and common interests no different than any other social gathering with the exception of the male nudity.  Alcohol is allowed at our events and people begin to loosen up. 

This builds excitement and anticipation as the moment of stripping draws near.  While chatting with the men, the women wonder about what he looks like naked.  Is he hung well?  Does he have a robust pair of balls?  And of course it is all soon revealed to them.  After a while, a “Full Monty” striptease dance is organized by the hostesses.  Music is played and the men must strip while the women watch, laugh and applaud.  The last song finds the men standing there only in their underwear or jock straps.  They then finish this last dance by removing those as well leaving them completely nude.  Once they are nude, the clothes are gathered by the women and put away. 

From that point forward, all men must remain totally stark naked at all times for the remainder of the party.  However, the rules establish that women remain clothed and even going topless is inconsistent with the rules.  Our parties begin and end with there never being any female nudity whatsoever, and all men coming know in advance they will never see any female nudity at any time at the party. There are a number of reasons for this.  First, if no woman strips, there is no pressure for other women to do so.  Second, women do not need to worry about their husbands becoming desirous of other nude women present – although wives and girlfriends can admire, play and touch other nude men, the men are denied the reverse, and because the women prefer it this way, it is a permanent rule.  Third, precluding open sex makes for a more agreeable environment for the average woman. Most women that would readily go to a bachelorette party but not a swinger or sex party would probably come to one of our CFNM parties.  And forth and most important, it preserves the stark contrast of clothed women versus naked men, which we celebrate and enjoy. This allure created by an unfair disadvantage to the men is not hidden, but instead openly celebrated as part of the CFNM experience, and all women that come like this allure.

These rules, and, the process of the party were created by women, and our voting polls showed that women want it this way unanimously, so they have been permanently adopted and will not change. Of course, many men do not like these rules, but that is irrelevant, it is the female enjoyment that is the focus of these parties and there are enough men to recognize this and appreciate it.  It is those men that are invited.

The contests and activities vary from party to party.  A mild CFNM party may include best kisser, best chest, tightest buns, etc.  A wild CFNM party may include biggest erection or most horny guy, a “minute man” contest, etc.  At one event the women had all the men line up in a row naked and were instructed to lift their penises.  This presented their balls on prominent display for the women to judge, with a “best balls” award bestowed.  It was hilarious to watch and the women enjoyed it so much that having the men present their balls to the women to judge is now a standard activity at all parties. 

Although there has been much talk of having the men conduct a masturbation contest, I’ve never seen or heard of it happening at any CFNM parties (yet).  As it pertains to men openly masturbating, given a lot of the women are the “next door girl” types and unseasoned, our polls showed that a few of these women were against such activities when openly promoted, although some discrete self pleasuring seemed to be acceptable.  However, over 75% of the other women polled felt that men openly masturbating for the viewing pleasure of the women would be acceptable and should be an integral part of CFNM parties. The more vocal of the women wanted men to have jack off competitions, or alternatively, have the men stand one-by-one in front of the female audience and masturbate until they came.  Some said they had never seen a man masturbate in person, and wanted the experience, and, to contrast the techniques men use.  But this disparity in opinion resulted in our not pursuing it on any level and just letting the party evolve and see what happens.  Of course, any man that has been so mercilessly teased by the women that he feels he needs to release his sexual tension through masturbation is encouraged to do so, provided he does it openly for those women who want to watch (as opposed to sneaking off somewhere).
Some women are a little more aggressive such as one that brought a “special” suntan lotion for sensitive skin at our beach CFNM party.  She would offer to rub the lotion on the cocks and balls of the men, and all men accepted, of course!  One activity involved measuring the erections of the men in comparison to the size of their feet and hands.  Several women brought tape measurers for this and there was no shortage of women volunteering for the duty.

The parties conclude with everyone leaving at a given time, exchanging hugs and phone numbers.  To date, we have never had anyone complain with disappointment – everyone seems to have a great time.

PREDOMINANT: If a man were to attend, what would he experience?

DIANE: Many men are not experienced submissives, and are shy.  They are often reluctant to get nude.   This is why female participation in the oversight of these parties is crucial.   The only way to get some men to strip naked and participate in the games is when the females are very forceful about their participation.  And it is important and only fair that the men comply with the rules to strip naked; after all, he was forewarned about expectations of him for the party, and it is unfair to the men that do participate for him not to.  Because of this, the women can get downright angry when a man is noncompliant with the rules, as they should be.

Towards the end of the party, women are teasing the men, grabbing their butts, fondling their balls and some light stroking.  Although stroking a man’s cock a few times is fun, we do not like to see handjobs as this makes it too much in the way of sexual contact.  However, a man is free to self pleasure himself at anytime.  Although you would think these horny men with blue balls would be masturbating constantly, masturbation to most men is a private thing and they are reluctant about doing it openly at a party in front of many people.  This reluctance, however, can be something fun for the ladies to challenge.

PREDOMINANT: I realize that no sex occurs at the sanctioned party but what if a consenting woman was to invite a consenting man to her room? I am sure they could do whatever they wanted in the privacy of their room during a party. Am I right?

DIANE: Yes.  In fact, the men coming to our parties are often surprised at how “lucky” they get when they obey the women with respect, appreciation and naked servitude!  In a way, it is a lesson taught to men at these parties.  If they accept and assume this subservient role with women in life, their relationship with women improves considerably.  And if a man does not get lucky, his opportunity to be naked in the presence of women while serving and pleasing them should be enough reward in and of itself for him.  If it is not, he is not invited back.  However, all men have commented after these parties that indeed, it was reward enough, and they thoroughly enjoyed this submissive role they were allowed to fill.

But although there may be private areas for people to go to, some parties, such as those at the beach or at ranch, may not have private areas.  The sexual encounters then occur subsequent to the party.

PREDOMINANT: Do many “couples” attend your CFNM parties?

DIANE: Of course.  I attend all parties as a couple.  There is no standard reason why couples come. The woman may want to show off her naked significant other to other women without the threat of a sexual situation occurring between him and the other women.  Or there could be a cuckolding scenario and the party provides the woman an opportunity to see, touch, grope and tease other naked men in front of her significant other.  Or voyeuristic women convince their guy to do it just so they can have fun at a party while seeing a lot of naked men’s butts and dicks. Or the reverse where the guy wants to expose himself to many women, and the wife is happy to tag along for the fun.  And of course, there are the many couples that enjoy female domination as a lifestyle, and the theme of these parties serves well as an incubator for such activities 

But the majority of those that come are single women, then followed by single men.  The parties are organized so that women outnumber men, so suffice it to say, there is always a long waiting list for single men to attend.  For the men reading this, you have significant competition and simply volunteering for any CFNM party without photos and other detailed information usually will result in you not being invited. Men that whine about the setup, and set conditions on attending are also excluded.  There are so many men that will come unconditionally and will fully accept and obey all rules and requirements that the quota of men is always filled.

PREDOMINANT: Being that this is an e-zine dedicated to female domination, I want to focus on some potential FemDom imagery and mind games. At any of your events or parties, have you ever seen a married woman touching, fondling and playing with a naked well-hung stud while her husband was required to watch?

DIANE: Absolutely.  Some women put a prohibition on their man that he is not to mingle with the other women while conversely she flirts, teases and fondles with the many naked men.  I am one of those women. 

PREDOMINANT: Have you ever heard of cuckolding occurring at one of your events (in the privacy of their room of course)? To be specific, have you ever heard of a married woman having sex with one of the men she met there while her husband was present at the event? If nothing happened at the event, did you ever hear of a married woman making a date with one of the single men while her husband was there to be humiliated by the procedure?

DIANE: CFNM parties lend themselves to possible cuckold situations. One situation I once saw was a young strapping fellow sitting naked next to the wife of a man while she held his balls and presented the package to her husband saying “Isn’t this gorgeous? Don’t you wish you had such a nice cock and balls?” 

When she did this, I saw both men become erect immediately, which is what I’m sure she was after – and good for her!  They all three left the party together.  In an email she told me that the young guy had sex with her at their hotel room while she instructed her husband to sit in a chair and watch.

PREDOMINANT: Prick teasing is a popular event at your parties. Describe that?

DIANE: Prick teasing is a major mind game played on the men by the women.  Men normally have the concealment of their clothes to protect their dignity when they sport an uncontrolled erection.  However, when they are nude, the men cannot hide their penises from the watchful eyes of the women.  Because of this, the women go out of their way to attempt inducing a strong dose of horniness in the guys to allow the ladies to watch those penises grow erect, and they are always successful!  Because sex is not allowed, this results in a lot of blue balls for the men, particularly the single men that may not have a female that can facilitate his needs after the party.  Prick teasing naked men to a high state of sexual frustration is a wonderfully delightful aspect of our parties, and all women really enjoy it (although not all the men do). 

A particular fun thing to witness is when the man is so teased his erection begins to drip.  It is something he cannot control or hide and is forced to display this very embarrassing predicament for all females present. Having put a man in such a humiliating state of sexual frustration is a crowning achievement for the women, and women will usually point out his predicament such that all the women present have an opportunity to take notice of it.  He is then relegated to stand there naked with his hard erect and dripping penis pointing at the women as they look and point at it while laughing.  Remember, our parties have a plethora of women that these men have never seen nor do they know, yet they find themselves in front of these women naked and exposed, not only physically, but psychologically as well.  It is male humiliation at its finest and makes for great moments at these parties.  But women too become sexually aroused, and thus it is not uncommon to see a couple pair off and leave before the party is over. But that’s not the intent of the parties.

One female commented to others at a party that she enjoyed prick teasing the men, because when erect, all the women there can see the men’s entire balls hanging prominently under his vertical member, and all can see just how blue they are. This comment brought laughter and agreement by the women.

PREDOMINANT: Have you ever seen a clothed woman spank a naked man at one of your parties, even if it was just a few bare hand smacks on his tush?

DIANE: Yes, playful butt slapping is common.  But I have never seen it migrate to anything of a true S&M encounter.  Our parties are designed to be low key (at least at the beginning), friendly and inviting such that the universe of those interested in coming is vastly expanded to include those into more standard and traditional sexual pursuits. 

There are female dominants that do come, and are dressed to establish their interest in the fetish.  But their pursuits with any of the males occur privately after the party.  These parties serve as a great environment for potential sub/domme matching.

However, I do believe there is a trend in the BDSM community of CFNM parties that include all types of variations of S&M, including caning, whipping and ballbusting.  I have never attended one of these.

PREDOMINANT: Have you ever seen a woman squeeze a man's balls in a forceful way (as if to show him who is the boss)?

DIANE: Yes!  Mostly it is just a playful “Gotcha!” that makes the man jump and brings laughter.  Our rules, again, created by women, allow such grabbing openly and without worries as to whether the man has to invite such touching.  Men coming know the women have pre-authorized consent to grab them in such a way, and fully at the discretion of the women.

However, one incident in particular comes to mind in that it was more than just playful fun.  It happened after all the men were stripped nude, and one guy was really making the rounds and a bit too aggressively.  For him, it was clear he saw his nudity as something irresistible for the women.  But while standing there a woman he was talking to (or at) reached down and grabbed his balls, obviously quite hard.  He yelped and fell backwards against the wall with his pelvis thrust forward while she held her grip on his balls – he definitely was in pain, which was her clear goal.  I heard her say “Oh really??”  Then I heard a female voice laugh out loud, “Hahaha - she sure has him by the balls!”  This drew the attention of every woman there to her hand firmly gripping his balls.  At that moment I looked at the faces of the women there, worried that many may be less into such aggressive displays domination, so I was interested in their response. 

Much to my delight, every single woman was outright laughing as they watched this woman forcefully squeeze the balls of this naked man making him wince and squirm in pain.  In a single lightening quick grab, she had proved her physical superiority over him using the part of a man that most defines his manhood.  She stood him down and emasculated him through establishing her female superiority, all while turning him from a prideful strutting peacock to an embarrassed and humiliated fool.  Her instantaneous transformation of him was not lost by a single woman there. I relished in hearing the sweet cacophony of female laughter fill the room as I watched him dance and squirm as she squeezed those balls. Upon his sincere apology and begging forgiveness, she released them.

I and a couple of other women clapped in delight not only to show our appreciation and approval of her act, but also, as a hostess, I wanted to impart a message to these women that if any man gets out of line, their naked, exposed balls are fair game – and a quick grab and squeeze gives her ownership of his balls, and therefore, ownership of him as long as she maintains a hard grip. It was wonderful to watch and set a new bar for our ladies.
PREDOMINANT: Do women get caught up in their powerful position at these parties and humiliate the men?

DIANE: In general, I would not say they get “caught up” in it.  Their position is established, but how they respond to it varies with each woman.  Bear in mind this is not a female domination event, per se, even though a lot of dominant women come.  There is some humiliation, but most of the time it is more of a social mixer combined with flirtation and teasing. 

PREDOMINANT: Describe some of the ways you’ve witnessed women humiliating the men?

DIANE: I saw one woman getting upset at a man because he was reluctant to strip, then, someone from behind de-pantsed him pulling his shorts down to his knees as women looked on and laughed.  Also, the incident previously described of the woman grabbing the guy’s balls hard while other women there laughed was also a huge humiliation for him.

But one episode worth mentioning is when one woman was upset when she thought she had been promised an opportunity to see one of the men masturbate, but he did not want to.  She and her girlfriend put an incredible amount of pressure on him literally demanding that he perform.  Their voice echoed domination and was an order to him.  This drew attention from the other women there.  Eventually he obeyed and sat on the ground with them on either side, while one of the women briefly fondled him making his cock hard.  She then said “no hand job, we want to see you jack yourself off…now”.  Other women were now watching.   He began to jack off in front of all watching.  At one point in time, one of the women ordered him to stop, reached down and touched the tip of his penis right on the hole where the gooey clear precum was beginning to come out. She then withdrew her finger tip as a strand of sticky clear precum stretched to see how far she could stretch it.  They took turns doing this competing to stretch it the farthest, then one said “OK, continue jacking off now”, and he complied dutifully.  He finally came as we all watched, which was met with laughter and shouts as he did.  

For most people, men and women alike, masturbation is a private thing that is rarely shared with anyone.  It was obvious he did not want to do this in front them, let alone all the women at the party.  But their forceful control over him resulted in him doing it in front of everyone.  He turned red as they laughed and shouted, no doubt significantly humiliated by the experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole thing thinking how great it was, and how we might be able to turn this into some type of CFNM game for future parties.

PREDOMINANT: Wow, that does sound like fun. Have you ever witnessed a woman humiliating a man about having too small of a penis? Some men like to be humiliated in this manner as it stirs their submissive nature.

DIANE: Not yet.  The CFNM parties I’ve attended never transcended to a level of humiliation of that nature.  Certainly CFNM parties in a more traditional female domination context could readily introduce penis humiliation. 

But remember, CFNM parties are still somewhat new.  Cock judging contests are certainly prevalent at CFNM parties, and I could easily see a scenario where not only the largest cock/balls are recognized, but also the most under-endowed man could be presented with a penalty prized of sorts.  Perhaps it could be the same award given the well endowed man, only a miniature version of that award. Recognition of “Mr. Inadequate’s” short comings in front of a group of women as they all looked on and laughed, at his expense, would certainly be a humiliating experience for him.  This might fit in well with the party, depending upon the context.

PREDOMINANT: What do you personally enjoy the most about CFNM?  What does it do for you as a woman, sexually, emotionally, socially, etc?

DIANE: CFNM for me is a platform, sort of a launch pad for other things.  It is a type of foreplay that can lead to other activities.  As a woman, CFNM establishes at the beginning a hierarchy of control and superiority. 

PREDOMINANT: What kind of a societal statement do you think CFNM makes?

DIANE: For me, in the most appropriate application of CFNM, it is stripping the male of his pride and dignity through stripping him of his clothes.

CFNM is finding itself in all areas of society.  Feminists such as me can rejoice in stronger rights for women through CFNM.  Women can now enter the locker rooms of men and interview naked athletes.   Women prison guards are now granted surveillance jobs of shower facilities and strip searches of naked male inmates. These are all societal trends toward female dominance and female authority.

PREDOMINANT: How does CFNM play a part in your relationship?

DIANE: I am an alpha female in many ways, both at work and in my relationships.  I have a particular fetish in that I like to strut my man naked in front of other women, like a trophy I own.  

I have had him clean the house naked, and unbeknownst to him, have had female friends show up while he is say, vacuuming.  I plan it such that it is unavoidable for her to see everything, and after his mutual surprise, he understands what I have done and he will linger long enough in front of her to observe his manhood in detail.  It is a cute innocent game that all involved enjoy.

Lastly, I think all BDSM activities involving female domination are best enjoyed in a purely CFNM context.

PREDOMINANT: You have described a number of “FemDom” experiences that occur at your parties. Are there any others you have witnessed that come to mind?

DIANE: Aside from the experiences I've described here, I saw one woman dragging her man around by pulling him by his erection, calling him a “pull toy”.  She then had another woman pull him around for a few moments.

PREDOMINANT: Finally, as society is evolving toward female dominance, women are gaining more power with each new generation. From what you have witnessed and experienced with CFNM , do you think the growing male desire to be sexually dominated by a woman via CFNM corresponds with the ever growing societal empowerment of women?

DIANE: I absolutely think CFNM is here to stay and will grow in different directions.  With female control being the common denominator, CFNM will find itself into the workplace as previously mentioned.

FemDom has also been moving towards more CFNM encounters.  If one looks at the websites of professional dommes, they say a growing propensity for her to establish up front that she never gets nude; however, all male subjects are required to be nude while in her presence.  And the more hardcore areas of BDSM that involve female domination, such as heavy bondage, caning, cock and ball torture and ballbusting seem to be gravitating to more CFNM encounters.

As discussed before, the workplace is becoming more accepting of CFNM such as female sports reporters in male locker rooms, female prison guards, and the like.  In addition, I read an account the other day written by a sorority girl as to how the girls are being invited to view and observe initiations of the young male fraternity pledges, which usually involves male nudity.

But in closing, I would like to say that CFNM is growing and CFNM parties are beginning to occur all over.  I think we all agree that regardless of their direction, it’s all good!

PREDOMINANT: Thank you, Diane, for sharing your experiences with us. I am sure you have enlighted many who are interested in (or just curious about) CFNM. Best wishes and please keep us informed of up coming events.

Note - For those interested in attending a CFNM party, Diane and her friends can be contacted at: