Ladies, if you want to get started in the Female Domination lifestyle but do not know where to begin, perhaps this exercise can assist you. When I met a new client/patient, I first took on the role of Dominatrix to arouse his submissive nature and to break him of his inhibitions in order to get him to open up to me. I would recommend that you prepare for your mental examination by first getting your husband or submissive male in a state of total submission.

Dress in your most sexy, yet dominant outfit. Have him get totally naked before you. Then dominate him to get him into a submissive frame of mind. If you do not yet know which triggers will stimulate his submission, then perhaps you could start with an erotic spanking. If he responds to verbal humiliation, than by all means verbally humiliate him as you administer the spanking. You could humiliate him about being a lowly male or humiliate him for having too small of a penis. Don’t be afraid to be tough, play the bitch.

Then once you have him to that magical place of submission, change your demeanor. Become soft, hold him, kiss him, and love him. Find a comfortable bed or couch and have him lay with his head on your lap as you begin to softly question him about his past. When he gets into some real deep, personal areas, I would recommend that you use your sexuality. Allow him to suck your breasts and allow him to touch you in your most intimate areas. Allow his most deep desires to submit to women as a gender, and more importantly his desire to submit to you, to overwhelm him.

Keep encouraging him to open up more. You will come to understand him more than you ever thought was possible. One final word of warning. If anything ever comes out that you don't think that you can handle (such as discovering that he was abused as a child or something similar), encourage him to see a professional psychologist.

Below are the questions that I use to dive into the submissive male's psyche. It is important that you ask them in the exact order that they are numbered. Do not add or subtract from them. If you are the wife, when a question asks him about his wife, do not change it. Ask it as is. You are not only the wife, but you represent women as a gender to him. If he says anything that you don't like, do not scold him about it. Be accepting. You can deal with things that you do not like at a latter time. Also, do not rush through the questions. Take your time and probe him as much as possible.



The Psychoanalysis of the submissive male:

1. Do you remember the first time that you ever had a sexual orgasm?
(As you ask this question, lightly stroke his penis)

1a) Please explain this experience in detail.

2. How old were you when you first realized that you wanted to be sexually dominated by a woman?
(Give his balls a firm squeeze)

2a) Explain where you were and what triggered these feelings?

2b) Why do you think that you had these feelings?

2c) Would you say that the desire to be sexually dominated by a woman has grown stronger or weaker as you have grown older?

3. What kind of relationship did you have with your Mother when you were a child?
(Stroke his face and hair)

3a) Was she the one who would discipline you when you misbehaved?

3b) Can you recall any intense experiences that you had with her when she was disciplining you? Like was she ever extra forceful or physical with you?

3c) How is your relationship with your Mother today?

3d) How do you feel about your Mother?

4. Do you have an older sister (or older sisters)?
(Continue with face and hair stroking)

4a) What kind of a relationship did you have with her (or with them) when you were growing up?

4b) Can you recall any experiences with her (them) that you would classify as female domination?

5. Can you recall having submissive feelings toward any other women when you were growing up?

5a) Grandmother?

5b) Aunt?

5c) Teacher?

5d) Babysitter?

5e) Other female authority figures?

6. How about dreams? Can you recall having any dreams about being dominated by a woman?
(Play with his nipples)

6a) Tell me about these dreams in detail, as best as you can remember them.

6b) How old were you when you had these dreams?

6c) Did you ever have any re-occuring ones?

6d) Do you still have dreams about female domination today?

7. How about dating? Did you date a lot before you got married? (or before your current relationship?)
(Caress his chest and stomach)

7a) What type of a girl were you attracted to? Aggressive? Shy? Any certain hair color or physical build? Nice girls or ones with a bit of a reputation?

7b) Were you sexually active as a teen or young adult?

8. Describe in detail the first time that you had sex with a girl? How old were you? Was it a pleasant experience?
(Continue to caress his body)

8a) Would you say that you were the aggressor or was she?

8b) What type of sex did you engage in? You performing oral sex on her? Her performing oral sex on you? Both? Intercourse with you on top? Intercourse with her on top? All of the above?

8c) How many women did you sleep with before your current relationship? Many, Average, or Few?

8d) Why do you think that you slept with that many (or few) women?

9. How about fetishes? Do you have any?
(Place an article of leather clothing next to his lips and nose and allow him to smell and lick the material as you ask these questions)

9a) Does seeing a woman wearing leather turn you on? Why do you think that is?

9b) How about boots? Do you get excited seeing a woman wearing leather boots? Why do you think that is?

9c) (If he answers yes to 9a or 9b). Can you recall the first time you got excited seeing a woman wear leather? Did it make her seem more powerful to you? Did you feel weak seeing her wear leather?

9d) Do you like my leather? Would you like to see me wear more of it?

9e) Do you have a fetish to rubber, PVC, Lace, or any other material?
(If yes, repeat 9a through 9d only replace leather with the material that he has a fetish for)

10. Have you read much on the subject of Female Domination? What books or magazines did you read?

10a) Describe a story or two that you remember reading that really excited you?
(As he describes any stories or articles, give his balls an occasional squeeze, his penis an occasional slap, and his nipples a pinch to re-enforce the woman's dominance.)

10b) Why do you think these stories excited you so?

11. Did you watch many Female Domination videos or main stream movies that had female domination themes or scenes in them?

11a) Describe a couple of scenes that you vividly remember that got you sexually excited.
(Do the same as in 10a)

11b) Why do you think that these scenes excited you so?

12. What was it specifically about your wife (or current girlfriend) that attracted you to her?
(Softly kiss him on his face and neck)

12a) Do you consider her to be dominant?

12b) Who was more of the aggressor when you started dating? You or Her?

12c) Is it possible that it was her potential to dominate you that attracted you to her?

13. Describe your relationship with her today?
(Continue to kiss him)

13a) Who would you say is in charge of your relationship? You, her, or neither?

13b) Have you ever confessed to her about your desires to be dominated by a woman?

13c) How do you think that she would respond?

13d) If she was willing, would you allow her to rule over you and would you be willing to surrender yourself to her?

13e) What parts of yourself would you be willing to surrender over to her? Your sex life? Your personal life? Your finances? Your free time? Every area of yourself?

13f) What area of yourself are you least likely to surrender over to her?

13g) What if she demanded that part of yourself? Would you give in? Is it possible that you would surrender that area over to her?

14. Do you believe in God?

14a) If so, do you think that God is male or female?

14b) Why do you believe the way that you do?

15.What are your feelings about Female Supremacy?
(Squeeze his penis and balls very firmly)

15a) Do you consider females to be superior to men, men to be superior to females, or do you think that both are equal?

15b) Why? What traits make one sex superior to the other, or why are they equal?

15c) Would you like to be ruled by women?

15d) Would you like to be ruled by your wife (current girlfriend)?

16. Knowing both the male makeup and the female makeup, I can tell you that the only way for a female to totally dominate a man is through tough and even extreme measures. Would you be willing to endure these tough and extreme measures?
(If he answers yes to any of the following questions, give his balls a firm squeeze and say "It will give me great pleasure to make you endure this for me".)

16a) Would you endure corporal punishment, including spankings, whippings, and other tough measures? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16b) Would you endure being humiliated by the female, including being belittled, degraded, and verbally abused? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16c) Would you endure being denied sexual orgasms for long periods of time, while being made to give the female as many orgasms as she demands? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16d) Would you endure having your genitals punished and dominated (CBT)? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16e) Would you endure having the woman turn the tables on you and having her use a strap-on dildo to put you in your proper place? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16f) Would you endure the humiliating act of having a woman urinate on you? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16g) Would you endure being forced to watch your woman take another lover in your presence? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16h) Would you endure having her dominate you in front of other women? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

16i) Finally, would you endure being her total slave, having to do all chores that she assigns to you? Do you desire this and if so, Why?

17. Do you trust me with this kind of power over you?

17a) Then tell me your most hidden secrets. Confess to me something that you have never confessed to anyone. Something that you have hidden deep inside of you. You can trust me. Surrender all of your hidden secrets to me. Confess all to me.

***This is where he might confess anything. It might be earth shattering or it might be something that sounds insignificant. However, it will not be insignificant to him. If it is earth shattering, it is important that you respond with understanding and love. Again, if it's something that angers you, you can punish him later. This is where he is most likely to break down. If he does, this is a positive sign. He is losing control of his will over to you. He is surrendering. Either way, it is important that you seize the moment.

Comfort him. Then once you are done comforting him, get him aroused by touching his penis and kissing him. Then mount him and allow him to enter you. Hold still and let him feel the warmth and the pleasure of you. Tell him that you love him. Then before the pleasure gets too good for him, withdraw him from you. Give his penis and balls a firm squeeze, look him in the eyes, and say to him something like the following:

"My Dear, I know that you have searched your entire life to find your rightful place, which is to be in complete submission to a woman. Well, your search is over. I am here and I am here to stay. I want you to surrender all to me. Your mind, your body, your finances, your male ego, your all. I expect you to be my total slave. You will have to endure much for me and I will always be expanding your limits. However, you can just let go and submit to my female power.

I want you to realize that women are superior to men, and that it's OK. It's your rightful place to be in submission to me. Don't fight it, just give in and surrender. You have looked and searched your entire life, but now I am here and your search is over. Just surrender and do all that I command. Do you understand?"

After he agrees, which I am sure that he will, explain to him that you are taking total control of his genitals and that his orgasms will be few and rare. Tell him that women are the ones who are to receive pleasure and men are here to give them pleasure. Then order him to humble himself and to take his proper place between your legs and order him to orally please you, and for as long as you would like.


Procedure Number 1

The Psychoanalysis of the submissive male