Elise Sutton's Favorite Links
Akasha's Web - FemDom Erotica Stories

Camille Paglia - My favorite columinst. Always thought-provoking.

ClubFEM (Females Enslaving Males) - Houston based FemDom group with other chapters nationwide!

Cuckold Marriage Info - Cuckolding takes the foundation of a stable, loving marriage and extends it to include one or more males who play a specific, sexual role within the marriage.

Jennifer Hunter Group - Established in 1996 by Jennifer Hunter, a Harvard graduate, this boutique-style phone-sex service features Dommes drawn from the finest universities: brilliant, accomplished, articulate, imaginative, witty, and above all, Dominant Women. Ranging in age from 19-57, handpicked by the exactingly elitist Miss Jennifer Hunter herself, these Prodommes represent the creme de la creme of the phone domination industry. Whatever your particular FemDom interest, here you will find it dispensed with style and sophistication.

Max Fisch Domina Guide - Best Source on Internet to find a Pro Dom

Real Women Don't Do Housework

Sardax - The FemDom Art of Sardax (who designed the covers for Elise's books "Female Domination" and "The FemDom Experience")

The Eulenspiegel Society - PanSexual BDSM Group in New York

The Black Rose - PanSexual BDSM Group in Washington DC

The Other World Kingdom - An actual Private State of Female Supremacy and the number one FemDom site on the web!

Woman Thou Art God - The College Of Female Empowerment: Bigger brains, sharper senses, and longer lives are three of the many reasons why women should lead the family and the world.

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