Submissive Male Personals:

This page is a dedicated to
submissive men seeking a
partner for a FemDom
relationship, and/ or a partner
for D&S play.

Gentlemen, in order to ensure authenticity, only those males who have been verified by Myself or one of my Dominant Female Associates or a Dominant Woman who can vouch for you personally will be permitted to post a personal ad on my site. Write me for details on how to be verified. Put "Male Personal Ad" in the subject area.

Ladies, to respond to a personal ad on this page, e-mail me and place the reference number of the ad in the subject area. After I forward the e-mail on, it will be up to that person to contact you directly so make sure you specify the e-mail address in which you want to be contacted.

Personals from submissive males:

Reference # 100 - Youthful looking 50 year old successful male, retired from business world, now ready to dedicate life as a slave to a Goddess.

Profile: Tall, fit, full head of hair, youthful face, submissive, masochist seeks to be the property of a lovely lady. I am a true believer in female supremacy. I have the means to travel or fly you to me. Your wish is my command.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Referral: Elise Sutton


Reference # 101 - Whether you have years of experience or just curious... I am yours to command.

Profile: Submissive-SW-sissy-M with dark auburn hair, light blue eyes, and smooth shapely legs... Seeks culturally aware, assertive Domina to mold me to Her wishes. 

Open to experimenting, such as donning a maid's outfit to entertain or clean...   in return I offer myself: a stable, loyal, an extremely devoted 43 yr old home owner who only longs too belong.  (my needs are few, but my dreams are many.) 

Location: SW Ohio

Referral: Ms Kathleen


Reference # 105 - Masochistic submissive in Northern Virginia seeking Domme

Profile: Attractive, 5”8, 150 lbs, 52 years old, and very fit. Seeking Domme who will accept my gift of submission, obedience and service, and in return grant me the guidance, practice and correction that i need. i am happily married, alas, one thing is missing—the opportunity to enjoy the special magic of Female Domination.

Would love to meet a Dominant Woman whom i could serve regularly depending upon Her needs and circumstance. i am well-traveled with a wide range of interests. Other qualities include honesty, sensitive, considerate, openness and a good communicator.

Location: Would prefer Dommes who are local or visit the DC area regularly.

Referral: Ms Kathleen


Reference # 110 - Submissive male seeks to serve lesbian couple

Profile: Male, 45, has evolved in his femdom desires. This may be a long shot but I would love to find purpose in my life being the slave, sissy maid, errand boy, whipping post, or whatever floats your boat ... to dominant lesbians, be it a single woman, a lesbian group or best of all, a lesbian couple. I can make your life easier in so many ways. Let me humble myself and serve you.

Location: Maryland

Referral: Elise Sutton


Reference # 112 - Single male is seeking Female Supremacist for long term relationship

Profile: Male 41, seeks female supremacist who expects deference from her male. A long term relationship is most desirable but we'll take it one step at a time. I enjoy giving oral and massage and would gratefully accept judicious discipline when deemed necessary. I would prefer that our relationship is largely vanilla and not include extreme activities. I keep reasonably fit and so should she. I also enjoy skiing and travelling to historically significant sites and eco-tourism.

Location: Toronto area, Ontario

Referral: Elise Sutton

Reference # 115 - Submissive male seeks Long Term Relationship with Dominant Female

Profile: Tall, attractive submissive man in mid-fifties seeks zealous
Dominant Woman for a 24/7 FemDom relationship. I am intelligent, well
educated and have a career in the Information Technology field. I am
willing and able to be your domestic servant, run errands for you, do computer work and even perform some handyman duties. I am a believer in Female Superiority and I receive my satisfaction from pleasing you. It is my desire that your pleasure always come first.

Location: Southeast PA/Phila area, South NJ, DE and Baltimore

Referral: Ms Kathleen

Reference #130 - Single Male seeking strong, beautiful, and sophisticated woman for loving Dominant/submissive relationship.

Profile - SWM age 33 seeking female supremacist. Searching for relationship with loving female authority, which is my hearts blessed desire. My disposition in life is feminine worship and pursuing the beauty of womanhood. Will provide strong support structure for your goals and desires.

I am open minded to all possibilities of lifestyle, mental, physical, and
sexual. I love to pamper through domestic duties, cooking, errands, and sensual massage. Looking for a strong woman who understands her need to be the authority in all of life's decisions. Desire strict, demanding, and decisive beauty, to whom I will give my utmost gratitude, loyalty, and obedience. She who demands submission will have her desires met.

Location - Prefer to meet a woman in VA, DC, and MD area. Will consider relocating for you if chemistry is right.

Referral - I have counseled with Ms. Kathleen about my submissive desire and she can verify my sincerity.

Reference # 135 - Hard working, devoted and generous SWM submissive seeks a fulfilling LTR with a loving, mature dominant female.

Profile: Handsome, financially secure 42 y.o. skilled craftsman who is organized and ready to devote myself to the loving guidance, training and control of a true Female Supremacist.  Enjoy traveling, physical fitness, reading, fine dining, movies and the theatre.  I dream of being shown off as the personal possession and sissy French maid of my dominant female owner.

Location: Chicago area (but willing to travel within a hundred miles radius).

Referral:  Ms Kathleen

Reference # 140 - Masculine male with gentle soul seeks earthly Goddess to worship, adore and serve.

Profile: Forty-four year old, Tall (6'3", 215 lbs), attractive, compassionate man with great sense of humor seeks Loving Female Authority at the hands of a beautiful Goddess.

Interests: I have a boot fetish and I enjoy the feeling of surrendering areas of my life over to a woman. I find peace and fulfillment in pampering and serving a superior lady. I have been trained in massage. My goal is to make your life better.

Would prefer a single female who is open to building a long-term relationship but I am also open to serving as a married woman's servant or submissive.

Location: Maryland/Virginia/DC

Referral: Elise Sutton

Reference # 150: Sincere submissive male looking for long term 
relationship with Dominant Female

Profile: Tall, handsome 49 y.o. totally obedient submissive male 
seeks Dominant Female to serve in a 24/7 or whatever time of service 
my Owner would require.

I am a 6'2",190 lb. intelligent, low key real estate executive in 
New York City, with a good sense of humor. I am equally at home in the 
vanilla world and at the feet of my Mistress.

I am very adept at massage, worship, errands, service worship of all 
kinds, and many other good slave qualities. I am true believer in Female Superiority and have had extensive  experience in serving,

Location: New York City/and or Tri State Area ( N.Y., Ct,,  N.J.)

Referral: I have counseled extensively with Ms. Kathleen and She can 
vouch for my sincerity.

Reference # 160:  Submissive single male seeking a Dominate Woman

Profile:   SWM, age 56, 160 lbs., average build, never married.  I am obedient and opened minded to being dominated physically and mentally. I am seeking a dominant Woman for a long term loving relationship and desire to fulfill Your pleasures whatever they may be.

My interests include (but are not limited to) gardening, repairing things,
movies, photography, astronomy, traveling and visiting museums.

Location:  Employed and living in Brooklyn New York area.
I seek a Woman from the NYC area.

Referral: Ms Kathleen

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