This page is a dedicated to Dominant Women seeking a partner for a FemDom relationship, and/or a partner for D&S play.

Ladies, if you are interested in placing a Personal Ad on this page, please write me for the details. Put "Female Personal Ad" in the subject line.

Gentlemen, to respond to a personal ad on this page, e-mail me and place the reference number of the ad in the subject area. Please be advised that I will read your initial e-mail to verify genuiness before I forward it on. After I forward the e-mail on, it will be up to that person to contact you directly so make sure you specify the e-mail address in which you want to be contacted.

Personals from Dominant Women:

New - Reference # 200 -  Irish Lady relocating.. Seeks submissive male..

I am looking for a male for a domestic discipline type relationship. I am moving to the US from Ireland due to work,  and hope to find a companion. Men should be well groomed, I expect and demand high standards. The relationship will have a rules and consequences element but there will be rewards too

Location: New York


New - Reference #201 - Beautiful & Dominant Exotic Bewitching Superior Ebony Empress Seeking True Submissives Who Want To Be Owned

I am royal and will be treated as such. My list of fetishes is just that, MY list. I am no way shape or form interested in what slave likes. I do not live on fantasy island and I am not the ONE to make slaves' dreams come true. I am Empress every hour of the day as slave should be itself in the same capacity.You are a slave..and you will be treated as one...What it means to be MY slave:

Slave must totally in its entirty, relinquish its rights, to be COMPLETELY used by ME for MY satisfaction and gratification in which ever form I choose 100% of the time.slave will be divested of ALL freedom and personal rights, it is owned by ME and wholly subject to MY will whether by capture or purchase. it has lost its power of resistance, and surrenders itself to ME in ALL forms, mentally and physically slaves exist within MY colony, working together for the sole purpose of serving ME.slaves put ME first always are enthused to serve ME to the best of its ability.COMPLETE TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE IS WHAT I REQUIRE IN A SLAVE.Seeking Wealthy or very Financially secure slaves to serve me long term.A slave who will serve me & provide for me willingly..Its not about you at all..It never is..and never will be....Its only about what your Superior needs should always come before yours...and you shall always work hard to fulfill every wont get anything any return but rejection & humiliation...Only serious slaves need to apply..We can meet online or in person.

Favorite Fetishes & Kinks:

Extreme Financial Domination,Total Power Exchange,human Atm's,Controlling Your Life,Controlling Your Cock,Black Female Supremacy,Sugardaddy Slavery,Humiliating You,Ebony Goddess Worship,Forced Intoxication,Tease/Denial,Interracial Domination,Brainwashing,Mind Control,Dehumanization,Chasity,Cuckolding,Big Black Cock Worship,Leather/Latex & Sissy Feminization.

Location - Saint Louis, Mo


Reference # 202 -  Dominant Female searching for my Affluent Servant...
Must be able to take care of all my needs... Please, do not contact if you're not a position to do this.. My needs are anywhere from financially to physical. I love being in control and having my way. I only want a true Sub, who knows what the Dom Mistress/ Servant lifestyle is about!

I am searching for my long-term sub who will serve me, feed me, shop for me, take care of errands for me, etc,. Looking for long term, you will also cater to my Female Sub, from time to time. Let's start a beautiful life together...

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Reference # 205 - Single, well-educated and financially stable mature woman seeking a male service slave who has high ideals, is very intelligent, and who is self supporting for a 24/7, TPE. Must be able to relocate to my area.

Non smoker, drug free, light social drinker only, D&D free. No children or dependants.
References will be checked.

Location: San Jose, California

Reference # 215 - Married Dominant wife seeking young submissive male to be trained for servitude and perhaps more.

Profile: Beautiful forty-four year old woman with many years of experience in D&S and Female Domination is seeking a handsome young male in his twenties or early thirties for D&S play and perhaps more. I am happily married so I am not seeking a significant other but rather a male companion who desires to be trained as a submissive servant. I am out-going and fun-loving but I am also demanding, so please only those who are serious about this lifestyle need apply.

Possible explorations with the right man: Dating, D&S play, domestic servitude, personal servitude, Female body worship, using you to cuckold my husband.

Location: Maryland

Reference # 225 - Twenty-six year old Ebony Superior Lifestyle Goddess seeks to add to her stable of submissives whom are sincere of heart.

Profile: If you like vying for the attention of a breath taking Ebony Goddess amongst many male creatures and are fetishistic, generous, highly intellectual & capable of stimulating conversation, then you may respectfully approach Me. I seek slaves that are preferably european/british (but i'm open to american slaves as well) and are
capable of travel to Me at My discretion. LTR relationship that leads to a cuckold marriage is possible with right slave.

A few of My fetish/bdsm interests are, but not limited to: rubber,
corsetry, enforced chastity/keyholding, orgasm denial &  control, total lifestyle management, cuckoldry, fetish modeling, boot worship, ass worship, sissification...and much much much more.

Location: Hollywood, CA

Reference # 235 - Elegant, slender beauty whose appearance alone would drive men to their knees, but, with her intelligence and grace added to that equation, causes grovelling before Her feet to be the typical reaction.

I am looking to meet a slave who meets the following criteria: True 24/7. I seek a savvy male who is intelligent, as well as cosmopolitan and suave, to be my absolute and utter slave.

Location - New York and/or California

Reference # 245 - 24 year old Dominant female with a scientific background seeks male slave.

Profile: I am a 5'4 curvy brunette and very busy graduate student
looking for a slave to run my errands, massage my body after a long and busy day, drive me places, and buy me gifts.

Fetishes: Body worship

Location: Los Angeles

Reference # 282 - Pretty, cultured, opinionated, well educated dominant Goddess seeking a submissive man. I am a shapely size 18, bossy, controlling and strict but I am also loving, nurturing and kind.

Profile: I enjoy foreign films, opera, theater, travel, PBS the outdoors, reading and baking.

I am seeking a long term relationship with one completely unattached, childless man leading to marriage. This man is between 30 and 45, refined, successful, well educated, very submissive and willing to please me in every way possible. My submissive's primary role is make my life easy, relaxing and fun. He MUST live in the city or Evanston, preferably downtown or on the Northside or be willing to relocate to Chicago in the immediate future.  This man is not weak. He is not sheepish. Instead, he is a strong submissive who is proud of his desire to serve and love a beautiful, dominant woman.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Reference # 285 - Married Dominant wife seeking a part-time submissive for servitude who would serve me in the capacity as an additional slave alongside my other.

Profile: Attractive, blonde, slender, educated 36 year old dominant woman seeking an attractive male (or female) for D&S play and perhaps more. Girl next door type but looks can be deceiving as I am dominant sexually! I am happily married so I am NOT seeking a significant other but rather a true submissive who desires to serve me and comply with my demands. I am out-going and fun-loving but should you fail adhere to my rules, you will be dismissed.

Please only those who are serious about this lifestyle, financially secure and truly submissive need apply.

Must be D&D free, no criminal record and be able to prove both upon request. All applications considered so long as you can comply with any or all of my interests below and have flexibility with your schedule, including weekends. Be prepared to submit a photo (clothed and unclothed) along with answers to some personal questions that I may ask.

Location: New Jersey

My interests include: humiliation, cuckoldry, ass/body worship, forced feminization/sissy training, sexual slavery/servicing, orgasm denial/control, bdsm.

Reference # 290 - Black Magic Woman Seeks A submissive

Profile: Dominant Black Female, single, 45+, a BBW and a NON-SMOKER. I’m looking for a special submissive NON-SMOKER, 40+ years of age with the potential of becoming my slave.

This is the “who” I am seeking in a sub. A person that knows they are a submissive. Someone that treasures and revels in the knowledge of their being a submissive. Someone that knows submission is the greatest gift they can bring to a Dominant.

This is the “what” I am seeking in a sub. The only physical characteristics that interest me are your ability to tell the truth, your integrity, your dependability, and your reliability. you will be expected to learn the art of anticipation, so that serving my desires will become second  nature to you.

Your duties will include accompanying me as required. You may need to relocate. Your devotion to me while expected will be rewarded by your being allowed to accompany me in both the vanilla and D/s world. If this ad does not describe who you are now or are willing to become with training, don’t dare to waste my time by applying.

Location: Northeastern Massachusetts

Reference # 300 - Very attractive Domme and seeking a male submissive for a long-term, strict but loving and committed D/s relationship.

Profile: I believe in female superiority and dress in a way that always gets the right response. I have a strong fetish for heels and shiny clothing. If you are not gainfully employed, intelligent and very submissive, do not bother yourself with me.

I am willing to relocate for the right relationship or accommodate. I have no interest in switches neither do I engage in play with others. I am seeking a true submissive man for a rewarding relationship.

Location: New York State

Reference # 310 - Loving Female Dominant Jamaican Goddess seeking a wealthy, financially stable, obedient submissive male for a long-term, femdom/vanilla relationship.

Profile: I am single (never married), 5'8, 140lbs, slim, toned and athletic. Dark brown eyes (usually in grey contacts, glasses occassionally), red-auburn hair (natural hair colour is dark brown), long legs, and light caramel skin. I enjoy all indoor and outdoor sports and activities, dancing, singing, playing the saxphone, and being creative with clay, metal and wood. I enjoy listening to jazz, classical, reggae, soca, calyspo, cuban, metal and rock. I enjoy comedy, action, horror/thriller movies. I enjoy nature, culture, reading, shopping, and travelling. I am strict, demanding and stern, but loving, kind and caring. I'm a non-smoker, light social drinker, D&D free, and have no children or dependants.

I am seeking an obedient, wealthy, intelligent, suave, attractive, energetic, financially stable, good hygenie, fit and health conscious, D&D free, well-endowed, generous submissive male. He must be successful and between the ages of 25-45. He must meet my financial, sexual, intellectual, personal, spiritual and educational needs. Preferably someone single, divorced, widowed, with no children or dependants, no criminal record and no scam artists. Be prepared to send a clear current photo of yourself, some information about your life and all interests.

My Interests are: Female Supremacy & Goddess Worship, Total Control and Ownership, Objectification, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Financial Domination and Control, Cuckolding, Flogging, Whipping, Paddling, Spanking, Corporal Punishment, Body and Ass Worship, kissing and rimming, begging, collar and leash usage, lick and sucking on my nipples, and orally please me.

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba - Canada (Relocation to your area is a possiblity under the right circumstances)

Reference # 350 - Dominant Lady looking for true submissive male.

Profile: I am a 43 year old, 5'1" Lady in Maryland interested in a gentleman whose aim is to please.  I am not into roleplay or here to serve your kinky sexual fantasy.  I am a woman who believes in a Female led relationship where Her man adores and respects his Lady. 

If you are truly into personal and domestic service, body worship, generous, cuckolding, perhaps spanking, and above all obedient. Contact me and I will see if we are compatable.

Location: Maryland

Reference # 400 - Female currently seeking male husband-slave for relocation to Australia and an authentic life of servitude in a non-exclusive Total Power Exchange relationship.

Profile:  I am 5 foot 4, 33yrs of age, attractive appearance, blue eyes, curvy feminine physique (not fat, not thin). I am told that I have very sexy feet and strong eyes.

I am a caring, decisive, emotionally and mentally stable woman. I am confident and secure with my dominance and I am OPEN about it. I am responsible, intelligent, generally patient and understanding. I want to have complete control all of the time (not an oscillating exchange of power), I view trust as the single most important ingredient in building a strong F/m D/s connection, I have a low tolerance for foolish, disrespectful or sexually orientated individuals (service oriented males are the only men i find remotely attractive), I do have an interest in BDSM activities but for me it is not about sex. It is about my personal enlightenment and self-expression (my artistic streak).

I am more interested in TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE than kink although i am slightly sadistic (playfully so), I am extremely open minded and will give most things a go at least once - even the 'taboo'. this being said, my core limits are anything illegal that would jeopardise my future.

I am a loving, humane woman (not a man abuser) so i will always take into consideration the needs of my man servant but ultimately, i will do what i want and/or believe is best for all involved. I will care for you, require you to be a better person and a better man, teach you to meet my needs perfectly, and i will NOT abandon you. I am a natural dominant - not a mistress wanting to play out 'scenes' with you, this is my chosen LIFESTYLE ( I do not hate men, I love them, I simply do not respect them as my equal ). I seek to enhance my life through 'unconventional' relationship dynamics because i am an 'unconventional woman'.

You: you must have no emotional commitments elsewhere, be very settled in your submissive role (born to serve), never top from the bottom (this is unacceptable) are endlessly respectful and obedient, a passionate desire for chastity/cuckold, you will be intelligent and successful in your career (i like ambition and drive), you are financially independent and secure (i expect my men to provide for me), you will understand and accept that i will always have additional males in my life, you are honest and reliable at all times, you enjoy the pleasure of giving all that you have to give and the honour of providing for the woman in your life.

I do not seek a 'brain-dead' doormat but I am only attracted to males who are 100% submissive and obedient. you will also be drug and disease free, healthy, fit, focused, clean, multi-skilled, have no criminal past or psychological problems. I seek only the very best.  age is irrelevant (although I do prefer 45+), appearance is not really important but there should be a level of mutual attraction.

Critical information:

I am the mother of two gorgeous little toddlers who I expect you to treat with the utmost of kindness and concern.  Their father is a vanilla male who is submissive to me in many ways but does not have any kinks at all. Although, we were married for seven plus years, I chose to divorce him and seek out another husband who would meet my M/s needs. My ex-husband complied with my wish to divorce and remains with my children (as their carer) and myself in a loving relationship.

I expect to be able to explore boundaries and would prefer someone with a curious nature. What i will always do is respect your limits and emotional, physical well being at all times. The reason i seek a slave and not a submissive is because I want a man who is free from his own agenda.

I seem to attract nice looking men so I might be a bit of a catch *smile*. Looking forward to hearing from Mr Perfect.

Location: Australia

Reference # 410 - Domme Mom Seeks SubHub to Keep Her & Keep Her Happy!

Profile: Behind every sexy, strong, successful woman is a smart, sensitive, sophisticated, submissive, sexy, suave, solvent, subserviant "SubHub" sex slave addicted to worshipping her and feeding her the power to soar!  (and roarrrrr, if done correctly! hee hee)

I'M DESPERATELY SEARCHING FOR MINE... THE GUY WHO MAKES ME SHINE! But, I've yet to find a Brit who can really let himself go... fight the brainwashing exterior... get truly vulnerable... and all that is what I need from a man!  However, my experience with men is still somewhat limited, so I'm still holding onto some hope... and prepared to go the ends of the earth to find him... and even further to be with him! 
Could YOU be him?  Could I be what you've been missing? Are you ready to say goodbye to all the traditional male-female stereotypical game bullshit and give in to your inner hedonistic animalistic self?!  I AM!!

I love to be massaged!  Do you like to massage?  Would you like to do my feet? Play with my hair?  Are you up for spoiling me in the ways a real Goddess should be? (pun intended! hahaha...)  Are you man enough to worship a new age Cleopatra?  Marc Antony... get your ass over here!

If you happen to have an interesting kink or fetish... even better... I'm soooo bored!

If you are looking for a traditional relationship with conventional dating and ordinary sex (intercourse and all the usual), and nothing else, please be honest and don't waste both of our time, as I'm not interested. 

Generally, I find "normal" sex with men very boring, humdrum, and a far second to a weak vibrator for physical satisfaction, and next to nil for any kind of emotional fulfillment... unless I'm making love and genuinely feeling in love... and this doesn't happen to me often enough, so in the meantime... I take what I can get, and, lemme tell ya, at this stage in my life and after so many disappointments, I make sure that what I get is what I want!  And what I need.  And I warn you now... I am a very needy woman!!

I get turned on being worshipped, i.e. touch, attention, affection, adoration, pampering, nurturing, kink, etc... and making you BEG!  I love controlling your horniness and, if you're lucky, your eventual orgasm...  so you'd better be turned on by tease & denial and having me make you do what I want... so we can both enjoy my rewarding you! 

Cutting to the chase... I want you totally ADDICTED to my gorgeous pussy!  And, let me tell you from someone who knows, she truly is a stunning sight of inviting voluptuous intoxicating fleshy art hand-made by Goddess herself!

I'm definitely NOT into the lifestyle or anything hardcore... I live a VERY vanilla life -- pillar of my community, Perfect Mommie on the PTA, successful business woman, blah, blah... but only just now as a mature woman am I coming to my sexual peak and I'll be damned if I'm not going to enjoy every second of it!!

Want to enjoy my peak with me?

I'm wanting a best friend who, above all else, is a good role model/stepDad for my 9 year old daughter, fun to hang with, someone I trust completely and can comfortably and utterly be myself, with whom I can enjoy conversing, is street-smart and funny, a success in life, is self-assured and confident, and from whom I can learn, look up to, admire, play with, boss around, use and abuse to my own delight... and CONTROL, like dictating the HOW and WHEN you get to climax by controlling your sexual excitement and orgasms...  all the time!  And, of course, someone who will pleasure me anytime I want!  COULD YOU BE HIM? 

Location: London, England

Reference # 420 - Very well-educated, bilingual, graduate degree, charming and funny woman seeking submissive male. 

Profile: 36 years old.  5'10.  Large Ample body but with an hourglass figure, long legs, 40DDD bosom, very pale skin and dark red hair, voluptuous lips and a deep, piercing gaze that sees right into your soul.  Most subs describe me as Beautiful.

Domina:  Men gravitate to me as a natural dominant.  I am often approached by men in vanilla settings, asking if I do domination or if I would dominate them.  I am a gentle and reasonable person, just very firm and charismatic.

Other Attributes:  Former professional now pursuing a career as a freelance writer.  I am caring, easy to talk to, and I can give comfort, support and advice.  Some would say Maternal.

Vanilla Life:  I am discreet about my BDSM interests.  I am someone who can appear on your arm as simply a charming date or in a corporate setting, and no-one need ever know that I am your Mistress.  In certain situations I would be willing to be more public about domination, but we must discuss that first in depth.  (I do enjoy the discreet exchange of energy and little public games that no-one but myself and my boy know is going on.) My vanilla interests are diverse….actually anything except sports, hunting and gambling.  I consider life one long learning experience, and I enjoy seeking out new things.  This year it is learning to ride horseback, for example.  In general, I am a quiet person who needs a lot of time alone for reflection and rest..  But when I do go out, I am very good at "working the room."

BDSM Interests:  I am most interested in any activity that results in your worshipful obedience, your increasing adoration and intoxication falling deeper and deeper in love with me.  Therefore I can include a range of BDSM activities to draw out your submission.  Corporal discipline, tease and denial, chastity, bondage, humiliation, and fetishwear and body worship all can have a role.  It is not the activity, but the result that I care about.  The most important aspect of all of this is your opening up your soul to me and growing deeper in trust, giving more and more of yourself to me.

My Desires:  My desire is to be pampered and spoiled just for being Me.  To have a man who understands the privilege of being with me and wishes to do anything he can to make my life more enjoyable.  That means a man who will kneel at my feet to give me a pedicure, who will arrange for trips to the salon and the spa, who will take me out on the town, gifts and flowers.  And, depending on how serious the relationship gets, who will take care of my financial and physical needs.  I may reward you with a smile, with praise, or with touch, and I may punish you with a lecture, psychological torment, or just a harsh and humiliating pants-down spanking.

Relationship Goal:  I am only interested in the bonds that are created through a meaningful, long-term relationship.  Ultimately, one day I hope to find a successful, submissive male who can offer me a wonderful life, and this will be the man I expect to marry.  Until then, I will not limit myself to an exclusive arrangement.  It takes time to get to know someone, and to feel out the fit between a Domme and a sub. 

Location:  I currently live in Denver Colorado.  I have a flexible schedule and could visit regularly if the sub makes arrangements.  I will relocate IF the relationship progresses to that stage.

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