Female Domination and Feminism: Questions about Politics

Q. Elise, I am a feminist who is very politically active. I was wondering with you being a female supremacist who is a Libertarian and a Christian, where do you stand on the abortion issue?

A. I like to stay away from debates over controversial issues because these debates rarely ever change anyone's mind and all they really cause is hatred and bitter feelings between the two sides. However since you asked, I will let you know my opinion on the abortion question.

One of the reasons I consider Women as the superior gender is because we bear the children and we nurture and raise them after birth. It is a huge responsibility and God entrusted it to the woman, not the man. I have a real problem with the fact that over a million babies every year are aborted. I have even more of a problem that in some countries like China, they force abortion on couples to keep the population down. Guess which sex gets aborted the most? That's right, the female. So as a female supremacist, this outrages me, yet my feminist sisters seem to be silent. They only care that abortion is legal and widely available.

Also, I view abortion as a product of a male dominant society. Many men are for abortion because it leaves them an out if they get a woman pregnant. Now they don't have to face the responsibility of their actions. They also don't have to have this procedure performed on them. The woman does. So I am very leery when someone says that abortion is a woman's issue. If that is true, than why is the Pro-Life movement in most towns made up by mostly women. It seems to me that an equal number of women are on both sides of this issue.

Now I am not in favor of banning abortions. I am a Libertarian and as one I do believe in less government and more personal freedom. However, like any medical procedure, I think that a woman should get lots of counseling and she should know all of the facts before she has one done. I believe that if women ran the world, abortions would be very rare. For one thing, women would not be allowing men to so freely stick their little tool into them whenever the man wants. This would reduce the rate of pregnancy and limit the need for abortions.

Q. Elise, since you have a website with sexual content, what are your thoughts about the Internet, pornography, and protecting children?

A. I am big on protecting the innocence of children. We are doing a lousy job of this in this male dominated society. Whether it be television, movies, music, or now the Internet, we are allowing our children to be stripped of their innocence at a very young age. This is causing all kinds of emotional problems in children. What's the solution? I am a big believer in parental controls. All televisions should come with the technology to allow adults to block out all questionable programming and all programming should be rated so parents can block it out if they desire. All music should be labeled and rated, and all movies should be as well. Movie theaters should strictly enforce the rating system and not allow minors to see adult material. The same goes for the Internet. All that a parent, library, or school system has to do is to install filtering software on the child's computer and it will block out most inappropriate sites.

Unfortunately, parents are lazy. If their kids can access my site, they can also access the most crude and disgusting pornographic sites. These pornographic sites are out there by the tens of thousands. Most are trying to make money so they only offer a few graphics and maybe a short video clip as a tease to get all of the penis led males to buy memberships into these sites. These so-called teaser pages are still enough to expose children to the grossest sexual practices. What really bothers me is that most degrade women. It brings me to tears when I think of a little girl surfing the Web and coming across these sites by accident. Imagine her first sexual images showing women as nothing more than dehumanized sex objects. Imagine how that strips her of her innocence and how she must feel about herself. It makes me so mad that I think that when I am done writing this, I am going to give my husband a hard whipping as a representative of the pathetic male gender. Feel free to do the same to your submissive. As far as my website goes, it is intended for adults. The Internet is a great way for like-manner people to communicate about subjects that they are interested in. Sex and female domination are two such subjects. I am not in favor of censorship. I should be able to have a web site like I have. It has helped lots of couples. I don't want the government to regulate or even worse, to forbid it. Parents need to be responsible enough to take the easy measures needed to block it from their children's computer.

Likewise, I like to watch an occasional erotic movie. I enjoyed "Eyes Wide Shut". I like to occasionally watch a female domination video. It spices up my sex life. I am an adult and I am a sexual woman. I like sex and I like to be aroused. It's fun. However, I am against seeing women being used as sexual objects. That is the definition of pornography to me. Your definition might be different and that is why government can't regulate it. The government is ran by men and trust me, if they regulate the Internet or movies, female domination and D&S will be censored, but the stuff that degrades women will not. Men like the stuff that degrades women and they will not touch that garbage. So my advice to all parents is please protect your children and their innocence. Don't rely on others and especially don't rely on the government to protect them. It's up to you.

Q. Perhaps you could answer a question for me.. I'm currently struggling with this notion of female supremacy that you advocate and leaning in that direction but feel that it's a perversion. To behave submissively during sex is one thing and to accept the notion of supremacy at other times is quite another. My common sense tells me that the two sexes are complimentary and we should be striving toward equality not inequality. Could it be that your observations about male sexual patterns in the bedroom is nothing other than "turn on" behavior for the majority of them? That is... the notion of submitting to someone you would never do ordinarily and at any other time can spark a fire so to speak. Frankly that's what my attraction seems to be all about.

To illustrate, one recent experience of mine involves politics Strangely enough. In my state we are having a rather important US Senate race that will be decided in November. The incumbent is male and my political leanings are largely the same as his. Yet I find it highly sexually arousing to entertain the notion of voting for the challenger for no other reason than that she is a female. I might even vote that way....strange!

I do not regard myself as submissive. My relationship with most women is cordial and non-abrasive and I genuinely enjoy most of them. Non-the-less, I admit that it is difficult to explain this puzzling desire.

A. So what you are saying is that your upper head tells you to vote for the male but your lower head tells you to vote for the female. You do have submissive desires toward women and it can't be intellectualized. You will not desire to submit to women based on mere logic or political beliefs.

There is a power that a strong, confident woman has over men and that is what is drawing you to the female candidate. A dominant woman does have a sexual power over men and as your submissive desires grow (and they will) you will notice this power more and more in women. Deep inside there is a part of you that wants women to be in charge of you on an individual level and in charge of society on a national and world level.

It is a very common and a very normal desire. Get use to it because women are discovering this power that they have over men and they will use it to gain positions of power. There are currently 9 female members of the US Senate. Expect that number to grow as well as the number of women in congress and eventually there will be a female President.

Q. Ms. Sutton, as a Female Supremacist who has a strong Libertarian Ideology, I was wondering if you believe that believers in Female Supremacy should vote for candidates who are the closest to their ideology regardless of gender, or always vote for a Woman when given a choice over a man? Also would be interested to know if their are any Female political figures which you have great admiration for, and if you know how many Women are currently in the US House and Senate?

A. There are currently seventy-five female members of congress, thirteen US Senators and sixty-two members of the House. This past election, we went from nine members in the US Senate to thirteen. Women are gaining in power and I believe that number will continue to grow at an accelerated rate. I honestly believe that one day, women will be in the majority of both houses of congress. Furthermore, I believe that one day there will be a majority of women on the Supreme Court (right now there are two women out of the nine members) and there will be a female president. Again, there is a societal evolution taking place and women will continue to grow into the dominant gender in all aspects of life.

Now you bring up an interesting and an important question. Should a submissive man vote for the woman candidate, regardless of her political ideology? The answer is obviously No. If you would be of a Libertarian leaning (meaning that you believe in smaller government and more freedoms to the individual citizens), and the choice was between a libertarian man and a socialist female, you would be foolish to vote for the socialist simply because she was a woman. However, if the choice was between a moderate Republican male and a moderate Democrat female and there was very little difference between the two on the issues, than I would recommend that you vote for the woman. All things being relatively equal, vote for the female. If there is a big difference between the candidates, than stay true to your conscience and your personal beliefs.

Of course, you may be like the gentleman who wrote to me about how his mind told him to vote for the male candidate but he was drawn to the female candidate because of her dominant aura. He ended up voting for the female for no other reason than because she was a woman and he could not resist her. If a woman portrays such charisma and power to you, than you would be better off yielding to your submissive nature. A woman with that kind of power over men is worthy of a position of authority. Men want to submit to women in authority and many men have told me that they would love to live in a society where women are in charge. As women grow in dominance and in power, more and more men will find that they cannot resist voting for them and submitting to their female authority.

Q. Ms Sutton, in light of the recent attacks on our country, you must admit that you are glad that men are in charge. You must admit that you feel more secure knowing that our current leadership is made up of men and that they will hunt down and punish those who are responsible for this evil attack. While I admire the female gender, I personally would not be comfortable if women were in charge of our country during times of potential war.

A. You are making an assumption based on old and false stereotypes, namely that women are weak and lack the inner strength to make tough decisions. Throughout history, Queens have sent her armies into battle to fight for just causes. While the majority of women abhor war and violence, we also understand the need to protect the innocent. The instinct to protect children is an attribute that all women are born with. Women can be very tough when the well being of her family is at stake. Likewise, a female leader can be very tough when the well being of her nation is at stake.

One of England's most hawkish leaders was Margaret Thatcher. No one ever accused her of being weak or timid about using military power. President Bush's national security advisor is a woman, Condoleezza Rice. He is relying very heavily on her knowledge and expertise during this crisis. Any woman that is strong enough to advise the President during war, is strong enough to be President. I have faith in this current President to act with both motivations of justice and mercy. He has a strong wife and strong women in his life that will be a steadying influence on him as he makes these tough decisions. I also sense a submissive and a meek spirit within this President and that will greatly balance out his male desire for revenge at any cost. Thus far, he is balancing out the need to bring justice on the evildoers with the concern to protect the innocent in both this country and in the Islamic world. Knowing what we know of the Taliban and their inhumane treatment of women, we all are praying that our military will bring righteous justice on those men. We pray that through this tragedy, God will use our nation to free the women and the citizens of Afghanistan from this terrible regime.

Women are becoming liberated all over the world, however in the middle east and the far east, women still have a great ways to go. We women of the west must encourage these women to rise up and to become liberated. Once women can gain power in their countries, the threat of war will greatly diminish throughout the world. Where men are in charge and women are suppressed, war and violence rule. Men planned and executed these evil events and these men hate women. Why do you think these men forbid women to show any skin in public? Why do these men demand that their women wear veils and stay second-class citizens? It is because they fear women and their sexual power. They know that they cannot resist women so they keep them beaten down and covered up. They fear the beauty of women and the sexuality of women.

A man recently wrote to me and lectured me about how our country is sliding downward because of the liberation of women. His letter and my response is posted in my Q&A forum. What I pointed out to him was how much better a society is where women are liberated. The prosperous ways of the west are in such contrast to the poverty and repressive ways of these countries where women are not liberated.

Where women are liberated, the society of that nation will be prosperous and more peaceful. Likewise, once women are in control, I believe that society will be even more prosperous and peaceful. However, if evil rears its ugly head, women are capable of making the necessary decisions to crush that evil.
Women and men are different and both have strengths and weaknesses. As long as there is evil in the world, it is necessary to have a strong military to protect the innocent. Men make better soldiers because of their physical strength. However, in my opinion I believe that the aggressive nature of men should be controlled and ruled by a woman. Therefore, I would feel very secure having a strong and compassionate woman as Commander and Chief of our military.

Q. Hi Elise. On one of your Q&A entries, a man asked you whether a person should vote for a candidate according to their political ideology, or always vote for a woman when given a choice over a man. Your advice was that he vote his ideology unless there were no significant differences between the candidates. I would like to respectfully disagree with you for a couple of reasons, in that I believe a female candidate is almost always preferable, and would enjoy hearing a response from you on this important subject.

My thesis is that women generally possess superior characteristics of those that are needed for effective political leadership, and that a democratic body made up primarily of women would be the most effective form of government ever created. Women have higher levels of intelligence (as shown in standardized tests), and are more compassionate and nurturing which heightens their sense of responsibility when put in position of power. What illustrates this point best is history, which has shown from ancient times to the present, how efficient female leadership can be. For instance the Roman Empire under the reign of boy emperor Alexander Severus was really under the control of his mother, Julia Mamaea, who history records as an excellent administrator before being killed by Roman troops who were not satisfied with her attempted peace efforts with Germany. Cleopatra was similarly efficient, but choose to seduce the wrong Roman general in her quest for world domination. Later, in the medieval era, historians generally consider English Queen Elizabeth I among the greatest of all monarchs, whose policies were all directed at improving the lives of all her citizens, which made her, loved by her subjects, and laid the foundation for the British Empire. In modern times, no short list of most important 20th century world leaders could be complete without the names of Margaret Thatcher and Golda Mier.

These are but a few examples, but what is most important to note is the number of female leaders recorded as being good leaders to the number of women overall given the opportunity for political leadership, and then make a similar equation for the numbers of men. History shows relatively few female leaders who can be considered as having been substantially unsuccessful, but the recorded number of disastrous male leaders is too voluminous to mention. Disasters more often than not attributable to egocentric men possessed by uncontrollable urges for greed and additional power. Thus it is a lesson of history that women have proven to be immeasurably more effective when given the opportunity to lead, and therefore should be in control of our political institutions.

In reference to the man's question on your forum, I believe as a matter of gender superiority that women should always be chosen for positions of political power regardless of ideology, due to our having a divided system of government based on limited power. For example a socialist female elected to Congress represents only 1 of 435 votes, which means she would be unable to impose her radical agenda, but will instead have to work with more moderate members of Congress and make continual compromises to be an effective and respected member. If she isolates herself by trying to impose her personal philosophy she will be unable to bring anything from Congress back to her constituents and will quickly be voted out of office. The only way a woman can advance her political causes is to build coalitions and work within the system.

I believe a coalition of women working together in Congress would quickly begin to build the social utopia that Female Supremacists like ourselves dream of. I think that politically oriented women all share the same general values in areas such as education, health care, and fiscal responsibility, as well as a mainly unspoken belief that women make far better leaders. Because of this I think that as more women are elected to more and more legislative seats you will start seeing drastic increases in the numbers of women appointed to judicial and executive positions, until one day women will hold an overwhelming majority in all branches of government. It will then be women who control our Nation's political agendas, and who will undoubtedly direct their superior minds toward solving our society's problems and bring us into a more enlightened, compassionate and advanced age.

My advice to this man would be to not vote a straight party line but to punch a straight ticket for the female gender. I hope this election year more women than ever will come to the polls, vote for their female candidates of choice, and drag their husbands and boyfriends along to make sure their vote counts double (or perhaps even triple or more given the predilections of some of our kinkier sisters, ha ha). I also hope that any unattached man who may read this will embrace his submissive instincts and vote for candidates he knows to be inherently superior to him. I realize there may be a few exceptions in which a particular woman should not be voted for, but such an exception should be obvious, and it should also be remembered that it is almost impossible for a candidate to get the backing of a political party without her having an acceptable level of competence. In conclusion, I believe that from the White House to the Courthouse to the home on the street, it is women who should hold the leadership positions in our society.

Elise, there you have my dissertation on the Female Body Politic in America. What do you think?

A. I agree with your assessment about how our system of checks and balances will offset an occasional radical female candidate for congress. However, that is not the case when it comes to voting for executive office such as President or the Governor of a state. The power that comes with these offices need to be viewed differently. I still maintain that women and men need to vote for these offices based on their ideology and beliefs, thus if there is a big difference between the two candidates, the one who best reflects your values and beliefs should be voted for, regardless of the candidate's gender. The President of the US is also the Commander and Chief of the Military and you would not want the congresswoman from Berkley who was the lone negative vote on taking military action after 9/11 to be sitting in that chair. If she ran against our current President, I would not hesitate to vote for our current President over her and I would imagine a majority of women would feel the same way.

I agree with your point that she could not get her parties nomination for President and only a strong woman like a Margaret Thatcher could be elected President and thus the system would weed out the radicals at the higher political offices. Nevertheless, my example should serve to show that gender alone is not enough of a reason to vote for someone. I will only vote for the Female if she displays intelligence, integrity, and the values to serve in elected office. Since I am a Libertarian, I do not vote for socialist leaning candidates (far Left) or fascist leaning candidates (far Right) for fear of losing the freedom to practice my lifestyle without government intrusion.

There are women in the feminist movement who are totally against the practice of B&D and S&M due to an ignorance of what the D&S lifestyle is all about. Read the introduction in the book "Some Women" and you will see the battle within the lesbian community when it comes to D&S and politics. My friend Camille Paglia (who is a Female Supremacist) writes and lectures on how certain powerful feminists are hostile to sexuality and sexual freedom. I would not want a majority of narrow minded feminists in charge of Congress for fear that they would try to outlaw my lifestyle. The same would go for religious women who could not separate their religion from their politics. My lifestyle is misunderstood by most organized religions so a female candidate must be open minded and live by her oath of office of upholding the Constitution that gives me liberty. Sometimes even a single member of congress can effect our lives be sitting as chair on a powerful congressional committee. Therefore, I try to vote my ideology. But unless there is a substantial difference in the candidates, I will always vote for the woman. My advice to the man on my forum was no different than how I personally approach elections.

Now that I have set a foundation of free will and common sense thought, let me say that I agree with the majority of your thesis. You make some excellent points and I am in your camp. I believe the majority of female candidates are qualified and worthy of our support. I believe there will be a day in the not too distant future when women will hold the majority of elected office in this nation. That will coincide with women holding the authority positions in corporations, business, and higher education.

I just saw where women received 57% of all degrees awarded in college this past spring. Women earned over 60% of all degrees in our Universities. This number is predicted to increase in the years to come. What this means is that women will be hired for more important positions than men across a wide spectra of our society. Likewise, more women will enter the political arena and the educated female electorate will vote for the female candidates.

Some men have scoffed at my claims of the societal evolution that is taking place where women are becoming the dominant gender. But one only need look at all the trends to see what it transpiring. It is no coincidence that more and more men are discovering their submissive natures and their desire to submit to women. As women gain in power, men cannot resist desiring to submit to women in all aspects of life. Likewise, as women sense this ever-growing submissive nature in men, they will desire to dominate men in all areas of life.

The ever-growing submissive nature within men will make it hard for the submissive man not to vote for the powerful female candidate. Another entry in my Q&A forum was from a man who confessed that he was going to vote for the female candidate whom he disagreed with on the issues because he could not resist her dominant aura. He found himself excited by this woman and he desired to submit to her, thus he could not resist voting for her. I suspect that lots of men experience the same pull to vote for the female candidate. One man told me that during an important debate between a male candidate and a female candidate, he couldn't recall what the female candidate had said during the debate because he was captivated by her presence and her female authority. He sat frozen in his living room watching this debate and he was overpowered with submission by her female power. He voted for her, even though he could not recall what her issues were.

What an advantage the female candidate enjoys to a small degree today and will enjoy in a large degree in the future. An ever increasing educated female electorate will be voting for her based on the issues that are important to women and an ever increasing submissive male electorate will not be able to resist her. I know this frightens many men but if they will be totally honest, the thought of women gaining power also excites them. Just think what having a female President and a female majority in congress will mean to the women in our society and just think how that will affect the men in our society. The female/male relationship and marriage will be changed forever, as even the last holdouts among women will find it difficult to submit to their husbands when their country is being ran by women. Submission will overpower men and they should willfully surrender themselves to their spouse and her authority.

However, women need not wait for that to happen. Society will not be changed at the government level until it is changed in the home. Women are coming into power one relationship at a time. As wives rule their husbands, society begins to change and this will be reflected in elections. A man who submits to his wife (or desires to submit to his wife) will find it natural to vote for the female political candidate.

I also like your idea of making Election day into a D&S scene by making the husband or submissive boyfriend vote for the same candidate as the woman. It makes sense because if a wife and husband vote for opposite candidates, they have in effect cancelled out each other's vote. Of course, one never knows for sure how one votes behind the curtain but if a woman would dominate her husband at home before going to the polling place, he would be in subspace and it is a pretty sure thing that he will obey his wife's wishes.

Naturally, I would hope that a married couple has discussed the candidates and issues in detail before making a decision. I would hope that the husband sees eye to eye with his wife and the D&S scene would merely be an exercise in making Election day a little more exciting. But if the wife and husband disagree, the wife could use her female power to get her husband to see things her way. I know the submissive male's psyche and he would be so excited if he were ordered by his wife to vote for the female candidate. Trust me, most men would vote with their lower heads before they vote with their upper heads. A smart woman will lead a man to the voting booth via his lower head (figuratively, not physically). That way the woman's vote would be doubled and the submissive man will experience a new level in submission by submitting to his wife's opinion and judgment on such an important occasion. Thank you for your insight.

Q. Elise, What do you think of Hillary Clinton?  Not her political views specifically, but as a woman. Everyone says that she has the best chance of becoming the first female President. I will not be surprised if you choose not to answer this question but I think she is an important figure in the feminist movement and she seems to polarize people (both men and women), as people either love her or hate her.

A. You are the third person to ask me about Hillary Clinton this week so perhaps I should comment on it.

When Hillary and her husband first got elected, in the circles that I run around in, the buzz was that Hilary was a Domme and that Bill was in submission to her. A lot of women really believed this. Remember after they first got elected, SPY magazine put out on the cover of one of their issues a picture of Hillary in a Dominatrix outfit? I had that cover framed and placed it on the wall of my office. I use to tease my male clients that Hillary was really running our country.

My opinion of her lessened after I found out how she put up with her husband's infidelity. Her husband humiliated her before the entire nation and she humiliated herself by blaming his infidelity on a right wing conspiracy.

My feminist friends told me that she was just using Bill and would dump his ass as soon as he was no longer President. Well, that hasn't happened. So to answer your question, I admire her for her intellect but I am not so sure she should be the banner carrier for the Feminist movement or the Female Superiority philosophy.

What example does it set to women to gain power by merely attaching yourself to a man who is a rising star? That is exactly what Hillary did. Instead of her running for political office on her own, she married a man who she knew was going to be a successful politician. A better example to women is a Diane Feinstein, or a Kay Bailey Hutcheson or an Olympia Snowe or the other female Senators who were elected. I admire the other dozen female Senators more than Hillary because they were elected on their own merits and hard work. Hillary used Bill's political machine to get elected to the Senate. The only reason they moved to New York was because their polling data told them that was the only state she could win an election. So how can she ever become President? I'll take a Diane Feinstein (D) or an Olympia Snowe (R) over Hillary for President.

Now having said that, one thing Hillary has going for her is that men seem to think she is a Domme. I have had a number of men tell me that they think Hillary is sexy and powerful and her image causes them to become submissive as they watch her speak on television. So Hillary has tapped into something and if she would use her own dominant energy instead of her husband's political machine, she could be successful. So I will not write her off but she will have to change and find her own footing. Again, I am making this observation totally based on her as a powerful woman and not according to her politics. That is a different subject and not one I care to discuss on my forum. For further insight into Hillary, I recommend reading the columns of Camille Paglia, There is a link to her columns on my site and Camille has much to say about Hillary, both positive and negative.

Q. Being a male, I am sad that you might ignore this post. For I speak on the serious subject of female enslavement that continues throughout the world. Worldlink TV had a documentary on this subject. It is not the first that I have seen. The traffic in human flesh rivals the drug trade. Women are duped into jobs in foreign countries only to find themselves enslaved. Here, an incident brought forth the reality of this when 40 women were found to be held as prisoners at a house in Detroit. I admire what you do. But, do you feel any responsibility to curtail and (hopefully) eliminate the exploitation of women worldwide?

Please express some ideas on how to combat this scourge. I like Femdom sites, they're cool and stimulate my imagination but there is a reality out there that should be addressed.

A. Like you, I am horrified about the illegal and immoral enslavement of women. We all share in the responsibility to end this but my responsibility is no greater than your own. Have you contacted your Senators and representative in Congress? Have you contacted the US State Department and Human Rights organizations? Do you contribute financially to organizations dedicated to fighting this immoral enslavement of women? Do you vote for women politicians who will give a higher priority to this problem? Those are practical things you can do to help. I am not sure why you are writing to me about this unless you somehow feel that D&S contributes to this problem.

If that is the case then you must not understand D&S or you must not have ever heard the phrase "safe, same and consensual" which is what every D&S relationship must be about. To compare the illegal and immoral act of kidnapping women and selling them into slavery, to consenting adults practicing a mutually agreed upon lifestyle, shows a complete lack of the ability to discern between right and wrong on your part. Besides, I advocate Female Domination and male submission, not male dominance and female slavery.

I feel that my philosophy can make a difference as I am encouraging men to respect women and educating them to the advantages of submitting to the female gender. Likewise, I am encouraging women to rise up and to no longer be victims to this perverted male dominated world. I encourage women to be bold and strong and to view themselves as the superior gender. I encourage couples to practice Female Dominance because society will be changed one relationship at a time. Where women are liberated and empowered, that nation will prosper. Where women are oppressed and disrespected, that nation will suffer.

It is all of our responsibility to do what we can to defeat this evil practice. I gave you some practical suggestions. Now it is up to you to put some feet to your words.

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