In the world of SARTOPIA, men are worthless, but not entirely useless. They can, for instance, become sexual playthings for women. For the male of the species, pain is transmuted into pure, masochistic pleasure, while the female is entertained.

With over 75 classic Sardax images beautifully reproduced with accompanying erotic texts, this is a must-have book for any who have devoted their lives to male servitude and a tribute to one of the great illustrators of the genre.

British artist Sardax has created a rich and complex universe that, among the aficionados of Femdom (female domination), enjoys international renown.

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A beautifully presented collection of artworks, classic paintings and drawings from all periods of Sardax's career -a must have for all fans of his work! Each drawing is accompanied by a short erotic story based on the image. These range from mythical and magical to futuristic and fantastical.

Available from The Erotic Print society online or through retail outlets.