The purpose of this site is to examine the Female Domination lifestyle. What is Female Domination? Why do men desire Female Domination? How do couples practice Female Domination in today’s society? As we take a closer look at this growing lifestyle, we will discover that Female Domination (or FemDom) is a large tent with many forms and expressions contained therein. To some couples, FemDom is a romantic and sensual lifestyle. To others, it can be an intense expression of human sexuality.

Regardless of the flavor, many couples who have embraced some form of FemDom claim to have better marriages and relationships.  As a matter of fact, hardly a week goes by that I don't receive an e-mail from someone thanking me for this site (or my books) because it has encouraged them to give FemDom a try. These people discovered that the Female Domination lifestyle can defuse arguments, relieve stress, transport sex to a higher level than just the physical, empower women in society, and inject excitement into the mundane tasks of life such as household chores.

I have researched Female Domination and male submission for over twenty-five years. I have counseled with submissive men and female dominant couples and I have interviewed many couples that practice this lifestyle in varying degrees. Not only that, but I have personally lived and still actively practice this lifestyle.

I realize that the D&S community encompasses many different lifestyles and that Female Domination is only one of the flavors of the D&S (or BDSM) community. This site is not about the D&S community in totality but is solely dedicated to Female Domination and male submission.

And what about male submission? Some men desire punishment (perhaps being spanked by a woman), forced feminization (being emasculated by a woman), orgasm denial (perhaps wearing a chastity device) and other D&S activities. There are men who want to worship the female by tending to her physical and sexual needs (body worship) and there are men who want to be made into a domesticated servant to their wives (doing most the cooking, cleaning and other household duties). But the common thread to all these sexual and submissive desires, I believe,  is the male longing for loving female authority. To me, that is the true definition of Female Domination. It is Loving Female Authority. All of these specific fetishes or D&S activities are the outward expressions of a man's need and hunger for loving female authority.

If you are new to this site or if you are still confused by the terms Female Domination, Female Supremacy or Female Superiority; I would recommend that you read my article:
What Is Female Domination and Female Superiority?

I also highly recommend that you read some of my books. I have written three books that explore this lifestyle. If you are a novice, I would recommend that you first read "Female Domination: An exploration of the male desire for Loving Female Authority". It was written ten years ago but the subject matter is as timely as ever, perhaps even more so.

But before you get any of my books, please have a look around my site. Read the Q&A Forum and perhaps even the Real Stories section to get an idea of what people are thinking and doing behind closed doors in our society and how FemDom is being practiced by loving couples.  Who knows? You just might discover a way of life that fits your own personality and sexuality.
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Mainstream articles and research that supports the Societal Evolution taking place

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"This is a book from an intelligent heart that will speak to you and your lady’s emotions, intellect, and libido!"
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"Elise Sutton has scored yet another triumph"
"The FemDom Experience" is available through LuLu Publishing

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            rating from, LuLu and Barnes and Noble reader reviews

"Covers the entire gambit of the female domination lifestyle; from its past heritage to its present day reality."

"An absorbing journey into the real world of female domination as it is practiced in the United States and Europe."

"In Elise's world, female domination is for women first and men second. The result is a more true to life, practically applicable and thrilling version of the femdom experience."

"Elise Sutton once again takes the reader behind closed doors and into the private lives of men, women and couples who are passionate about a way of life where women are in charge ..."
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"A departure from her previous oeuvres, which focused on men seeking Loving Female Authority, Searching for Wanda addresses the male masochist’s frustrating quest for that rara avis, the elusive female sexual sadist, Unloving Female Authority incarnate.

Ms. Sutton’s concept is brilliant and novel.  She takes as her point of departure the remarkable sexual biography of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the masochistic author of Venus in Furs.  Her examination of his lifelong search for his sadistic ideal functions as case study, object lesson, and cautionary tale.
The text is studded with relatable accounts of real-life contemporary DS relationships—chock full of arousing details.  I was particularly engrossed by her treatment of the pitfalls and perils inherent in trying to extract sadism from a reluctant partner, as supported by the life of Sacher-Masoch and interviews with the partners of masochistic men.

Ms. Sutton has long devoted herself to facilitating FemDom relationships.  Many of my submissive clients consider her previous books as the definitive how-to manuals on coaxing out the inner Dommes in their partners.  Ms. Sutton brings the same pragmatism, sensitivity, insight, and wisdom gleaned from personal experience to her analysis of the plight of the masochist and his significant other.
With impressive erudition and breadth of mind, Ms. Sutton culls from the fields of anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, literature, and film, and cites such great thinkers as Freud, Jung, Krafft-Ebing, Rousseau, Reik, and Sartre.  But this is no dry-as-dust academic tome. It manages to be scholarly and also hot, like your favorite sexy librarian.  A compulsive read. I literally couldn’t put the book down.
As an aside: although most civilians might be vaguely familiar with Venus in Furs, it is curious that the very interesting life story of the author has not received attention-- until now.  Kudos to Elise Sutton for unearthing this gem and making it relevant.  I will be a star at cocktail parties with my new anecdotes. Who knew that Sacher-Masoch’s first wife changed her name to 'Wanda' after his book’s sadistic heroine?  Or that Sacher-Masoch’s fetishistic attraction to fur might have derived from an early, highly charged erotic experience with his beautiful aunt?"

--- Jennifer Hunter (founder of The Jennifer Hunter Group)
The "Interview with a Dominatrix" series
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